Am I a slut for having sex at 14?

Would people think im a slut if I told them I had sex when I was 14?

Answer #1

^ You know, the only thing I don’t get about you is your interest in anorexia.

Answer #2

I lost my virginity when I was 14. Believe it or not I’m glad I lost it early because it made me realize a lot sooner in life that sex isn’t everything. Now at 18, when all my friends are just beginning to experiment sexually I’m able to actually concentrate on more important things.

Answer #3

Look, im also 14 Im a virgin though but im fixing to loose that. but I promise you, You are NOT A SL*t!! Unless you are sleeping with like more than one guy.. but just CHILL.. your fine.. if you need to talk, im here.. We probly have a lot in common..

Answer #4

nah!! .. just make sure if your having sex you know who your commiting to so its safe.. don’t go around doing a bunch of guys.. because yah that’s kinda whorish. :) But in your case I dont think so.

Answer #5

ok my friend whos only 12 isnt a virgain she modaout wit guys when thay had another girlfriend && shes givin 2 blw jbs I think thats a slut your not

Answer #6

it depends on why you did it…if you did it just becuase you wanted to and you thought it would be fun, then yeah kinda…but if you did it with some one you loved, or cared about very much, then no not really.

Answer #7

If you ar a slut than I am to because I had sex at a yonger age than 14.So no you are not a slut. You are only a slut when you sleep around with more than one guy while dating or slepping with another.

Answer #8

Theres nothing wrong with having sex BUT having sex at such a young age isn’t a good idea caues of many things. 1st is your body is still changing, dont mess with that. 2ed your emotional state is also in flex, wich caues stress and bad decisions. 3rd sex is great but its not everything. You have a lot more (non sexual) expreiances to come in life dont get in a hurry. find your self and know who you are before you allow others to deside for u. your not a slut. I dont know what the situation was rather you gave in to preer presure, of advanced it, or what but I glad nothing unexpected came from it. learn about the roumors about sex. one is you can’t get pregnat the first time. well my friend proved that wrong. if you do decide to have sex aging at such a young age (and I beg you not too) please use protection, birth control, and other things of that nature. “Nosce te ipsum” it means “know thy self” Love who you are before you can allow others to lave u

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hey im 15 and im with the love of my life. no pressure to have sex. our relationship is built purely on love and friendship. tommys my best friend and I love him to death. no sex.. but I know what you are going through.. people make bad decisions. I think having sex at 14 is a bad decision but you arent a slut unless you think you are..

so basically what im trying to say is –

YES – you made a bad decision NO – you arent a slut or a wh0re or a b*tch.


you should know in your heart that you arent going to let anybody hurt you or walk all over you. you are a young beautiful girl with the rest of your life. you shouldnt feel pressured to find your soulmate.


you should meet new people and build true friendships and experience new things.. MINUS SEX and find what you want and learn new lessons..


love is pain.

and you have to be hurt a few times to really experience true love.

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Hun, you’re nothing like a slut… In all honesty… I made the same mistake… I felt like a horrible person for it… especially after me and him broke up. I was 14, too. I have this thing… whenever I get the slightest bit of freedom and privacy away from my tyrannical mother, I end up doing something stupid… sigh If you were to do it again, make sure it’s with someone you really LOVE with every ounce of your heart. So, I’m not even saying to wait till you’re married (but if you want to, it’s all good). Even if you do it again soon, make sure you’re safe and in an emotional mindset to handle what you’re doing. Just don’t tell your mom if she’s anything like mine. If so… be afraid… <.<

Answer #11

I’ve always thought that I would have s*x before marrige, I always fantasize about it afterall.

But after reading this I’ve decided to wait. I don’t want to throw something so special away to get dropped.

I rather wait for the one.

And besides, I dont think I will. My friends are all “hooking up” or “tounging”. The most I’ve done is kissed a boy on the lips XD

(were all 12, 13, 14) How sad.

Answer #12

Age really don’t matter. Everyone has a different opinion of the term slut. Generally it’s used with multiple sex partners at the same time, or a large number in a short amount of time. It’s not necesarily a bad thing and don’t feel shame. But do use protection, and think before you leap.

