Am I Pregnant If Im Bleeding

am I pregnant if im bleeding

I had cravings for sweet desserts for a couple weeks when I hardly eat sweet deserts. Im contantly hungry. My period just started a few days ago after being 5 weeks late. Im not totally convinced that im on my period even though the bleeding is heavy. My stomach is bloated and I have gained weight all of a sudden too.

Am I pregnant???

Answer #1

You can bleed when pregnant for the first four months, you could be. maybe go to a store and get a test, if too embarrased then take it to the self check out. good luck and use TROJANS :)

Answer #2

Nope babe If you were pregnant then you wouldn’t be bleeding and you gained wait becoze you were craingfor sweets. Hope I helped :)

Answer #3

I bleed a lot when I was pregnant, I miss carried then I got preg again right after than and still spoted a lot so go to the dr asap

Answer #4

honestly girls, if your 16 and dont want a kid, its called birth control.

Answer #5

honestly girls, if your 16. its called BIRTH CONTROL!

Answer #6

Have you started any form of contraception lately? This can cause an increase in weight, appatite even giving symptoms of pregnancy in some girls. As the contraceptive pill and injections actually fools the body into believing its pregnant and therfore your body reacts to the hormones released that make your boobs swell and put on weight.

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Answer #8

first of all you grave sweets when you lack protien…second if you are having your period your deff not preg. but if you are still consciene get a preg. test…I hope this helps

Answer #9

oh i forgot…food aversions dont usually start until about week 6. . .and u had a 5 week period that was late…id check things out

Answer #10

there are so many people getting pregnant. Where a CONDOM for crying out loud!!! OR DON’T HAVE SEX!!

Answer #11

maybe yes maybe no. If you didn’t have it for several weeks then had it it is possible that you were pregnant but aren’t anymore. the only way to tell for sure is to do a test, but if you are bleeding heavy and you think that you might be pregnant I think you should see a doctor right away

Answer #12

Your stomach wouldn’t be swelling for several weeks. Thats why most people can and want to keep pregnancy a secret until 3months. Things that you would notice within the first few weeks is sore breasts and nausea…like when you brush your teeth or smell something funny. Most women experience this…food cravings cine later usually. I wouldn’t be concerned about pregnancy at this point.

Also…my friend bled for the first 3 months when her regular period was expected…everyone is different

Answer #13

I’m two months late on my period but that happens to me once in a while. I started having sore breasts and cramp, so I thought I was going to get my periond becasue thats how I usually feel before getting my period. I took three pregnancy tests and they all showed up positive. A few days later I started bleeding. it was light at first but then got heavy. I had the worst cramps ever! a few days later I took another test and it also showed up positve. I don’t know if I’m pregnant or not but I’d like to get advice.

Answer #14

My mom was pregnant a few years ago and she still bled heavily as if she had her period. Did some research and found out that it is possible to be pregnant and still bleeding like that. Don’t worry about that it’s normal.

Answer #15

I just got my period on the 6 ogos and now on the 21 I got it again. I don no why. is this ok? its like after 2weeks I got it back. and my stomach is paining like real menses pain. what does this mean

Answer #16

Can you answer this please?

I got my period on the end of march, then my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex after my period.. Then on April 12, we had sex again and he ejaculated inside me 3 times that day. And now its April 22nd I woke up this morning cramping and heavy bleeding. I took pregnancy test yesterday but it was negative. Is this my period? or is there a chance that I might be pregnant? because I want to be pregnant, please help.

Answer #17

I just got my Iud removed on may 5th had onprotected sex may 23rd. And just started bleeding may31st is it at all possible that I’m pregnant

Answer #18

I got a somewhat period 1 day it lasted like an hour or so. then it stopped. and then the next day it was really light and then stopped. so right now its sunday and thats suppose to be my expected period but nothing has happened. I dont know much about pregnancy so if anybody knows some anwsers would be great. so is there a chace for pregnancy?

Answer #19

well hey im new to here and I think you should go to the doctor. but I have a question for anyone to answer. I had unprotected sex and got my “period” the next day. then the next month I got it too. but then almost 2 months later, my belly begans to get bloated and I sleep all the time. mood swings come. and I dont like eatin things I usually love. I get headaches. my back hurts a lot and my tummy a bit. and my “period” came early. could I still be pregnant. I hope no one says you should have used protection if you dont want to be pregnant because it doesnt matter to me. I just want to know if you think I am or not.

Answer #20

Your stomach wouldn’t be swelling for several weeks. Thats why most people can and want to keep pregnancy a secret until 3months. Things that you would notice within the first few weeks is sore breasts and nausea…like when you brush your teeth or smell something funny. Most women experience this…food cravings cine later usually. I wouldn’t be concerned about pregnancy at this point.

Answer #21

If you have a question, you should post it as a new question not as an answer to another year old question. No one will see it. Question Tutorial:

You cannot have a period while pregnant. It is physically impossible. You can however have bleeding while pregnant but it is NOT due to menses. Many women mistake this for their “period” while they are bleeding for another reason. (could be implantation bleeding or early pregnancy spotting).

ruggerall - Hopefully you took jaz for 7 days before having unprotected intercourse. If not you could become pregnant. (it takes 7 days for it to become effective, read your patient information or talk to your doctor.) If you’ve had any missed or late pills (including if you’ve had diarriah or vomitting after taking the pill) then you may become pregnant.

