Could these symptoms be pregnancy?

I’m 19 years old and I think I’m pregnant. It’s not time for my period yet but I think I’m pregnant. I’ve been feeling sick lately, I’ve been constantly having headaches. Me and him had sex last month like four days before my period. I came on my period last month but we also had sex this month on Thursday the 1st and he ejaculated in me two times. Then we had sex last night March 6 and he ejaculated in me three times. No I’m not on anything. I been more tired than usual I been eating a lot my breast have been sore. After I eat some throw up come up and go right back down. I’ve been more tired lately. I’ve also been having mood swings cause I love fussing with my boyfriend He hopes I’m pregnant. I’m not worried about the baby being taken care of cause I know it will be taken care of regardless. It will have a mama and daddy. Me and my boyfriend relationship is so good. We talk to each other about anything. But I think I’m pregnant. What do you think?

Answer #1

I thought I was prego I was 2 weeks late started spoting cramping sleeping a lot going to the bathroom my breat are still tender and I still have all the other symptoms like im prego but my doctors says im not and my hgc levels are very high and im on the pill she changed it and says it’s going to take 2 months to level out but she dose not think im prego so im still not sure I have to wait and see if I get my period this month she said if im more then 2 days late I need to take a test again. just to make sure.but this is just me.

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to hotnsassy hows it going?did you find out whether you were pregnant or not??

Answer #3

Hi There, To be perfectly honest you have to carry out a pregnancy test to be sure but from your symptoms it sounds likely, also go and see your GP for a simple more accurate test. Good Luck and Congratulations

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Well I will cheak that out. yesturday I threw up twice. and it was so nasty I thought I had to burp but when I burped it came up and it was still in my mouth so I had ta go spit it out it was nasty. I hope I dont be that sick. they say when you pregnant and you havin a girl you get more sick if you were havin a boy so you might be havin a girl.

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What chu gonna name them???????

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twins wow im havin a boy congrats

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jw but how long after you and your bf had s3x did you get those symptoms?

Answer #10

i think you should take a test or go to your doctor it sounds to me like you might be i hope you get what you want~but can you go to my page and read my questions i think i am pregnant to so please help

Answer #11

Hey girl what up????????im jus chillin. congrats. u are gonmna be so happy. so anyway how u been? i am graduating thiz month.

Answer #12

Awwwwwww those are cute. I hope im pregnant. i need ta get a pregnancy test.

Answer #13

Well i will cheak dat out. yesturday i threw up twice. and it was so nasty i thought i had to burp but when i burped it came up and it was still in my mouth so i had ta go spit it out it was nasty. i hope i dont be dat sick. they say when u pregnant and u havin a girl u get more sick if u were havin a boy so u might be havin a girl.

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Well i will cheak dat out. yesturday i threw up twice. and it was so nasty i thought i had to burp but when i burped it came up and it was still in my mouth so i had ta go spit it out it was nasty. i hope i dont be dat sick. they say when u pregnant and u havin a girl u get more sick if u were havin a boy so u might be havin a girl.

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Well i will cheak dat out. yesturday i threw up twice. and it was so nasty i thought i had to burp but when i burped it came up and it was still in my mouth so i had ta go spit it out it was nasty. i hope i dont be dat sick. they say when u pregnant and u havin a girl u get more sick if u were havin a boy so u might be havin a girl.

Answer #16

I went ta walmart today lookin 4 one. Dem prices is high . think im jus gonna go to the doctors and get cheaked.

Answer #17

you need to go to the doctor and ask them to check you out most likely they gonna give you a test. you can also go to the dollar store and get a test to. you might be pregnant. you might want to get a test.

Answer #18

No not yet hopefully ill get one today at wal mart or i’ll jus have to tell my mom my stomache been hurtin for 3 weeks. and so she can tke me 2 the hospital.And They will give me one thurr. i still aint told the boy yet imafraid of wht he might do so im gonna tell him when im sure. right know im crampin but no period.

Answer #19

how long did you stay on your period when you said you came on. my mama was mad for five mis maybe two mins then she was not mad no more she happy. i been having morning sickness it been killlin me. my face is breaking out and stuff. everybody happy though when i thought they would be mad.

Answer #20

He called me last night or so. so did u tell ur boyfriend u might be pregnant? Are u showin yet i mean if u are a couple months prego(LOL) u should at least be showin. but me im only bout 1 week so i can’t show right know.Im havin the same symptoms u havin…..Crampin,Stomache is killin me etc.

Answer #21

Why are u lettin him ejaculate in u so often?but if dazhow u like it go for it.(LOL) but to me it sounds like ur pregnant. i havethe same symptoms.but the best way to find out is to go ghet cheaked.