Answer #13

maybe they wont react how u’d expect them to… but if you had sex witha partner you have been with for a while.. then that’s diff. I think its a natural thing if you wanted it & you were safe & u & your partner liked it. thats all that matters. you won’t get a bad name if you actually explained you dont sleep with lots of guys.but it .may have an effect on your age.. your not a slut. x

Answer #14

Hi..This is what I think..If you had s+x with a 60 year old then you have been abused,if you had s+x with a 10 year old then you are abusing ,..but if you and a like minded lad of similar age do it, then.. Don’t worry!! Its normal ! and we have all been there! So Peace and Love always Good Luck

Answer #15

hay your not a slut s3x is natural and as long as you make mature decissions like using extra percotions any kind of pertection then your fine and even thats a mature step for your age if you use would be surprized how many really young people dont.

Answer #16

Why would it matter what other people think?

You have to realize that people are very different. We have different opinions about things. Some people would call you a slut for that, and some people would not.

Personally, I don’t care about age as much, but I do think people have to know a lot about s*x before they can have it responsibly. Some 14 year olds do know enough, but the vast majority do not.

Answer #17

no you are definatly not a slut ! I noe what your going through I lost mine just befor I turned 14 and for those people that say you were to young, it only depends age is just a number when you know what your doing and you are aware of the consequenses and you are sure you want to give it up to that guy you are not to young !I had s.e.x and I have had NO REGRETS at all ! it depends where you did it, who you did it with and the sircumstances that make you regret it ! so have fun with it, be careful and just think everytime you do it with a different person make sure your making the right decision !

hoped this helped =) and have funn ;)

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Answer #19

having sex at 14 is wrong you should tell your parents they probley wont be so happy about it lol joke

Answer #20

no you’re not a slut t all! I was 14 when I lost my virginity, and I’m not 16 and with the love of my life and engaged =] If you feel you’re ready to have sex, that’s all you, but if you’re not, then wait =]

Answer #21

no way. u are DEFINATLY not a sl*t. do u sleep with like, 2-4 other men? if u do, then u are. if u dont, (which I hope u dont) then u are NOT. its just natural. and its not a sin, so dont believe other people. believe what U feel is right.

Answer #22

no your not a slt if you had sx at age 14…I mean don’t worry I did 2 that doesnt consider me a slt…if you know that your ready then go for it thats what I did…as long as you dont have like 20 or more sx partners than its cool=]]

Answer #23

People WIll Think You Are A Slt But That Does Not Mean You Are. As Long As Your Not Sleeping With Every Guy Around Then Your Deffinatly Not A Slt. It Doesnt Really Matter What Other People Think. It Only Matters What You Think. And IF You Thought You Were Ready To Have Sex Than Thats Your Buisness No One Elses.


Answer #24

since when did age matter the most..? i mean i know ppl that lost it when they were 12 and one that was 10 so..i guess they are probably mad that they cant get none..or if its boys..that u didnt do it with them but if they were that age and lost it then..they are just jealous. screw them.its ur life not theirs.

Answer #25

I would Say no. But If He Loves You He’ll Wait Till You’re Ready. Me and My Boyfriend Tyler Have Been Together For A Very Long Time. And When He Wanted To I Said I Wasnt Ready. He Supported My Decision. We’re Are Still Together And We’re Engaged. And Very Happy We Waited Till We Really Knew We Were Truly In Love.

Answer #26

sorry but yes if they ind out!!! BUT i others are doing it than i guess its ok!!! but do it with someone you love TRUELY not just some guy in ur grade!!!

Answer #27

yeah…14? I didn’t even know what sex was until I was 16…and then I lost my virginity at 16 and didn’t do it again until I was almost 18…now I do it all the time but I’m 21…14 though…holy sh** that is way too young…each generation gets worse and worse I’m tellin ya!

Answer #28

I dont know, because I don’t know you..but with respect, why would you put pictures of yourself in a bikini on here, to let the world see you…like that.??

Answer #29

RocksSexyCool.. i asked the question for support and advice. not to be told i just want to tell everyone ecause thats not it at all!… and if you didnt care you shouldnt have left me a comment!

Answer #30

It all depends. You can be a slut without never having sex. It just the way you carry yourself in that manner. Me personally, I believe your only get the name “slut” if your just one of those girls who want to have sex, sleep around, and carry yourself in that way. And being a tease.

Answer #31

next time lets try a more constructive perspective..shall we? that served NO purpose…and shes probably more likely to do it BECAUSE of your approach. Dont ever become a teacher please.