Spotting and irregular bleeding is normal when first starting birth control. It can take up to 3 cycles for your body to adjust to the hormones and even then maybe that pill option isn’t right for you and a different dosage of hormones would better suit you and your body.

xox Sika

Answer #22

Well if you want my advice on it , I would say “have you done “it”? , without a condom or with, they don’t protect you 100 %. If you think your pregnant than you shouldn’t go straight to your mom and tell her your pregnant, that’ll just ask for a lecture. You need to be sure. Buy three or more pregnancy tests because they have different results depending on the way they work. Don’t get yourself worked up, take it step at a time, and you should probably tell your boyfriend/husband/fiance’ about this. (:
I hope I helped ! Good Luck !

Answer #23

I started having symptoms and I thought I might be pregnant. I got my period somewhat around the normal time, but it was very light and it kept stopping and coming back for about 5 days. I took a preg test and it came back negative but I have a lot of the symptoms.

Answer #24

no your not. A pregnant woman will not have no blood maybe a little spotting, but heavy blood is a no no, you can be experiencing a miscarry

Answer #25

I had sex an used a condom but after 2 weeks I started gaining weight on my belly an had stomach pains so I took a test which said I was negative.the day before my period was due I began having heavy bleeding for 4 days and on the 5th day it stopped and came back the next day.but my belly is still gettin bigger and I keep on having cramps. AM I PREGNANT?

Answer #26

I took a first response test and it showed positive, then 2 days later I started bleeding, I bled for a day but it stoped, am I pregnant?

Answer #27

although some people bleed throughout pregnancies it is unusual, I have just had a little son and I was told from day one that any bleeding I should speak 2 my midwife/ doctors straight away as I could be having a miscarriage. get urself checked out as you could of been pregnant and have lost it.

Answer #28

That is hard to say as of now. But there is a thing called “implantation” bleeding(while being pregnant). and some women while being pregnant have a casual period. I found out I was pregnant and actually I had bleed for 5 days about a week before I took the test. and it came up positive. Id check things out..dont panic yet. add me to talk if ever you need somebody to talk to…

Answer #29

I Found Out I Was Pregnant About A Week Ago And I Started To Bleed With Clots And I Had Lots Of Pain In My Stomach. I Then Took 2 Tests And They Both Said They Were Positive. Has anyone Had This And Still Have Children After Bleeding With Clots? Please Help. Email Me At As Soon As Possible.

Answer #30

ok my last period was the begging of july and now its september 7 am I pregnant I took a test and its negative I took two I been feeling a little sick but I don’t know I never spoted? can somebody tell me am I pregnant??

Answer #31

u can be preg. my mom bleed throughout her whole pregnacy… but its not a good thing.. my mom had 13 miscarages …

Answer #32

my cousin and I are pregnant now I’ve had no bleeding but my cousin is, she was worried so went to the hospital hoping she didnt have a misscarrage and fortunately she didnt the doc sed it was quite normal to have period like bleeding and period like symptoms. im not sure if yu are though so have a pregnancy test or two :)

good luck!:)

Answer #33

HELP HELP HELP HELP well I had sex january sumtym,unprotected:(,but I waited for m period and had very verybad abdominal pains since 4 like a week and I had them last when I was abot 7 years old,it was really wierd,my boobs are sore,and I have wierd cravings is this me just being a teen or, but I dont want to get checked out!


Answer #34

Hey well im having the same problems you are having. only im just one week late. and yes im bleeding quite heavy myself which isnt normal. have you found out if you are pregnant?

Answer #35

Im Tired Of These People Saying You Cant Bleed While Your Pregnan YES YOU COULD! MY MOM BLEED THROUGH MY SISTERS INTIRE PREGNANCY you should get a test done to be sure hun

Answer #36

Hi 2 the girl who had a period 5 wks late you could have had a misscarriage im afraid2 say, most happen in the first three weeks, apparently 1 in 3 happen and most women dont even realise they were ever pregnant at all

Answer #37

Could have had a miscarriage

Answer #38

you could be. have you tried your doctor?

Answer #39

Yeah its hard to say… like have you ever watched those shows where these people have a baby and did not know it.. because they though tthey were on there periods … but they weren’t like its kinda normal to have bleeding [ it says on the show ] but I don’t know if I helped you Lol. good luck

Answer #40

you can still have your period when you are boy friends mom bled the hole time while she was pregant…

Answer #41

maybe! she could be I’m not sure because I got that and then got my period. But its different for her has she not had her period for 2 months and she is also having pregnancy symptoms she should take a pregnancy test if it comes up negative go to the doctors and ask if she can have a blood test to find out if she is pregnant or not.

Answer #42

trust me it is very comon for girls to have a heavy nonstop period when their pregnet I have a friend who found out she was pregney couse whe went to the docter couse her period nonstop for 3 months so you can have a period when your pregnet but if your like 6to9 months pregnet and you have heavy constint bleeding that is really not good and need to seek and docter right away

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