Am I fake???

I go to a public middle school but its not like a normal school. Its not drama filled, nothing hppens, kinda a quiet nerdy school. Lets just say the weirdest thing is someone haveing a blue streak in there hair. K so I need your opinion on wheter or not just by seeing me you would think im fake. Like one of those ditzy people from laguna beach or watever. All my friend called me a fake person and said I look and act like im fake and materialistic. Some even went as far to call me a slut. So heres what I look like…

I admit I go tanning (spray tanning and only one in school who does) it looks orange but still looks amazing. I have blonde highlights (again only one in school who does). I only wear eyeliner but someimes it runs and people say it looks trashy. I keep my ceell phone in my bra and even my teachers know that. I wear white sunglasses to big for my head all the time. Or on top of my head even when its raining. I wear short shorts (plaid or jean) with a hollister polo. And I always pop my collar. I also wear ripped jeans from a&f and hollister (only one in school who does). I smile and tilt my head to the side when I am confused. In your opinion what do you think. Am I fake or what? Im losing my friends because they all think im another pretty dumb girl who fakes it to make it. I know this was long but im upset and need your help. Thanks so much :)

Answer #1

no offense…but you sound like another pre-teen wannabe. just the way you describe yourself..its like your trying to fit a standard.

“fake” isnt a look…its an attitude. I don’t know where your from… but where im from… everybody looks like the way you described yourself. its not a big deal.

and if your in middle school…for the love of god, take your cell phone out of your bra. thats just completley stupid, and it screams “give me attention”

not to be offensive, but people around your age search for attention through validation…which is the vibe I got from your post. I feel like your trying to be “fake” “popular” “laguna beach” whatever… and your searching for people (like everybody else who posted here) to tell you that your a great person just trying to express urself… like your looking for attention. which is what pre-teens do… they try to validate themselves and find an image.(its actually part of their developmental stage.)

I think your just identifying with the wrong one. theres nothing wrong with polo shirts, eyeliner, or spray tans. you hafta be acting a certain way to make people want to call you fake. do you flaunt material possesions, and lack well, kindness and compassion?

try improving your character and showing people that you can be a kind, caring, compassionate person who isnt shallow.

p.s. laguna beach is absolutley rediculous…I wish I could just shake all the people who think its cool and actually admire those girls… its just stupid.

if I have a daughter… to help her with this problem, I would take her to the soup kitchen and have her do volunteer work to try to teach her compassion and humility… and that theres more to life then the cell-phone your sticking down your bra. which is also rediculous.

sry if that was alittle harsh… its just very frustrating…

Answer #2

Wondering what other peoples perceptions of you wont take you very far. You’ll find yourself doing things just to impress people. Or doing things you wouldnt normally do. If people dont like you for you then you probably dont need them around. Believe me I was the same way & you know where it sent me?…To jail!!

Answer #3

your not fake. your just preppy. I know a lot of girls that look like that. its not necissarly a bad thing. the only reason they call you fake is because they see everyone else looking all nerdy like you said and then they see you looking all preppy. either their jealous or they just wanna make you mad. either way your not fake.

Answer #4

In my honest opinion…youre not fake just misunderstood..nothing more, nothing less…good luck with those losers at your school..

                                                                    Love, Vannesa(V)
Answer #5

you’re not fake, just preppy. if your friends don’t like you for who you are and dress then.. they aren’t real friends.

Answer #6

I dont think youre fake I think youre trying to be yourself and if they dont like it theyre not really great friends

Answer #7

People obviously dont know oyu then and if you are trying then stop dont do stuff (like wearing stuff that everyone else wears) just because they are insulting your looks be yourself

Answer #8

Well find some way to prove to them that your the real deal and can look good while doing it ? So by finding something that they are good at and be better that revolves around knowledge im asuming.

Answer #9

Well I do not know you personally you sound preppy to me. Just because you do different stuff does not mean that you are fake it means you are different.

Answer #10

your just preppy not fake

Answer #11

if they think youre fake and whatever, then theyre not really your friends are they ? try changing schools if theres any other ones around the area because schools crap if theres noone good at them, like people that you get along with and what not. in my opinion, I dont think you sound fake, hello, fake tan and blonde hair is so in, and as far as im concerned, its so much better to stand out, dont go with the flow, how are you going to be anyone special if you do ? just be yourself and if what youre doing now is who you are, then stick with it, dont change for anyone because youre only lying to yourself and youll always know it… plus ripped jeans are hot as

Answer #12

you sound like you’re trying to act up to something, for all you know you might not be the only one in the school with a fake tan, you simply might think that, and the blonde girl that you always pass in the corridor, she might put peroxide in her hair every week. you don’t know that you’re the only one who does these things, and to be fair, you’re not a can of soup, so why care about labels?

Answer #13

I’m 14 years old. 2 me you seem cool. I would like you if I knew you. But the orange spray tans? You should try another color. But you will always have people who like you and people who don’t. You don’t need friends like that. True friends don’t judge u. Be urself. Don’t let others tell you your fake. I’m a bit different to and that’s what I love about myself. your Fake when your be something your not to mack other people happy(your peers/friends). Sooo no your not fake your being urself and doing what you want to do;) yay u!

Answer #14

high school is a lil different, but ya total prep hun

Answer #15

uh HONESTLY in my opioion you sound like a wannabe trashy prepp

Answer #16

sounds to me like they are jelous and so what if your fake what is wrong with that?? Friends should respect you no matter what! X0x0

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