Am I Fat/chubby

I was wondering…do you think im fat/chubby. im 5’2 5’3ish and I weigh 112.its been bugging me a lot lately. I know my bmi is normal but I think about how fat I am everyday all my friends say im skinny and im not fat but I think there just saying it to be nice. I want to know this b/c I hide behind my clothes like I wear big hoodies all the time and loose sport shirts and I just want to hear the truth so can you tell me if im fat/chubby thanks.

Answer #1

You should just start working out either way, no matter what people think, if you continue to work out everyday, then you will good physically no matter what. I started running and after a week I could run a mile without much difficulty and I felt great. I dont feel from your specs that you are fat or whatever, but just work out and you will feel better either way about yourself.

Answer #2

your not fat. I asked my brother who’s a freshman in high school, if I was fat. and he replied and said “no your not, girls are over obsessive about there weight until high school, chill out relax. get over it, look in the mirror and love your body” your not fat.! im 5’1 and 100pounds. it might be musclee/strength… =]

Answer #3

Think of this. Im 5’1 and I way 130 lbs. Yeah, somtimes I feel fat and ugly. In fact I cry about it. But you know what? I go to the gym almost everyday. And I only drink water. And im going to make a diffrence because I want to be skinny. Just be glad your not one of those obese girls. And if you want to be skinnier just do what im doing? You have to earn everything in life right? Thats why im going to be skinny in a month or 2. Because im working hard, and I’ve earned it. Im sure you have a great body. Dont worry.

Answer #4

maybe you are a bit paranoid, dont get all anorexic! look at yourself in a mirror and just think about what you see. Any how, your age will affect what is fat/chubby…

Answer #5

You’re not fat, so don’t worry about it. People who overly obsess over their looks will lose their humanity. Just work out if it really bothers you.

Answer #6

you dont sound fat but you may have loose skin on your tummy that makes you seem fat my friend is the same way

Answer #7

never say that your fat I to am extremely tall for my age and I play a lot of sports so I gain lots of muscle anyways its embarassing for me to to tell my weight because most people are like 70 lbs and im 105 so its different for me.

Answer #8

maybe your just really insecure like me. im 5’7 and 115 to many people ask me why im so skinny.. i chose to ignore..cuz i just cant except the fact that i am.. i always think im fat. but no i think your fine. dont hide behind hoodies..

Answer #9

i have the same problem i am 5’’3’ and i am 110lbs you are perfect the way you are if anyone tells you your fat tell them to go hump a log=]

Answer #10

Hunny your skinny. Your the size i want tot be. Im 5’6 and weigh 145 Im 15 over weight if you ask me. I know you think your fat but thats the weight ever girl wants not to fat not to skinny.

Answer #11

if you wear big or baggy clothes you look bigger anyway, u sound a healthy weight and i bet you’re not fat infact i could garentee you’re not fat at your size. i became bulimic coz i hate my weight so much, im still battling it now and its really hard, im trying to accept myself and thats what you should do. my mates always tell me im skinny and i never believe them but im starting to realise im ok, im sure your mates aren’t doing it to make make you feel better, they’re tellin you the truth.

Answer #12

if thoes people you call friends..would tell you the truth then you wouldn’t be asking us right now..but to answer your question your not 5’2”/3 && i weight 112 also..its not fat.

Answer #13

OH MY GOD you are wicked skinny. 5’3” and 112! Most people would KILL to be you! dont hide behind clothes! Please, and also if they really were your friends, they would tell you the truth!

Answer #14

Well, if they’re really your friends..They should tell you the truth. So if they say that your not fat..Believe them. Hun your beautiful the way you are. So if someone says itt. They’re just jelious cause they wish they had that skinny body like you!

