What's the difference between manga and anime?

ok just a random question… what is the diffrence between manga and anime?? aren’t they the same? they look the same so what’s the diffrence??

Answer #1

well, what’s manga? there probably..I don’t know

Answer #2

^ accurate enough ^

Though, there is an anime production company CALLED “Manga” …just to make things confusing…

Answer #3

Manga is only for comics and books. Animes are the cartoon-show forms of mangas.

Answer #4

manga = japanese comic book anime = animated cartoon series based off of the manga

Answer #5

Manga is Japanese for comic, and Anime is Japanese for animation. Manga is a type of comic book that is read from right to left not left to right, and the storyline is dreadfully long because one series of manga has 487 chapters and each chapter has 14 to 16 pages and each manga has 10 chapters, so therefore there are 48 manga in one series. Manga focuses more the face and facial expression and their looks; Anime focuses more on the movement and actions because the action scenes in the manga might not be that clear since manga is only in black and white. Often manga and anime are so similar that they will have the same series in both versions. But both manga and anime influence each other with great and creative ideas. Many people believe that manga and anime are the same thing but they actually have many differences while having some similarities.

Manga is similar to American comics, but is usually left in black and white and drawn from top to bottom, right to left. Manga has variably little space to draw pictures. Each page is laid out and separated, and then each picture is drawn to create a storyboard. Often there is a front cover; back cover and the inside cover to display the characters, in full color. This is the only source of color in the manga. One poor panel in a manga would ruin a page. Manga depend on very few pictures to be able to show an entire story; every picture needs to be clean and be pleasing to the eye. Manga has many genres such as: action-adventure, sports, games, romance, history, comedy, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and horror. Manga was most commonly in use during the 18th century. All manga is drawn by hand, and then they are inked. Manga often tell stories of the struggle between the good and evil. The remarkable thing is that every manga is a start of a new anime.

Anime refers to the animation technique that originated in Japan. A normal animation runs at thirty frames per second, making anime plentiful in art quantity. Every anime will have several million images in it, sometimes reaching billions depending on the length of the episode or show. Often frames will be sold as celluloids which are also known as cels. Cels are created in batches to form a complete sequence or action in an animation. Anime are always in full color. People in anime are often less concentrated on, while the background can range from very intense or just plain. Anime must have a background. Any anime that has a character pacing back and forth on a pure white screen will be discontinued quickly. Each scene requires a background to show the place of action, to emphasize a move the character is making, or to reflect a character’s thought. Anime was created by manga but anime makes it more realistic and helps us to see the action that we read in manga.

Answer #6

They are the same only anime is an animation, manga is in book form.

Most anime is based off a manga.

Answer #7

just like everyone’s been saying. Manga= japanese comics, Anime= animation based off of the Manga. Watch out, though, because people from japan call ALL animation “anime”, whether it’s Naruto or Family Guy, etc. When talking with a Japanese person, be sure specify JAPANESE anime, if that’s what you’re talking about! It’s all b/c “anime” is actually short for “animation”…as in, the Japanese have borrowed some of our words, just like us english-speakers do. I hope this info helps!

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