What animals are used for therapy and service?

Can you tell me animals that are used for therapy, seach and rescue, service and protection?

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Mostly Dogs,Along with some well trained Cats.
They use birds for wildlife reasons,to track others down and that sort of thing.

They mainly use dogs though,because of their sense of Smell and hearing.
Usually German Shepards,or Hounds.

Dalmations are used as fire dogs alot,but german sheapards are,as well.

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Most any domestic pet can be used in animal assisted therapy--with proper pet owner and pet training, animals can be used at nursing homes, pediatric units or hospitals, etc. Equine therapy is an emerging popular field of AAT as well. As for law enforcement use, generally speaking, certain breeds of dogs are used in the search for firearms/ballistics, drugs, cadavers, bombs, etc. Animals are such a great asset to us and I follow the millions of other pet owners. :-) -S

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No one mentioned miniature horses!! According to owners, they make much better guide animals than dogs!

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search and rescue are mostly dogs. protection is also mostly dogs, therapy can be almost any type of animal

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