what are american high schools like?

in England-espically my school in London-everything is soo strict like we cant wear any jewellery and we cant wear too much make up and we always have to wear uniform. in america are the schools like they are shown in the movies like mean girls? are there always partys? and how many times do you have prom? cos we only have it once the whole time during high school. im just curious and are there always fit guys and pretty girls that are mean? btw im just curious =]

Answer #1

Well the school that I go to they do care how much jewelery a person where or where that were it the same goes for make-up and who is wearing it . My school we don’t have to where uniforms.Well for the part about the the fit guy and pretty girl being mean that not really true where I’m from.. but there are still mean people at school tho….there still fight.fuss…yell…..all the drama is still there.and the consequence 2… . I’m not sure how many proms tho but i think there’s like 2 or 3 a school year …it might be more tho… n people throw parties too

Answer #2

o I’m sorry in the comment above that is suppose to say they don’t care…^ ….. I”m sorry i type to fast n don’t read over what i type…i might have more mistake in there 2

Answer #3

It all depends on the location of the school and what school it is. When i was in school, 7 years ago there were no uniforms, we were allowed one facial piercing, we could wear as much jewelry as we wanted, we had dress codes but it was manly to keep girls from wearing booty shorts and mini skirts. Its different now, almost every single school in our state has uniforms, they only allow one necklace, etc. Its getting stricter as the years go by.

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LOL thats okay

Answer #5

Well I’m not sure if its like how in Mean Girls lol because I haven’t been to high school yet. In fact I’m starting high school after being homeschooled just like in the movie lol. But the dress code part it all depends on the school. All schools are different. Most public schools here aren’t as strict though like where you live. The dress code for the school I might be going to says you pretty much can wear as much jewelry as you like as long as it like doesn’t spell something bad or isn’t anything gang related and as long as it isn’t too ostentatious. And you can wear shorts and skirts but you have to make sure it goes past your fingertips like when your put your hand by your side. No tanktops, no spaghetti straps, that kind of thing. You can wear makeup but not too much though. You wouldn’t wanna look like a clown going to school. That’s pretty much all I can tell you

Answer #6

LOL i would actually enjoy going to school if i went to yours :)

Answer #7

well, if you go to a public school, then i guess you my run into the “mean Gilrs’. but other then that the parties do happen, depending what group you are involved in. you can wear basically whatever you want, atleaset the public schools i got o, girls show up in shorts that look like underwear, and pajamas that’s how free it is, but id dont know bout any other areas…

Answer #8

it is fun if you just stay friends with everyone and dont make enemies

Answer #9

It all depends on the school. And where it is located.

Answer #10

At my school, a public school, we can wear whatever but shorts and skirts have to be at least to your fingertips. I’ve worn shorts that were a little above my fingertips and not gotten in trouble. We can’t wear spaghetti strap shirts or tube tops or shirts that tie around your neck. Our rule is if it’s 2 of your fingertips wide you can wear the shirt. Jewelry doesn’t matter. We have all the different cliques at my school. Preppy, jock, nerd, geek, loser, emo, Gothic, etc. Somebody always has a party on saturday night. We have a pretty normal school.

Answer #11

I went to a private catholic high school. Of course we wore uniforms and they were pretty strict with enforcing the dress code. Immediate suspension if you came out of uniform. Detention if you were not neat. We sort of had the high school social stratification, but no one really made a big deal out of it. We had the “cool kids”, the “stoners”, “goths”, “drama kids”, “popular kids”, “nerds”, the usual. As far as I know everyone got along for the most part. No one was shoved in lockers or hounded every single day. We were pretty chill.

Answer #12

we have some kids who were Trash canned on their first day as a freshman. That’s kinda what we do. 4 guys in my freshman class were trash canned. Wow almost 3 years ago! our school board of education wants us to wear uniforms but we arent going to

Answer #13

Its funny you should say that. My first day, I was expecting to be harassed, and given a hard time. I went in super guarded and ready for a fight. I was just looking for an excuse to go straight across someone’s jaw. After my first week I realized that everyone was busy doing their own thing, and didn’t really care about harassing underclassmen. In fact, I would hang out with the upper and lower grades. It was awesome.

Uniforms aren’t really all that bad. Especially if you’re lazy with doing laundry like I am…..Nobody will ever know that your’e wearing the same shirt you did yesterday! lol

Answer #14

lol that laundry part is funny! I thought I’d get picked on but i didn’t thank God!! On my first day as a freshman I had to wear my JV cheer uniform cause we had a football game. So that probably saved me from getting picked on. Since i was in 8th grade i would always hang out with the older kids.

