Am I too big?

Ok im a little embarased to ask this question but im 13 and im about 10 inches long…am I too big for my age? (btw im not trying to get atention im just medicaly fasinated about my size at my age)

Answer #1

joker122, you say:

“I have seen a few very large penises in my life (10 to 12”, so I know they do exist.”

I’m just curious but do you keep a tape measure with you when you have sex? How else would you be so sure of the sizes?

Are they the sizes that the guys told you? If so, then thats clearly valid as a guy would NEVER lie about his c*ck size would he?


PS Due to the probability that spencermerriam92 would be 13 and have a 10” cck and that he is asking the question on here, ‘Is it too big?’ (When it is clear that these days, teens believe that huge ccks are a greatly prized by girls due to influences from porn movies)

I have made an informed decision, weighing up everything along with a little research, that he is an attention seeking liar.

His claim is not IMPOSSIBLE, just so UNLIKELY that I feel pretty confident that I am correct in this statement.

Just my own view. (That appears to be shared by a few others)


Answer #2

Keyword - man - not thirteen year old child (: He isn’t saying that the largest penis is 9 inches. He said that statistically speaking it is very, very rare for fully grown men’s penises to reach 9 inches, therefore it is so unlikely that yours is already 10, when the majority of the world’s population of penises don’t get bigger than 8.5 inches in their lifetime. If your penis really is 10 inches, which I highly doubt, you probably have some form of development problem like elephantiasis and you need to go get that checked out because your body sounds ridiculously out of proportion and is developing in excessive amounts. However it is more likely that you are just another kid who gets online and tells white lies about his dick size for attention, honestly, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, I think the majority of young boys do it in their lifetime.

Answer #3

Here are the statistics on erect pens lengths for white college men, in quarter-inch lengths measured by The Alfred C. Kinsey Institute for Sex Research (from the point where the pens meets the body along the top to its tip):

Percent length 0.2 percent 3.75 inches 0.3 percent 4 inches 0.2 percent 4.25 inches 1.7 percent 4.5 inches 0.8 percent 4.75 inches 4.2 percent 5 inches 4.4 percent 5.25 inches 10.7 percent 5.5 inches 8 percent 5.75 inches 23.9 percent 6 inches 8.8 percent 6.25 inches 14.3 percent 6.5 inches 5.7 percent 6.75 inches 9.5 percent 7 inches 1.8 percent 7.25 inches 2.9 percent 7.5 inches 1 percent 7.75 inches 1 percent 8 inches 0.3 percent 8.25 inches 0.3 percent 8.5 inches 0.1 percent 8.75 inches 0.1 percent 9 inches

(note: 1 inch = 2.54 cm, 0.25 inch = 0.635 cm)

Well, according to the above research, only 1 person in 1000 has a 9 inch penis and the above is taken from college age guys.

So, the possibility/odds that at 13 your penis is ten inches long is so unlikely, I feel more than comfortable calling you AN ATTENTION SEEKING LIAR!




Answer #4

I’m sorry that some people are calling you a liar. I don’t see what reason you could have to lie about this. I have seen a few very large penises in my life (10 to 12”), so I know they do exist. And I think they must be more common than the stats say, because I haven’t seen that many penises total! Or am I just lucky? One of the largest I saw was when I was a teen & he was a teen (15 I think). It was HUGE! So, yes, it is very possible that yours is 10”.

So now to the question. You could ask a dr about it, but I’m not sure what they’d say or do about it. It might be weird, but maybe ask your male relatives how big theirs are. I have heard it runs through your mother’s side of the family, so maybe a grandpa, uncle, or cousin on your mom’s side would be good to ask. They may be able to give you some advice or make you feel better about it.

I don’t really see it as a problem, but rather a huge asset! Many girls will love it. Some will be scared of it. And I doubt that it will grow much more, but you never know. You may have a hard time finding a girl willing to let you try it out on them. One of my boyfriends had a hard time with that in his life. He was also scared to use that thing–afraid of hurting the girl, so it made him very sexually timid, which was a shame.

You will have to be careful with girls, but just make sure when you do have sex, that it’s lubed up very well. That was a problem with me & my ex. Even though I was quite wet, his penis just took up so much of it because it was so huge, we had to keep adding lube so it would not hurt. Don’t mean to worry you. Just be prepared.

Trust me–lots of women will LOVE it! Be proud of your assets!

Answer #5

hey, I think this is the right place to ask this question instead of creating a new one. I’m kinda embarrased but anyway I’m 31, well… do you know where I could get plastic pincers, the metallic ones really hurts?

Answer #6

wow it’s not “physically impossible” you said it yourself that there is a man out therewith a 13 inch penis so how is it “physically impossible” that I have a 10 inch lol are you and kiasu saying that the largest penis in the world is nine inches?

Answer #7

I have to agree with Kiasu. It’s not anything personal, it’s just physically impossible for you to have a ten inch penis at the age of thirteen. Your body is practically incapable of having your penis grow to such a size when you’re still a young child. Don’t mean to make it look like I’m attacking you - I’m not, I’m just stating what is common sense.

Answer #8

so your acusing me of lying when im the one who’s worried about my personal health, I researched average sizes and I just wanted to ask on here to be sure, im scared that something is wrong with me and your acusing me of lying…how rude…I hope you feel good about yourself…

Answer #9

=/ Honestly I still think you’re lying. No need to kid yourself haha. I’ve seen hundreds of people post online claiming they have a 10inch penis or whatever, none of them were telling the truth. The biggest penis in the world is 13inches so it’s pretty much impossible for you to have a 10 at the age of 13, when you’ve just hit puberty - heck, you might not have even hit puberty yet.

Answer #10

THAT IS SOOO POSSIBLE!but any way yeah that’s pretty big 4 age.

Answer #11

Haha honestly, not to accuse you of lying, but you’re probably lying. No one’s that big at thirteen because your penis won’t stop growing for a few years now.

Answer #12

How large are you (height, weight, etc)

Answer #13

spencermerriam92, you ask:

“are you and kiasu saying that the largest penis in the world is nine inches?”

No, I never said that as there are cases in grown men where their penis is larger than 9”.

However, the scientific study that I posted did not find anyone with a penis larger than 9 inches.

As I said, I feel confident calling you an attention seeking liar. I suspect you have a very low self esteem and a very small penis and just needed to create some attention.

Very sad. :-(


Answer #14

thnx vamp for a reasonable answer (what heghog said made me worried XP)

Answer #15

That’s pretty big for any age, lol

Answer #16

Just for info, here are the average penis sizes for teens.

The following results are based on averages from over 5,000 patients. These measurements are taken from the tip of the penis to the base:

Age 11 - 3 inches aroused

Age 12 - 3.8 inches aroused.

Age 13 - 4.8 inches

Age 14 - 5.4 inches

Age 15 - 5.6 inches

Age 16 - 5.7 inches

Age 17 - 5.8 inches

Age 18 - 5.8 inches

Age 19+ - 5.9 inches

As evident from the chart above, penis growth will significantly slow down.

Between 5 and 13 years of age is the quickest time for the penis to increase in size.

Of course, teen penis size as well as grown men penis size differs for individuals and teens will go through puberty at different ages.


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