Why do Americans feel so threatened by illegal immigrants coming to their land?

personally why not let them have a shot at their own future, to better themselves and family?

Answer #1

because they are afraid someone else will do to them what they did to us native americans

Answer #2

I don’t think it’s an American thing, it is also happens in Australia. I suppose it has to do with mentality of some citizens who think illegal immigrants come to the country and work without paying tax (which I think they should be deported immediately no detention camp crap) and also taking up jobs which normal citizens wouldn’t even want to do anyway……I think queue jumpers should be sent home without compassion as most asylum seekers now a day are not true refugees but only economic opportunists wanting a better life for themselves and their families and play on the heart strings of the people whose country they want to live in……My motto is join the damn queue, wait your bloody turn and come to a country legally without lying and being f-ckheads and let the proper refugees who needs to flee their own country due to prosecuted etc in as these fake economic refugees are giving genuine refugees a bad rap.

Answer #3

Tried to answer but the FA filter doesn’t like any of my words (I’ve put an * in nearly every word)…let’s just say there’s a difference between illegal and legal…

Answer #4

if they want a shot at a life, and to better themselves…let them do it legally.

Answer #5

Phrannie, the word filter is damn annoying….I always copy the comment first before I hit submit as I hate having to retype it ou again minus the ban words…..Also I use the ‘dash’ a lot to mask the ban words :)

Answer #6

Well thanks but, what bout if they don’t have the resources to do so, like money. I mean most illegal immigrants come to get jobs, earn money and a better lifestyle but how do it at their own country if they don’t have the resources I mean most of r the illegal immigrants come for a better future and government doesn’t really make it easy for them to be legal

Answer #7

OR..cause us americans are pretty damn lazy and immigrants tend to work harder and take our jobs..

Answer #8

Well, come to a country legally then…Apply for residency the correct way, submit paper, fill out an applicatin form…..Why break the law in the first place….The law is there to protect citizens…can you imagine how countries will be if everyone decides to come to a country illegally to find a better life for themselves???? doesn’t work mate….LEGAL LEGAL FIRST…

Answer #9

who knows, i know mexicans jst want to come to the u.s.a jst to have a better life n allow der children to make sumthing of der selfs i mean if u have ever gone to mexico (i go every year) u wud c all these kids on da street ascking for money

Answer #10

who knows, i know mexicans jst want to come to the u.s.a jst to have a better life n allow der children to make sumthing of der selfs i mean if u have ever gone to mexico (i go every year) u wud c all these kids on da street ascking for money

Answer #11

I respect that for sure, but from my understanding the government doesn’t want to pass the law for reforms and what now, so can you explain that?

Answer #12

Sorry, I’m not American so I cannot stipulate to you what the government is up too or not doing anything to help immigrants…..Now if you were asking about being an Australian citizen illegally, then we can agrue til the cows come home. :)

Answer #13

i thougt yall had kangaroos.. not cows…. just throw my 2 cents in…

Answer #14

Lol well thanks anyway. And it’s really good to know that America is not the center of illegal immigration. And if you don’t mind me askin who immigrates Australia?

Answer #15

Is that bad or good? Doesn’t show good judgement from Americans.

Answer #16

What other countries have open borders? I’m trying to thing of one place I could go and be illegally LEGAL…I’d get tossed out on my ear. So why should Amercians not toss illegals out on their ears?

Answer #17

nah, its good, i just know were i work, when the immigrants come and work they do amazing work for a little bit of money and then they move on, but they work there a$$’s off for little to nothing, but i mean ofcoarse americans work hard to, just immigrants that are illegal have more to lose if something goes wrong cause they have no green card, so they just do there best and move along

Answer #18

That’s what I’m sayin. Many Americans that disagree wit illegal immigration underestimate them. They don’t know what it is to live day by day they don’t have it easy at all. And it doesn’t really help to be harrassed

Answer #19

i know, but at the same time all it takes is a test to become legal, and they start payin taxes like everyone else no one can b!tch at them,

Answer #20

Yeah jkjimp, we do have kangaroos with boxing gloves and silky shorts…oh you are sooooo cultured :P

Answer #21

It isn’t only Americans. We here feel the same, our police just doesn’t enforce it as much.

My problem with it is that why should an illegal immigrant get a job while there are so many other residents that actually need work?

I don’t like illegal immigrants at all. I do not care much for the reason they are in the country illegally.

Answer #22

Well, wat would u do if u were in their shoes? Ur underestimating them, their people just like anybody else.

Answer #23

Andrea_lee, your agrument does not stand up…Bascially you keep implying if someone was in your shoes they would do stuff your way…sorry mate, not everyone who wants to imigrate to a new country will break the law….I understanding your opinion, but see it from our way, we live in a country that has laws which we as citizens needs to bid by so why should illegal immigrants be allowed to enter a country because they want to make a better life for themselves….Sorry, I’m with Ifeelcrazy, call me racist, but I do not appreicate illegal workers when our own citizens are unemployed.