Answer #22

no i came off my period on the 24th i came on my period on the 18th and it was heavy then it got very light then it got heavy then light again. i dont know then i had a sharp pain in my side. then the 26th as in today me and my boyfriend had sex and he ejaculated in me 2 times. so i dont know

Answer #23

i think im prego im not sure i havnt actually missed a period yet but when i got my last it only lasted about 2 days it was very light n then jus went away then bout a week n a half ago i started gettin the feelin like o man its commin bac cuz i been crampin and got this pain in ma bac and really nausicious foods that i hated i craved n things i liked i cant stand the smell of then sence yesterday i been havin really sore brest which some ppl notice when they get there period but dat never happens 2 me when im bout 2 get it idk if im preg my periods due in a week i want 2 take a test jus dont havee the money so im waitin 2 see if i get my period soon im worried tho cuz wat if i drink n im prego ill hurt the baby wat should i do

Answer #24

i do to. and i hope you are pregnant. i just knew it was gone show one line but two dark lines came up. i know i been feeling sick and cramping with no period. but i hope its a girl. and i hope you are pregnant

Answer #25

Mine stoped already. So i dont know yet. i need ta go get a pregnancy test.

Answer #26

I graduated yestaday. my boobz are gettin bigger im breakin out and stuff and still feelin sick.soneone that answered my question said it sound more like i have globstones or somethin like dat what iz dat anyway??????????????????I was out side the otha day and thiz boy said it look like i gained a lil weight. I hope im mani go wit know wanna have my baby. Hey like 16and he want me ta wait till he outta school. im 18iz dat 2 bad???????only 2 yrz apart.

Answer #27

Well i will cheak dat out. yesturday i threw up twice. and it was so nasty i thought i had to burp but when i burped it came up and it was still in my mouth so i had ta go spit it out it was nasty. i hope i dont be dat sick. they say when u pregnant and u havin a girl u get more sick if u were havin a boy so u might be havin a girl.

Answer #28

Did you want to get pregnant??? Why does no one use protection anymore?

Answer #29

Awwww im so glad for u.

Answer #30

hey. and not to be gay but my breast have gotten bigger and i been having sharp pain in my side and breast pain. also period cramps but no period. but i hope you are pregnant if thats what you want. and we use to use condom until we tried for a baby. and maybe suceeded. but what have you been up to?

Answer #31

the earliest that you can take an early pregnancy test is fur days before your missed period. you can take one now if you want but the hcg hormone may not be in your system. you can have pregnancy symptoms before you get a positive pregnancy result. because you may not have a high level of hcg in your system you may get a negative test result but still be pregnant. if your are going to take a test the best time to do this is when you first uninate in the morning because the horomone level is the highest. if you are really worried you can go and see your doctor also. pregnancy tests are 99% accurate but a blood test is never false.

Answer #32

Im glad for u girl. i hope u have a girl 2.

Answer #33

yes you are go to the doctor , that what happen to me when i got my pregnancy please go to the doctor or take a pregnancy test . i sure you are you having all the signs

Answer #34

I think i am pregnant I have been sore on my boobs and i’m 11!!and is it normal 2 dream as if u r pregnant!!??I also have not had se.x I don’t have se.x!!!When I waz little I waz reaped by a gurl and a guy!!!They both went 2 juvies tho i am happy!!!I am scared 2 tell my mom I have ad tummy pains and sore breasts and thats all I have had the butterflies once and thats about it am i pregnant funmail me with ur awnsers!!! I also dont have a period yet!!!I never started!!!

Answer #35

di is jst basically a convo between 2 pregnant weirdoes who make things up

Answer #36

i been feelin like this goin on 2 weeks but it started about 2 weeks after i had s3x

Answer #37

if they are two girls probably jaliyah and jalexis

Answer #38

girl im having twins i found out yesterday

Answer #39

I was only on for like a day then it came back for 3 more dayz. know i jus got cramps.

Answer #40

did you ever find out

Answer #41

i got on mine today but it’s finna go how u? it’s light though so i still may be pregnant.

Answer #42

thornton07 I Hope i am 2. what do u whant? i whant a girl.I jus dont know how ima tellmy mom if i am.

Answer #43

i took a test today im pregnant my doctor appointment is may 8th i go see how far along i am

Answer #44

My bad i would be one or 2 weeks. if u oneor two monthsare u showinlike in the belly area???????

