Am I too excited about this baby?

Im 3 weeks pregnant =] I just found out rescently im sooo excited. The baby will have no father too help me but im okay with it. Is it wierd that im already thinking about names, and talking to my baby. Is it wierd that im doing that already?? All my friends said no dont get excited they were like saying how my baby will probably die because im using stilll. They scared me. Am I getting my hopes up??

And I am starting to slow down my use of drugs a bit.

Answer #1

I totally agree with ‘’fau’’!!!

I knew a girl who did drugs while she was pregnant and her daughter was born without an arm!!! what kind of a mother would do that to her child!!! you are so blessed to have this miracle growing inside of u!! so ACT LIKE IT!!! I dont give a damn if your addicted!! you have another life growing inside of you that you have to take care of, so get with reality and go to rehab or something! if you were serious about how excited you were you would be able to quit immediately! its all in your head in the first place!

I am so mad to even read this question of yours! I am a mother and I would never inflict that kind of abuse on my child, not for anything!
and again ‘’fau’’ was right,there are millions of woman out there trying to have kids and will never be able to have a miracle like that in their life!!

I really hope your ‘’relaxed’’ attitude about your situation changes, before the damage is already done! (although it probably already is, most pregnancies that have resulted under the influence of some kind of narcotic,the child ends up being effected in some way! - remember that!!)

Answer #2

I love that your so excited about being pregnant. Its such a beautiful amazing miracle of life. your baby is already feeling your joy and happiness and laughter and every ounce of your precious thoughts. I think you will have a happy baby that will smile a whole lot! I cant wait til I’m pregnant. AS for the drug use, if you have any love inside of you and for your unborn child, then stop rite now and leave it behind u. your baby is feeling all this too whether you realize it or not. If your baby is born without all its toes/fingers/other body parts, then you will blame urself for the rest of your life and your precious baby will suffer for the rest of theirs. Please stop and go into rehab or seek counseling right away. Take a good friend w/u or a supportive relative. Its time to be unselfish and give this baby all of you but clean. It needs you sober and clean and healthy physically and mentally and spirtually.

Answer #3

keirichu… I think that is about enough of all your hurtful things that you have been saying on this post!!! I agree that what jezz has done is wrong, I even commented on this topic myself earlier, but what you are saying about hoping the baby dies, etc is just getting out of hand!! leave her alone and I hope that you will find some where in your concience to shut the f*%k up!!! it is enough for us all to have given jezz our thoughts on HER behaviour, but how dare you wish death upon an innocent child!! it is people like YOU in this world that create all the grey and coldness because you have nothing better to do with your time to say these hurtful things!! I have read all Jezz’s responses to the horrible things that you have been saying, and I commend her on not stooping to you level and being equally horrible back!!

Jezz, I wish you all the best, I truly hope that you have learnt from your mistakes, and I have no doubt in my mind (as I am also a mother) that you will give your baby the best life you possible can with all the love in the world!!! I pray that your baba is born healthily, and if not there is no reason why he/she wont have a normal life like any other child. in fact, its those that have been born with some kind of abnormailty that make the most out of life… unlike a person like ‘’keirichu’’ that has all her arms and legs and appears ‘’normal and healthy’’ yet has nothing better to do than to slander others!!!

all the best JEZZ!!! :)

Answer #4

ya you really need to stop useing right now, b/c your hurting urself along with your baby! no your not too excited about having a baby inside u, and I know how you feel bout having a baby with no father because im probably pregnant too. but I not going to find out until next week when I get tested for it…

Answer #5

well my mom made me take a test, then it said positive so I went to a doctor. well for drugs im doing cocaine. You people have no idea how much im trying to quit I have a whole plan to quit. I love this baby with all my heart, and I think this is what I need to help me quit.

Answer #6

1st of all if you want the baby not to be still born stop using otherwise the baby mite nvr born and 2ndly no you should be exited you have a life growing in you and thats why you have to stop using… good luck :] ♥

Answer #7

JEZZ IS A BIG WUSSY AND CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH. SHE BLOCKED ME LOOOL. And to think, she threatened to find me oooh.