Answer #15

Ok well in my school (btw im a junior now) Prom is ecery year for seniors that year, we can wear anything we want and make-up and jewelry. There’s not mean girls in my school were all quite friendly and there is no uniforms. There is clicks though, we have metal heads together and rockers and punks etc. and theres those people that dress preppy and “cool.” people in my school do host alot of parties every weekend around our city. I like high school so far :]

Answer #16

your school sounds like mine in a few ways. every year we have a Junior/Senior prom. You can go if you are asked by either a junior or a senior

Answer #17

Really? That’s cool :]

Answer #18

yea it is! i went my freshman and sophomore year. and i am going this year and my senior year too

Answer #19

i you come to compton high you will end up in a couple of fights in the begining untill u start making friends, n if u start actin all g u might get stabbed a couple of times, thas about it.

Answer #20

we have fights a few times during the year. they are fun to watch

Answer #21

At my school, we were allowed to wear as much jewelery we wanted.. We were allowed to have as many piercings as we wanted, we could wear any kind of shirt, as long as it didn’t show our midriff or bra strap. Our shorts/skirts couldn’t be any more than 2 inches above our knees. Guys could sag (to an extent).. no tattoos could be visible (although there wasn’t much they could do if they were)… our school was pretty nice. :)

Answer #22

in my school there is one prom in our 5/7 years of attending :( your SOO lucky im literally begging my mum and dad to move to america now :L

Answer #23

Well I’m a bit outa high school, but the one I went to really wasn’t all that strict - in fact it was very laid back.. Didn’t care about makeup, piercings or tattoo’s. Girl’s couldn’t have midrift showing. Neither girls nor guys could have any kind of undergarment showing. Nothing offensive on your clothes. I think there were a few other rules regarding girls clothing, like length of skirts and shorts but I didn’t know them. As for prom, it was technical the prom for the seniors but I don’t think there was any rules about other grades going. IDK I only went to prom my senior year, and i took a junior with me :P. As for the people, its all verities from your preppy b!tches to goths to geeks to jocks to stoners. Looks of people vary just as much - its just a huge variety of people.

Overall I went to a very laid back school. Hell my senior year it was ok to bring a pocket knife to school as long as it was folding and the blade was under 5” :P. And if you forgot your rifle in the back of your truck, you just let the principle know, and they kept it in the office until your parents could pick it up (or would escort you off school grounds and give it too you if you were over 18). It was completely open campus, and you could go any where you wanted during lunch, or if you had an open period - which some of the seniors did. But it was also in Montana which is pretty liberal place. And I have to say in the time I went there - no one was stabbed and no one was shot so i guess it works. The joke was no one every tried to shoot up the school because it was likely the students and teachers would shoot back :P.

Answer #24

haha your school sounded jokes when you was talking about the knife and the gun was you joking?

Answer #25

wow! That’s crazy!!

Answer #26

actually no. I carried a 4” pocket knife all of my senior year. Although they changed it back to no knifes the following year because someone tried to cut their wrist during school with their knife :P. And it wasn’t uncommon for a student for forget their rifle in their truck during hunting season because they were out hunting before school. If they parked off school grounds no one cared. On school grounds they just took the rifle away for the day. But then again hunting is like a religion. Its not uncommon for someone to take a few days off work if he gets an elk or moose tag :P. (you have to put in for a raffle for those because they are very limited.)

Answer #27

And like I said there was never a school shooting because most likely the students WOULD shoot back. And you didn’t pull a knife on someone because chances are they had a knife to.

Answer #28

thats annoying :P my school is the worst, they try acting all posh but it so dnt go with the area and the ppl tho i dont think anyone likes our school. american high schools just seem the best :)

Answer #29

OMG over here you can get 5 years maximum for carrying a knife which i think is dumb because where i live(London) its pretty rough and my cousin got clocked and jailed for 3 years for having one for protection :/ anywaiiz can you just explain 1 thing to me? what is a senior, freshman, junior and sophomore? that just confuses me :)

Answer #30

1st year of high school is 9th grade - freshman, 10th - sophomore, 11th junior, & 12th (last year) senior

As for the knives and such just about any school if you accidentally bring on to school they usually just take it away from you until your parents can come get it. If it happens a lot you will might get detention. Even in grade school and middle school. But that really isn’t the norm for the whole USA. I just live in a fairly low population rural area (excluding the 3 largest cites in the state the whole thing is considered rural :P).

Answer #31

*just about any school in my area that is

I need an edit button….

Answer #32


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