What's your favorite animal?

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I love all kinda of animals but 4 wild animals oi would have 2 go with...um polar bears or peguins (there so cute) and my all time fav wud be DOGS all the way

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That's a tough one...I LOVE dogs...I love horses...

Then there are all those critters in the wild...hmmm...

This question is too tough for me!


Whats your fav animals

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my ginnie pig

Nature Animals
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I love cats- I have a wee kitty myself, and I love watching how she communicates with me, and how her personality shines through.

I've always though squirrels were pretty awesome too- I spent a couple of weeks in Mountain View a few months back, and the squirrels were *everywhere* (Having no squirrels in New Zealand made this a huge novelty!). I went over to the park and shared Microwave popcorn with them- they didn't get too close, but I thought it was waaay cool!

What is your favorite animal?

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I love all animals but my fav animal in the world is my baby hes a devon rex (cat) his name is bil bo bagins!, an my other cat tinkerbell I love them 2 bits!!!

Animal Questin???
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I really love dogs cats not that much.

but I have 2 pitts and there name is brownie and fudge.

When your animal has runny/yellow poop

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My Cat

What's your favorite animal?
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uhm... I love all animals but I love them dogs lol :)

What in the world? Animal cruelty or not? I imagine they did it under anesthesia.

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polar bear

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I love dogs

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erm. that is a really hard question. Mine is probably either giraffes or polar bears!!!

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