Again I hope your baby dies so it doesn’t have to suffer through a life of cocaine related birth defects.

Answer #8

everyone knows I am doing drugs. but im working on quitting, but im an addict so I can’t just quit like that. im cutting down, then in like a week I will cutt down more and what not.

Answer #9


Answer #10

I have actually been clean fer a while now, ii am very exxcited bout this baby so dont say shiit like I hope it dies, thats really low, and dont call me white trash a fuuckin gain.

Answer #11

I understand that you’re an addict and quitting is extremely hard. I commend you for stepping in the right direction. However, you have a baby growing inside you now. Once you become pregnant, it’s not about you anymore, it’s all about the baby. You are your baby’s life support and you can’t say “I’m going to try.” You have to DO it. For you and your unborn child’s sake. You can do this. You just have to want to do it. I wish you luck. I really hope you can do the right thing.

Answer #12

OMG Girl … You are How old? 15- 16 ??? and You are pregnant and doing drugs ??? and you claim you are an addict and it is hard for you to stop ??? What the hell is this world coming to???

if you indeed LOVE this baby … You need to STOP not slow down or quit a little or even TRY you HAVE to quit … I don’t know why people get started into drugs in the first place … its all BS and girl look at yourself



Answer #13

I agree with “Keirichu”. I won’t be vulgar about this, I’ll put it simple. You are 15. 15 year olds shouldn’t be having babies. You don’t have the right mentality to handle that sort of responsibility, rather than another person’s life. “Slowing down” your use of drugs is not the most prudent idea. I suggest you quit it all together, or abort your baby. Really, have you no shame? 15 years old and already having a child?

Answer #14

your messed up. if your only 15 maybe 16 now you need help. you shouldnt even be pregnant. and not having a father… well thats stupid… and ya .. if you do decide to have this child you need to stop smoking or doing coke asap! your baby is probably going to have some major issues. why are you so excited to be having a kid so early in your life anyways? your still young, immature, you need to grow up before trying to have your own kid. I have a question for u. once you have your baby, are you going to stay off drugs or get back on them? you really need to sit down and think about what is going on if your life

Answer #15

I hope your baby does die. It’s unfair to bring a baby into this world that is a drug addict. You are setting that baby up for a lifetime of mental and physical health problems. You are a stupid 15 year old girl and you are not just ruining your life now, but the life of an unborn person. Abort it, take birth control, use condoms, stop doing drugs, and stop being a useless human being. Do something with your life other than be a plague on humanity.

Answer #16

What really annoys me about you is that you called innocent 13-14 year olds “pathetic” because they have not had sex yet and ZOMG YOU HAD SEX AT 11 YOU ARE SOOO COOOL. That’s not cool. That makes you cheap and dirty.

Anyone can have sex, anyone. It takes someone with strong will power and virtue to not go around and have lots of sex, do drugs or get pregnant. You are pretty much a failure and it pisses me off because you are ruining the life of an unborn baby. It’s not fair to that child at all. I hope that if this baby lives they will get an education, not repeat all your foul mistakes, and make something of themselves. As of now you are just an objectified pile of meat and you seem to love being nothing more than a sex toy,

Humanity is doomed.

Answer #17

im not trying to scare you, but my friend was pregnant and she didnt no, and she was taking coke with sum other friends and she had a misscaragr at 5 weeks, so I suggest you STOP! FUL STOP!! just think what your doing to your baby? taking drugs can affect the baby in so many ways, you could have a still born, the drugs your takin because also cause your bable to be disabled there is so many things that could happen to your baby while using drugs so I suggest you stop NOW! or your baby could have serious health problems! gud luck!!!

Answer #18

I found out I was pregnant, and 2weeks later I miscarried and I wasnt takin anything, I smoked cig’s but thats it, I stopped drinking too, miscarages happin to 1 in 4 women, so if your still using drugs then I suggest you stop straight away, the first 3months the baby is more at risk, so after then then id start thinking about names and gettin really attatched to the lil one, I hope all is well for you and good luck for the future xx

Answer #19

No you shouldn’t be excited. You are killing your baby, not to mention that they’ll find out you are doing drugs.

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