Do you think I deserve to be a flyer?

Okay I need some help here… I am a going to be a freshman this year and I am feeling kinda down because 1.) I made jv and my best friend keeps bragging and saying little comments about her making varsity… which really hurts… Also since we are getting ready to go to camp varsity and jv are practicing together… and I am a flyer and it seems everytime I say somthing about being a flyer she says you are probably gonna be a base or a back because your so tall and a little thick… Which also hurts… 2.) I have always thought I was pretty and now I just feel like I am soo ugly and everything… I feel like I dont belong where I am everyone at school has long hair and I have short hair and I just dont know what to do right now… And on top of that my mom wont let me wear makeup or anything… —Do you think I am fat (and deserve to be a flyer) and do you think I am pretty… and PLEASE be honest

Answer #1

Tell her flat out that the comments hurt you. Do not let her belittle you or make your selfesteem lowered. If she doesn’t stop then she is not a real friend. You work hard and show everyone who doubts you that you are better than they though. Keep your head held high, its the only way to survive highschool.

Answer #2

dont even trip over what she tells you.. I have a few “ Friends “ like that,, its easier to ignore it and keep doing your own thing… shes just hating on you :D

Answer #3

My boyfriend made Jv Baseball when all his friends made Varsity..Its nothing to be ashamed about..I seen your pic your really pretty dont let high school scare you..Its not as bad as everyone makes it seem.. all you have to do is have fun and be yourself..your friend is probably teasing you let her know that it makes you feel bad and if she is a true friend she will stop..(:

Answer #4

If she says things like that shes not a very good friend now, is she. Any way, Youre not fat, You know that. And Youre Pretty, Dont worry about it. High school really isnt as bad as people lead freshman to think. If someone does anything stick up for yourself. And trust me, Its good to be tall :) Im short and a junior and kids still like to try to push me around. Youll be okay.

Answer #5

okay first of all you are very pretty and your friend is probly jokeing so you need to tell her that you dont find her cmmts. funny she may be a little jelous of your curves and tallness what you need to do is strut those curves make her wish she had em lol and dont stop bein friends w/ her because of what she said also and no your not fat

gud luk ps high school is great have fun be different and stick out be your own person dont follow behind the crowd!!! :)

Answer #6

LMAO. get over it. high schools gunna be a lot harder than that dilema. no offense.

Answer #7

Thanks everyone you made me feel so much better!!! :)

Answer #8

your soo damm pretty :)

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