Answer #45

I think your pregnant

Answer #46

hotnsassy… throwing up more doesnt mean you are having a girl hun. I had a babygirl last year and never felt sick, only once and that was when I was 3 weeks prego. never after that. its a bunch of rumours and old wives tales :) congrats to all those who had babies, but for those who are VERY young and WANTING to be pregnant, think again!! I was 17 when I got prego… I decided to keep her because the father was the greatest person and I knew I wouldnt be alone. And we knew we wanted to have a family together anyways. I love being a mom.. its the greatest thing to have a little angel who loves me unconditionally, but I still want to be that 19 year old that I should be. I want to party sometimes with my friends, but once in a blue moon get to.. I didnt get to finish school so I am struggling with that, so sometimes its much better to wait until you are ready. Dont get me wrong though, I LOVE being a mom.. its really fun and great to have my little girl around… but like I said, I do wish somethings were a bit different… I just keep in mind that my schooling will get done sooner than later and partying isnt the most important thing in life… everyone needs to grow up sometime right? But not at 13 or 14… I believe thats too young. I got prego when I was 15, but had an abortion. the father at the time was horrible.. kept running away.. he was also 8 years older than me. And I just knew that I had more important things to be doing at 15 rather than taking care a child. The only reason I did things differently at 17 was because of my fiance who is the greatest and I do home schooling now.. we have great money and so I knew we’d be fine :) anyways, now im just babbling LOL! good luck to everyone and be safe… wear a condom, get on birth control and enjoy those pre-teen years :) then worry about having kids 1<3

Answer #47

hunny, I’ve been in your situation and seriously… dont let anyone ejacualte inside you if you are not on anything!! you are definitely pregnant hun and I would have advise d you to go to your doctor ASAP.. you probably already had the baby by now though or took care of it. LOL! hope everything worked out for you for the best!! :)

Answer #48

congrats on the twins..myself im in college niu and might be pregnant relationship ended early december. known him since I was very young hoping for the best out of my situation as well.

Answer #49

i want a girl to and i dont know how im gone tell my mama either even though i am grown but still. i know she cant do nothing. but im gone get a apartment any way. and i want a girl because i love pink and i be seeing some of the most pretty girl clothes. but my boyfriend want a boy. and i dont. me and him stay fussing now for some reason he make me sick. and girl i dont know i know i been having period cramps but no period. and my stomach been killin me. but this month fixin to go out in four more days i suppose to came on my period the 15th. i dont think i stay to far from you i live in west point ga. but are you and your boyfriend back talking or he still mad

Answer #50

i was in pretty much the same situation. i wasnt expecting my period for another week but i had this gut feeling that i was pregnant and i turned out to be pregnant. you dont really have to eat for 2 if you are pregnant only if u want to put on weight. all teh good neutrience from your food goes to the baby so its not missing out. thought i would let you know for if you are.

And to the 11 year old, your probably going throu pubilty!!! you cant get pregnant if you havent even started ovulating, there is nothing there to fertalise.

Answer #51

ya wal mart is very high the cheapest i seen at wal mart are the ones for seven dollars. but go to dollar general or the doctor dollar general test are accurate just like wal mart and doctor test are. but i been so sick lately you better hope you dont be sick like me if you are. cause i have morning sickness like hell. but i get my ultra sound tuesday and my prenatal vitamins maybe they will help me. im taking children vitamins now so i can have a appetite they the gummie kind you can only take up to two a day and i be wanting to eat all of them. im just now fioxin to be two months ill be 7 weeks tomorrow

Answer #52

My Sytoms Were The same and look 4 months after sex I had it 4 days before my perido and look

Answer #53

Wow…You chicks sound as if your very young and want to be preggie. But I keep hearing - I hope - and just for that, it might not happen. You do know that you can have feelings as if your preggie, but not really be. Thats a mind thing messing with you. Why don’t you sit back and wait becasue whatever happens will happen. Stop with all the hopeing and do something…like college.

Answer #54

I am having a light brown and a light pink discharge. Me and my boyfriend have unprotected sex.My breast arent hurting and the only other symptom im having are headaches, some upset stomach and like the discharge.. AM I PREGO>>?

Answer #55

yes i have a pulge if i am im fixin to be two months. still no period. and im glad he called maybe he done thought about it. he will be ok he will get over it. and ya i cant stand when my stomach cramp it be like the bottom of my stomach that hurts so bad i be on the floor thats how bad it be hurting. and my boyfriend aint no help all he do is rub my stomach i stay fussing with him. he claim i fuss for no reason but i dont. i be wanting to fight him. i stay mad thought. anyways enough about me what have you been doing??? im real nosy lol

Answer #56

Hey girl.Waz up thanx for da comment. i dont know if i am pregnant yet but if iam i woul be one goin on 2 to. girl we gonna be pregnant around the sametime.(LOL)

Answer #57

ya you need to get a test so you can know what to eat and stuff for the baby

Answer #58

thanx girl i hope i am 2. much love.

Answer #59

he hopes you are pregnant? is he in a hurry to reproduce? spread his seed? or better yet, is he dying and he needs to pass his legacy on?

get a grip. get an abortion.

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