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If 2 cats can eat 1 rat in 5 minute, then 20 cats can eat how many rats in 15 minutes?

Note: assume that all cats are involved in eating each rat, while the other rats stand by waiting for their turn.


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so each cat can eat 1/2 a rat in 5 mins, 20 cats can each eat 1/2 rat in 5 mins = 10 rats, so in 15 mins = 30 rats

ANSWER #2 of 3

on simple maths with numbers mentioned I would say the answer is 30

if all cats wait for there turn then it would take 1 cat 10 minutes to eat 1 rat therefore not all cats would get a chance to eat a rat and the answer would be 1.5 rats making one cat very happy anothe rcat half full and the unlucky 18 cats waiting inline didnt get anything because the time ran out


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