Am i allergic to tampons?

Whenever I have my period,I try to use sanitary pads,because if I dont,after my period,the inside of my vagina,like where the tampon would go,gets extremely itchy,and I have the thickest discharge ever.
When I use Sanitary pads throughout my whole period,I dont have ANY itching or discharge afterwards.
Am I Allergic to the tampons? I use the non-scented kind.

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You could be alergec to Tanpans.
You shouldn't wear them and stick with the regular pads. I won't wear Tanpans for I'm not going to risk it. If you keep wearing them then you're virgina will be more sensitive so, I would stop wearing Tanpans and use your pads. that's better then Tanpans anyday I think.

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Yeah, sounds like it.
I have that reaction to pads which sucks because I cant wear tampons to bed so I have to put up with the itch pads give me.

can your hymen break when you wear a tampon?

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I would think so.
ask your doctor about thisss.

Way to go swimming without using a tampon?
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How do you know which hole the tampon goes in?

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