I dont want to be labeled as a poser in high school, what to do?

ok I asked this a few times.
I dont want to be labeled as a poser.
I hate hollister and im not a skater, punk, or any of that. I simply just want to incorporate them with my style next year in HS. is THAT considered posing???

and my one friend said that high school was diff than middle school in that nobody rilly tries 2 fit in with the "in" crowd, mroe trying 2 be more a part of their own group.
is this also true?

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Be yourself regardless - just make sure you pick good friends/crowd that reflect those going in a positive direction in life - have a great year !!

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why dont you look above these trends and dress how you like and not to fit in? looking like a huge tool is not the way you want to go and certain people with a sense of reality will respect you for that. trust me, dress how you want.

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There, I changed it to middle school for yah :)

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o ya and I didnt mean elementary in that question I meant middle school lolz
and thank you everyone!

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yeah, sometimes it is people like that real talk.

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Labels are so overrate - wear whatever you want and just be yourself. You become a "poser" when you pretend to be someone/something you aren't.

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