Am i in love ?

Okay so here is the story..I really like this guy..I relly really like him,I think I might be in love with him!! But im not sure because I have no idea what love do you know when you are in love? I cant stop thinking about him..everytime I see or talk to him I get butterflies...I cant even talk to him properly because I have no idea what to kills me because there are a lot of reasons not to like him..he has a girlfriend:( and I hate her...well I know her...another thing is he loves himself and he knows he can get any girl he wants...but he is so charming and so funny thats mainly why I like him...I cant even like another guy because I just cant think of them in the same way...he just does something for drives me mad because I cannot stop thinking about him...this has been going on months...and its not as if he doesnt like me I heard he does..but its not as simple as that yano? Does anyone else feel like this? Am I in love? Because it feels like it

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The question straight away says No- you don't love him. The reason? When you are in love you will know it, it's something you can not describe. If you are in love you don't question it so I would personally say no, it's just lust.

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