Anal masterbation

Can I masterbate from my butt hole also? As in is anal masterbation possible?

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Yes you can masterbate anally. Got to "five on demand" (its a uk tv channel) and search "Sex how to do everything" and watch episode 7.

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Yes you can masterbate anally- go to "five on demand" (its an uk tv channel) and search "Sex how to do everything" and watch episode 7.

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When a man puts his penis inside an anus, he can experience orgasm from the pressure and friction. The only way a woman would feel anything sexual would be if he (or she or another device of some sort) were to stimulate the clitoris. Simple anatomy.

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yes but it really hurts

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I love this site it's people like you that make me come to this web site. Hell no you can't masterbate from the butthole. Are you getting tired of doing the same the origional masterbation. Are you retarde or stupid?

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okayyy... I have noo idea really about bum holes... lol
erm... I dno how big its meaant too be but it doesnot really matter becuase the bigeeer your hole the more the boys will like if you no what I mean...
and erm... you could also something smoother and bigger or softer too play with yourself.. eg.. a feather you could always ticlke yourself or finger both holes at the same time... I think you could get someone elsee too try and doo it for you.. e.g a boyfrined.. if theyy talked dirty or you watched a porno at the saame time this could reallly help... good luck <3 x

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o and if you cud also tel me somthin to do with boobs. I have real big ones like 36 D

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hey abbie thanks bt could you like pls gimme a discriptive way to masterbate...I will be very greatful, I am so horny I cant tell u

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actuaaly why I asked that was because fingering did not help me get aroused at all!

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o and 1 more thing, when I tried to finger myself, I could easily slip in my finger , it dint hurt as I had heard from my friends. infact I could also manage 2 fingers? does that mean my hole is too big? mind you this was the first time I tried fingering

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ohh lol.. well I havee no idea I have never done it lol.. =]
never really liked the fortt soo..
anyway.. just keep doing itgently an just tickle around it and see what part tickes the mostt you must have like a g spot in theree
good luck <3 x

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im not sure you can pleasure yourself threw your anal and get arroused but I do not think you can go as far as coming..
you could try and if you come..
and if you doo the answer has gotta be yes lol
good luck

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