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Ok I got this great idea of a story and am wondering if I wrote it like on the computer and got it printed out what should I do with it should I just throw it away or should I just leave it on the gground or should I try to make money off of it if so how? It seem like a good book earth war it about when the goverment was testing something out well it went wrong and it blew up taking out 2000 mile everything in that mile was changing like the sand was no longer yellow looking it was like crystal and for the animal well it change them into smarter thing now different races of animal is trying to take over the earth and it even rip a hole in time ( just think about what going to come out there now) I was thinking like the bear race would attack first then other races would be in it so it a war of different races from the future present and path trying to find out who going to rule the earth what do ya think of that please tell the truth if it bad it bad I can handle that ( don't copy my story =[)

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Yeah, leaving it on the ground sounds awesome, do that! lol just kidding
sounds like an interesting read

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I don't want to be mean about this. I also realize this is two months later that you're getting a reply as well.

First off if you write a book you should do it because you wanted to and loved doing it. You also need to think that you will MOST LIKELY be asked to write a sequel if you get an agent and a deal with a publishing company.

Are you prepared to write more than one, because it will most likely be requested?

If you're going to say what the book is about you may want to throw up your name with a copyright.

You'll need to write a query and find agents that deal with your type of novel, which sounds sci-fi.

If your novel is written anything like your question you may want to ask a friend to read over it and edit it before you send it out to an agent. They will most likely not take you seriously.

Other than all that hard advice I think what you have is a great idea that just needs to be rounded. If you want opinions of others you can always post your work on or

I have my own profile on fanfiction and have a story that's finished and completed. I'm going through the process of editing it and I plan on trying to publish it because I want to be able to share it with everyone world wide. It's currently 294 pages, unedited.

I wish you the best of luck with your book and hope you succeed in whatever you do!

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