Answer #32

she isnt anorexic I know her and I think that she is hot and oh yeah is this raquels friend or her because she says that she hasnt been on in like to months and she has a friend that gets on haha

Answer #33

Some people might think that because a lot of stupid people think its too young. But its really nobodys business. Having sex at 14 definitly doesnt make you a slut and whoever says it does it probley just mad because they get none.

Answer #34

No your not a slut for having sex @ 14 I was 12 when I lost my virginity WILLINGLY so your not a slut, every one makes mistakes, but honestly I still do it but do you get plessure out of it is the real question. or did you just do it because that person wanted to and now you just do it on the regular basis because you can?

Answer #35

No. A lot of people these days are having sex earlier and earlier. In some cultures girls are married off way before 14. Just be sure you are safe and that you know who and what you are doing.

Answer #36

all of you idiots on here saying people call her a slut because “they’re jealous they’re not getting any” or she’s “prettier than they are”…are very much wrong.

nobody should be jealous of a 14 year old girl already out having sex. I’ve called 14 year olds that when they were doing it, for one reason and one reason only, because thats the word for it. they only reason she WOULDNT be a slut is if she was raped – even if it was with one guy, theres no way at 14 you can fully know what love is, I got with my boyfriend when I was 14 but im 17 now…and it takes forever to fully know what love is. she may not be a slut, but I guarantee you the reasons you people think they call her that are completely untrue.

jealous, haha…I think not.

Answer #37

I’m going to add to those quotes.

“it felt wonderful because I’d said No many times before and knew when I said Yes I was ready. I don’t regret it and people can say what they want about me but it was my choice and I’m happy with it’” - Keela 17 (I was 17 when I lost it to)

you are only a slut if you allow people to call you that, keep your business to yourself or if you tell them because it felt right and it was with the right person then it doesn’t matter everyone’s different and it was your choice what people say can’t be allowed to affect you. personally I think 14 is a young age but just because I wasn’t ready then doesn’t mean you wern’t there are lots fo people who lost their virginity at 14 to the right person and they aren’t sluts.

so NO your not. xxx

Answer #38


Answer #39

not saying ure a slut or anything. but if ure having sex at 14 you are way too young do you want to get pregnant? if you dont slow down the next time you ask a question it will be how do I know if im pregnant or, im pregnant how do I tell my parents? dont listen too other 14 year olds they are babies and they will poison you. you are much smarter by asking. it means you are a step ahead of them. be wise. its not even all that by the way. my mom always said if ure already having sex you should be already ready to have a kid get it? my because used a condom every single time and she still got pregnant. when ure 14 you should be the hot girl all the guys dream of but can never get. once they get u. whats so special abt u? big deal. be wise.

Answer #40

ok…I lost my virginity when I was 15 but was with a guy I was dating for 2 years. We were safe EVERY time and I never regretted it to this day. I dont personally believe your a slut but being that young, you should make sure you’re with someone you really care about first and its super important to use protection. None of this pulling out crap. Too many young kids these days are getting pregnant and getting STDs before they even get INTO high school. you dont want to end up that way. It’ll ruin your life. Good luck and be safe.

Answer #41

you are ready to have sex when 1)you are confident enough that it is what you want, 2)you are ready to deal with the consequenses, 3) you realize the depth of the commitment you are giving and 4)you are in love. If you worry about what other people think (calling you a slut) you are obviously don’t have number 1. I cannot tell you what to do with your life but most people don’t realize what they are losing when they have s3x when they are not ready.

Answer #42

I don’t think that your a slut, but I truthfully dont think your very wise. Sex IS a big deal when it comes down to your screwing up one time and getting pregnant. You dont know for sure that guys gona stick around.. you’d be surprized at the ones who wouldnt! But despite that, raising a kid could be really hard. I’m 18 and pregnant and I’m WAYYY to young for all of this! So, dont take it as some big joke, because its not.. and the joke isnt funny when you go to the doctor and they tell you that you have an std either!

Answer #43

No!!! Your not

Answer #44

I agree with the past questions. Your not a slut. If you sleep with many guys you are one.

Answer #45

slut isen’t the right word because thats only if you sleep with a lot of guys I do think that was a bad choice tho like other people have mentioned you should try to slow down you have your whole life ahead of you it dosen’t have to be rushed next time you should think more carefully

Answer #46

your a slutty human ^.^ (im just kniddin)

Answer #47

is you want 2 have s+x then go have it but if she has a baby then its a diff story ok

Answer #48

depends on how mature u are

Answer #49

you are SO not a slut. do you sleep around with a lot of guys? if not, then you are not a slut you’re human.

