Can you get pregnant if you hump a pillow?

Ok before I ask this... please don't leave comments saying I'm stupid cause I really don't know this so I want to know.
The thing is, I haven't had my period in kinda a long time... over 2 months. I have indeed skipped periods before. But my big question is am I pregnant? Because I hump my pillow anytime I get frisky *hey I don't have a boyfriend so why not hump something soft?! lol*... I don't take my clothes off I just leave them on and sorta hump my pillow for a few seconds. So can I actually get pregnant from that? I ask not because I'm a moron but because I was told by onea my friends that I CAN get pregnant from that because it's just like sex. So that's my questions - Am I pregnant and if so, what do I do *since I don't have a boyfriend and no one to help me care for the baby* and if not, what causes my period to skip like that?

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Ok you arnt pregnant and your friend is either trying 2 mess with you by telling you that, or she is very ignorant regarding anything 2 do with sex or pregnancy.

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hun... stop worrying. You are NOT pregnant from humping a pillow! That is IMPOSSIBLE. Your friend is not very bright to have told you that. Your prefectly fine dear.

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I hope your friend isnt off having sex if she beleives everything she reads
no, your pillow doesnt have any semen in it, its not living or anything doesnt have a penis
so no, your 100% not going to get pregnant from a pillow or any other object like that
tell your friend that too, and dont take any more of her "advice"
your probably just skipping a period
it could also be because of stress, over-exerscising
or if your not eating right or starving yourself
but your definantly not pregnant

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this is ridiculous!!!the only way that a pregnancy can take place is if sperm and egg actually come in contact with each other. . . . your friend is totally silly. . . .no one can concieve through masturbaton, especially when the other party is pillow. . . .don't believe your friend!!!I really hope that you are like 12 years old or something because this is something that I would expect a little girl to believe or not even that, I would expect that you are over the age of 12 or 13 because this question in itself is just hilariously juvenille!!!

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You can get pregnant from your pilow.

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No, you can't get pregnant from humping a pillow. Your friend is lying to you to mess with you. If skipping 2 periods in a row isn't normal for you, then make an appointment with your doctor because something could be wrong.

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