Answer #24

Yes, I am basing it on my opinion and from my shoes. I also understand a citizens point of view, I’m a citizen myself. And citizens shouldn’t get mad for others takin their jobs there are Americans that decide to be homeless with the excuse of no money, and yet their better than immigrants? I dint think so. Immigrants do try and become legal but for that they need money. Citizenship is just a title.

Answer #25

OK, you are not understanding me…..An illegal alien comes into a country illegally, so they are starting a new life on the wrong side of the law. A person cannot enter a country illegally and then expect people to ‘accept’ them and give them a chance to be legal….I’m sorry but this will be my last comment otherwise I’m going to be more nasty then I would like…..It is not a matter of illegal aliens taking jobs that citizens do not want…IT’S ENTERING A COUNTRY ILLEGALLY WITHOUT PROPER PAPERWORK, WITHOUT FOLLOWING THE RIGHT PROCEDURES….there are no IFs and BUTS MATE….

Answer #26

It’s a title which gives you right to certain things in a country. And there are LEGAL ways to get in a country. And in my country we have over 40% of our population without jobs and immigrants just get in and take whatever they want to illegally. I do not mind people getting in legally, I don’t like those who sneak in.

And no matter what happened with me, I would not go to another country and then think that I have a right to take a job which someone else should technically be entitled to.

Oh and I’m not a humanitarian, people should stay where they are unless they can do it legally.

Answer #27

you are from alska,arent you

Answer #28

The problem is that in the case of mexican, they use all of our programs and resources without paying taxes. They use our public schools, clog our emergency room at the hospitals and don’t pay the doctors. When employers pay them, they don’t report anything. Most of the time they send the money to their families in Mexico. The mexican economy gets millions of american dollars that their citizens then spend over there. I am hispanic and not a racist but the main problem is the Mexican border so I am not gonna be politically correct and use illegal inmigrant. Another big problem is that the violent drug war between the Mexican cartels have crossed over to our side, specially in Arizona.

Answer #29

Seriously? You sound like you just stepped off fox news. Mexican women are the hardest workers in the U.S. with the highest employment rates. Most of them dont earn enough to pay taxes. Taxes they cant pay anyways because that would be letting the government know that they were in this country. They’re here illegally. Exactly how do you expect them to pay taxes? They’re not sitting around freeloading. They do the work no one else wants to do. You really need to quit listening to the propaganda fox loves to spew, and look at the real statistics. But that would be a lot harder than placing the blame on the poorest, most vulnerable population.

Answer #30

Alright, we wont even go into how the British went into South Africa and stole land and resources. So speaking of illegal immigrants, I find it highly ironic that it is countries that have high populations of once illegal immigrants running it that have an issue with immigrants. Not to even get into the apartheid and how the native population still hasnt risen to an overall high economic level. But, alright, that aside. Lets talk about why illegal immigrants should get jobs. Arent you asking the wrong people? Why not ask the businesses that provide these jobs? Why are businesses hiring illegal immigrants? If they stopped hiring, the immigrants would stop coming. Illegal immigrants do the dirty jobs no one else wants. Otherwise, the unemployment rate wouldnt be at those rates, and the illegal immigrants wouldnt be doing those jobs.

Answer #31

And this applies to Australia too. History anyone? The natives, decimating their population? I’d call coming over without an invitation as being there illegally.

Answer #32

i didnt fail world history for nothin…lol

Answer #33

mexicans do the work no one else wants to do with a very low pay, y? cuz dey need da money n so do der loved ones in mexico der r veri few jobs in mexico n in order to support ur family over der u need to work ur ass off

Answer #34

cause so many try in take away the Hard work the have earned with their jobs and they don’t learn to speak american if i am gonna go to another country i will learn to understand how they speak and not try in change there ways so many try in change the american flag many american are very proud of who they are and lota many of them are mixed we all are. with me i dont’t have a problem with it as long as they don’t do them things and bring sicknesses over here and disrespect us cause i am very respectable it’s how i was raised but theres rude and nice people every where but ones that try in come over here with being allow to like sneak over here they don’t care that either. Hope this helps tc

Answer #35

it’s not cheap living in the usa and i don’t agree that all americans are lazy my Grandpa worked hard to get where he was so his children and Grand child could get the things he never got cause he was poor, i am not means rich but i have a roof over my head cloths on my bad food on the tabel and a warm bed to sleep in but many don’t care in the world many have to protect their familys in that not as safe as it used to be its even worst. My grandpas Mom was full blooded Irish and his dad was German american and probally some cherokee native american cause hes irish german and Cherokee, so many one there soap box sit in say oh well all americans are like this in that sad when ones thing they are all the same hard to find the ones that do care. tc

Answer #36

cloths on my back even

Answer #37

cause not all americans are the same i am american but i am myself no one else.

Answer #38

Just Because the grass is greener on the Other side doesnt mean that it is or things are better there i for get how that saying goes.

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