Answer #50

condoms condoms condoms hey condoms!! so not a slut at all dont worry have fun and be careful if your a slut them me and my whole grade are sluts to hahaha you will be fine just make sure you love him but you are only younge once so screw him and have fun :) best of luck!1

Answer #51

if your not with the guy or you just met him and you decided to have sex…yes thats slutty. if you have been with him for a while and you know for sure hes the one you wanted it to be with or if your in love or if you trust him then no lol you’re fine.

Answer #52

I cant believe all these posts talking about 14 yr olds having sex like its nothing! Heres something I dug up. These are actual quotes from teens!

How do girls feel the day after the first time they have sex with their boyfriends?

She said: I felt as if I was rushed into it - but I was in love. Yet I felt guilty. Cammy, 17 I felt cheap because I thought about what I did and I realized I wasn’t ready for it. Carla, 16 I felt strange and, in a sense, used. It was like we were both caring for the same person - him. I felt left out of it. Elizabeth, 15 I felt angry, I had promised myself I would wait until I was married, but I did it anyway. Now it was too late. I had lost my virginity. Alice, 15 I knew I had made the biggest mistake of my life. I felt stupid. I said I would never do it again, and I didn’t. Chandra, 14 I felt as if I had done something wrong. But aside from that, I felt stupid - ridiculous. I certainly didn’t get any thrill out of it. It was embarrassing to say the least. Eilene, 16 I worried, is he going to leave me? Did he go with me just to get what he wanted? Anne, 19 I had mixed feelings. In a way, I thought I did it out of love, but then I was afraid I would get pregnant. Kay, 16 I felt like God wasn’t going to forgive me. I asked myself again and again, “Why on earth did you do it?” Nancy, 17

I asked guys if they had ever dropped a girlfriend shortly after having sex with her, and if so, why.

He said: You get bored. It’s like a kid with a toy. When he first gets it, he spends all day with it. Then after he breaks it in, it’s not fun anymore, so he finds another toy. Reggie, 16 It’s just like in the meat market. You just want to go out there and get some fresh meat. Jim, 19 Sometimes that’s the way love goes when sex comes into it. The sex is good, but only for that day. After that, you’re finished. Lewis, 16 After I have sex with a girl, I don’t care if I see her anymore. Jed, 15 After the first time we had sex, we stopped talking. She never called me and I never called her. I thought she was an easy catch because she gave me sex too quickly. Winston, 15 At first I really liked her, but after I had sex with her, I saw she wasn’t all I thought she was. Antonio, 17 I fooled around with this girl after I knew her for only a few weeks, in the summer. I didn’t feel a closeness to her so I just dropped her. John, 16 After we had sex, she turned bitter and our relationship was poisoned. Ivan, 18 I stopped seeing her because after that, she thought she owned me, and I couldn’t endure it. Lyron, 18 After I had sex with my girl of four months, she started acting strange - kind of stupid, so I dropped her. Sean, 16 It always happens too fast. I never waited a long time for sex. Sometimes I wish a girl would say no and keep saying no. If we took it slow, we’d probably still be together. Dean, 17

I asked girls whose boyfriends had dropped them shortly after sex with them to share their feelings with you.

She said: My boyfriend broke up with me three months after we had sex. I guess it was because there was no more suspense, nothing to think about, no more what-ifs. I felt horrible. Fran, 16 I went out with a guy for a month and then had sex with him. After that he never called me again. I felt like a fool. Sunny, 16 My boyfriend and I were alone in this place. We made love for the first time that day. It was really good. Three weeks later, he ended the relationship because he had another girl. I felt depressed about the fact that what we had that night didn’t mean anything to him. Marva, 18 My boyfriend and I had broken up, but he called and that night we made love for the first time. After that he said he “needed time to be alone.” He was supposed to get back to me, but he never did. I felt used and betrayed. He had been my boyfriend for eleven months, and supposedly he loved me. Rochelle, 15 Two days after I had sex with this guy he broke up with me. He said I was looking for a commitment and he wasn’t. I wanted to kill him. Donna, 16 A few days after I had sex with this guy he dropped me. I felt used. Connie, 16 I went out with a guy for one week and had sex with him. After that, he wanted nothing to do with me. He dumped me. I guess he thought I was too [easy]. He didn’t even think of me as a person. I was very disappointed because I thought sex was what he wanted from me - but it turned out not to be enough. Rosa, 17 It was the second time I’d seen him since we met. The mood was there. He wanted to so I did it. But he didn’t want to after that. I felt real easy and cheap, even though I’m really not. I just needed to be loved. Coco, 17+

