Am I old enough? im a 13 yr old boy and I play halo 3.I want to know if im old enough to play it though.I wotn go into details as to why im askign im just scared that people like 2 times older than me will pick on me

Answer #1

Just play the game if any bullying happens just mute them on the game.

But if your on about in real life. local area bulling then tell your perents. and if any violence from the person whos bully’s you and there twice your age then prison they will go.

Answer #2

a lot of people that I know, my age and younger play halo. dont mind the older ones, like mandyloo said, what the heck are people WAY older than you doing, sitting around, playing all day. I started playing those kinds of games at 12.

Answer #3

every boy I know in my year plays it, and im the same age as you… what you on about?! :P its not like a 15 or 18, I think with halo you have to be 12 and above

Answer #4

Actually a lot of young people play that game - if older people are picking on you for playing video games, think about it - what are 20-30 year old’s doing sitting around playing games all day with little kids.

Answer #5

I know a kid down the road from were I live that plays Halo 3 and he’s only 11. I sure no one will pick on you for paying it at a young age but If you played a powerpuff game then that would be a different story. LOL!

Answer #6

There’s quite many offensive people on Halo 3 ( depends ) so age group doesn’t matter “totally”, unless you’re like 7 and have a high pitched voice, then you tend to get picked on. If you’re thirteen, you should have no problem, unless you’re annoying the other players by talking 24/7 or summat. :P Just play it. It’s a fun game. Halo is an M - Rated game ( gaming experience may change with online capabilities ) , but no one really abides the ESRB Ratings much anymore. XD

Answer #7

Babe theres nothing to be scared about, although I think your family or friend will have to buy it for you, unless you buy it off the internet because you aren;t (I don’t think so) old enough to buy this certain gane. Also if your oarents are going to buy it for you, or your friend then you will have to ask your family first.

I’ve been quit lucky 2bh because my family never cared with what I am playing.

If your saying your are being bullied (because you said you don’t want to go into detail) then either tell someone or don’t tell them that you play it.

Don’t worry I do no what I am talking about because I am also bullied

If you get the game then I hope you like it. x

Answer #8

Do like I do tell them you are 20.And In a Private chat Tell them your Real age and tell them why you lied

Cheers, Matthew

Answer #9

It is Mature but it is fine I guess.

Answer #10

Dude play the game…most people that play it are in there teens…

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