Do animals laugh?

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No, they dont. They show excitement and happiness but they do not laugh.

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i,ve never seen it before,

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well in my opinion its all in a matter of opinion, i think the do :)

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Only in movies. xD Not in actual terms, though.

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It sure seems like they do at times, but no - animals don't have that emotion. They can feel happiness and excitement, but they don't understand humour.

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The hyena does

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People will say they do probably. But I don't think so. it's just basic emotions with animals.

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No, they don't. Have you ever seen an animal laugh because you said something funny? I sure haven't.

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They have done studys....and THE dog whisperer, Cesar Millan has confirmed this....They found that dogs "laugh" when is a type of panting, but different from when they are hot or just running by themselves.

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only hyenas

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