How does sex change a relationship? Guys’ Point of View

He said: The relationship immediately became more serious. We started acting more like parents towards each other. I found it harder to let her down when I wanted to break up. Nicky, 18 She became attached to me and wanted to see me every night and got hurt and upset when I didn’t want to, so we broke up. There were bad feelings on her part. I was glad to get out of it. Dwayne, 18 The girl falls too deeply in love with you and you don’t want to see her anymore. Carmine, 16 Everything got very serious after sex. No more fun. Cory, 17 She acted as if I should worship her just because she was having sex with me. I got disgusted with her. Lucien, 19 We felt more committed to each other and we started to argue a lot more. Fred, 15 After we had sex I thought I could do anything I wanted, and she would just be there for me, I was wrong. Lionel, 17 Sex either makes a relationship grow stronger or die - but usually the relationship dies because you’re not ready for that much of a commitment. Paul, 17

Girls share more thoughts on pre-marital sex . . .

She said: Once you’ve lost your virginity, you can never get it back. Tara, 15 Wait. If he says he likes you so much, yet he just wants to get his own way, no matter how you feel, that stinks. But it happens all the time. Andrea, 18 It may be unrealistic, but if you have sex in relationships when you’re not married you’re taking the risk of having a very painful breakup because of the sexual ties. Martha, 16 It sounds tacky, but I say wait until you’re married. I know guys have more respect for virgins. Sally, 17 Wait until you’re married. Then when you have sex, it will mean something - that you’re in love with your husband and want him to be the first. Raquel, 17 There are a lot of guys who only want one thing, and after that, you’re history. Jennifer, 17 Guys are users and abusers. They just want to feed their pleasures and desires. They aren’t concerned with your feelings at all. Shannon, 17 Some boys say “If you love me, you’ll have sex with me,” and some girls believe that if they do it, they will keep him. But having sex with a guy doesn’t make him stay, because when he’s ready to take off, believe me, he’ll take off anyway. Judy, 14 If I had it to do over again, I would save my virginity until I was married. Valerie, 18

Guys’ advice - to Girls - On when to start having sex . . .

He said: Wait until you’re married. Young men today are looking for young women who have not been used, abused, and accused. Robert, 18 I know girls won’t listen to this unless they’re dedicated, but I advise them to wait until they’re married… Joey, 17 Wait until you’re married. Most guys out there are users and you’ll end up getting hurt, having a bad reputation, and more than likely, in the long run, being alone. Don’t do it to make your boyfriend happy. Hamilton, 18

I agree its your own opinion, but whats wrong with trying to be a kid, instead of trying to grow up so fast! We have our whole lives to be an adult than we do being a kid. ENJOY YOUR YOUTH, because it goes by soo quickly!!

Answer #53

slut might be too strong of a word, I think a better word would be STUPID!!! come on, you are fourteen, if you want to have s-x, at least keep you clothes on, because being pregnant at fouteen would suck. I wouldn’t know for sure, because I’m a thirteen year old girl and never had s-x. seriously, I agree with angelfire, all these post saying no big deal, and everyone having s-x at an early age, it’s like, what the hell!! seriously shakes head in disgust

Answer #54

You are NOT a slut. You are in a loving releationship, and if you think it was right thn thts all that matter


Answer #55

what are you talking about my interest ini anorexia???

Answer #56

it is a little young but do it with someone your one age or within a year. your not a slut but that is a litle young

Answer #57

i had sex when i was 14 too, trust me im the furthest thing from a slut. if ur sleeping with more than 1 guy then u shouldnt! xD but if not, ur just being a teenage girl =]

Answer #58

no your not a slut but make sure that the person you are having sex with loves you and you love him. I am also 14 and I am waiting, saving my virginity till I find the one that I love and I would sugest you do the same!

Answer #59

No! You did it when you were ready, and when it felt right to you. Do you think that’s slutty? Of course not! Besides, it’s none of anyone else’s business about your personal life.

Answer #60

if you’re a slt for doing that then im also a slut nobody should ever be called a slt or even a pimp for having sx its natural, enjoy yourself, those who call you a slt are jelious of you lol

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