Answer #15

jeeze oh petes, people are all saying “Im fat Im fat” blah blah blah. its ridiculous. you are skinny!!! dont diet, you need to eat something

Answer #16

You’re def. not fat. Any person who is that light and thinks they are fat is insane. I am 5’4 and I weigh 143 lbs. It may sound like I am overweight, but if you saw me, you’d never guess I weigh that. The only reason you feel you are overweight is because now-a-days models are no longer a size ten, but must be a size two or zero. It is pretty ridiculous, the images that the world pounds into our minds of how we should look. Each person is special in their own way, and if anyone puts you down, it is only because they are insecure with themselves.

Answer #17

WOW you r really FAT!!! you should weight under 95 cause im 5’4 and I weigh 80 and im 14 years old. you need to excersise! just do wut I do dont eat anything all day and workout all day! I’m trying to lose a few cause I look chubby! I’m going to try and lose 20 pounds so I weigh at least 60! hope it this helps OVERWEIGHT girl!!

Answer #18

You are definantly NOT fat or chubby I would love to be you

Answer #19

Answer #20

Your not fat your not skinny either but thats a healthy weight keep it up thats great ii am fat on the otherhand imma guy im 135 and 5’2ish

Answer #21

If you truly were fat, your friends reponse might be something like “oh, well looks don’t matter right?” But I don’t think they’d say you were skinny unless they thought it was true. If your bmi is normal, you’re not fat- it’s pretty simple like that. Be happy with who you are, you’re beautiful and don’t need to change or live up to any kind of standard that you don’t set yourself. Don’t hide behind clothing, and try not to obsess about weight. If you’re healthy, be happy! Hope this helps :)

Answer #22

noo you are not fat at all and im not just saying it to be nice blar de blar im saying it because it is the truth im taller than you and more heavier. I think the same as you, I hate my body but I love all my friends’ bodies, so when I ask them if im fat and they say no I do get a bit paranoid and think hmmm are they just trying to be nice? but I promise you, you are’nt fat, but I suppose no matter what anyone says about your weight you are still going to think the same because thats what I do, like some one can say to me “your skinny” and I’m like ok what ever, shutup. but if you dont like your weight because YOU feel it is too heavy then cange it, but I can honestly say you are not fat and I mean it. hope this post helps you x

Answer #23


                                                      ..  i wish i weighed that much..hmm -_-
Answer #24

Dont worry about it! Thats really small for your height. Im 5ft 1 and weigh more than you, but you need to realize that muscle weighs more that fat, so if your very muscular your weight will show up higher than it would if it was fat. But trust me, you are very small for your height.

Answer #25

oh im like almost exactly the same weight as you and height! but I tink im fat too..well not fat but I have a big tummy…can I c a pic of you plzz if you dont mind ill show you mine if you want and u can tell me what you tink of my weight as well…it’ll be helpful feedback 4 us both lol…

Answer #26

No, you sound like the perfect weight for your height, I think that if your 5,3 a good weight is between 100 and 120 lbs, your perfect. I’m 5,5 and 130lbs and I’m not skinny, but I feel awesome about myself. God love you!

Answer #27

your not fat im 4’11 and I weigh 120lbs and your taller than me and weight less I so wish I was you weight right now

Answer #28

you are not fat I have the same problem.. I look at myself in the mirror everyday and about cry not sure why but God made everyone different be happy with who you are =] yer skinny listen to yer friends xoxo

Answer #29

im the same hight,, &I weigh the same,, WE are not fat.

Answer #30

This chart shows where you should be… and you right on target hun… you are 63 inches tall…


Answer #31

wow… 5’2 and 112 I think that might be a lil chubby, cause I am 5”8 14 and I weigh 102 pounds..

Answer #32

No offence,bu that is kinda fat..I am 5”7 and I weigh 105.Thats normal,ryte? like 5”3 and 112..I guess thats kinda fat.

Answer #33

HOly crap I wish I was that skinny

Answer #34

I have no idea because im bout the same but 5’3”-5’5” and I dont know how old you r but in 13 and I dont know some people call me fat and some call me skinny but im really active and I dont eat junk so im not sure

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