When do schools start in america?

I was just curious that in what month does a new schooling year start in America?...in the UK it starts from spetember, so I was just curious in what month american school start at?...like in what year would I be, I'm boron on 13th november 1991?

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Woow.. that's kl. But how does the school year system work?
Because I know it is slightly different. In the UK it depends on whether you're born after the September or not..
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I live in canada and we start in september to and usually if your born in 1991 your in grade 11

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skool atarts in the middle of august, adn ud most likely be in 10th grade since you were born after sept. 1

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around august 21-25

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Oklahoma: starts mid-August and ends late May!

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oh ok thanks..becuase here in UK I'm in my 11th yr and going to be in 12th this year, so in america I would have been put back a year lol

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wow, you've got a lot of answers. I live in america, and my school starts in August around the 25th or so.

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august or september

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Wow I didn't know that. In Canada it's always the day after Labour Day. Labor Day :)

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well actually my old school started in mid-september, but now that I've moved across the country it starts mid-august.

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in texas skool starts in the middle of august, adn ud most likely be in 10th grade since you were born after sept. 1

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Anywhere from August to September.

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My school starts mid august. What year you would be in varies with different school districts. In mine you would be 10th year. :)

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