Is anyone else amazed with drake's voice?

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I'm sure there is someone else...just not me.

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you dont like him? hes absolutely amazing!

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Drake the rapper or Drake Bell? Both are amazing, but Drake (the rapper) is amazing. I love when he sings. When he raps I don't care, when he sings I'm lost.

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uh, it's nothing special.

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drake the rapper! his voice literally warms my heart rapping and singing!<3

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yes! its absolutely amazing. but hey, everyone has opinions :)

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I don't think I've ever heard his singing voice. I just know that his rapping voice gets on my nerves :p

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i love him but theres better ;)

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yess i love him<33 i love the way he sounds now in his new album, Take Care=)

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It's unique but its not amazing to me

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YESS! ever heard 'we'll be fine' ? its amazing! favorite song from him(:

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Listen to "Take Care" featuring Rihanna that's the closest you'll get to him singing through out the whole song

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And "Shot For me"

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