How can i become a certified animal groomer?

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If there is a Petsmart or Petco in your town you should apply there. Most stores have grooming and training services available and might be willing to teach you about it. Otherwise, teach yourself and research it online. Read answers, blogs, articles, and videos relating to animal/pet grooming.

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You seem to have interests relted to the animal world. But not sure if it is towards domestic, wild and or exotic, or marine life. If your thinking about the latter you could check with local zoos in your area about getting your foot in the door there and then you'd have the advantage of talking to those expert in their fields and how to go about it. In anycase it would give you live on hands exposure in finding the right fit for you.

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ah yes! i ent to the zoo once for a class field trip and i got to feed the rhino and hippos! bet experience in my life!!! im acually interested in becoming a vet or vet thec. or zoologist.

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