am I a pothead yet

just because I have smoked weed a couple dozen times dosnt meen that I will become a pot head right

Answer #1

WELL IT DEPENDS HOW many times you smoke everyday

Answer #2

substances being placed in weed is a myth. Why would a drug dealer put other drugs(most likely more expensive than weed) into weed??? it would just cost more money for them and cut into the profit they would make from selling weed.

Answer #3

If you have done it a couple dozen times, the answer is yes. Great advice from amblessed, couldn’t have said it better. No telling what your weed might have been soaked in. There are so many substances that are placed in weed today, another thing to ponder.

Answer #4

A dozen times total? Depends over the period of time.

I’d consider a pot head who spends the majority of their leisure time being high on pot. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I know people who have perfectly normal jobs, but then get home and smoke pot.

I think the stereotype of the drugged out, lazy, layabout is mostly dead. Sure there are some, but most are better than that.

Many see it also as a way of expanding their minds and finding inspiration in ways they normally never would.

And to just clarify even further. It is not actually possible to get addicted to marijuana. And at the very least much more addictive and deadly products are actually. Those being beer and cigarettes respectively.

Let’s not forget the time when alcohol was under prohibition and an entire criminal underworld surfaced because of it. If the substance was eventually legalized the entire criminal enterprise would cease to exit.

Sorry, went off on a rant. I’m often just startled how much ignorance and false information has just blinded some people.

Answer #5

lol yeah your a pothead!

Answer #6

sigh people people people!!! Im sadden by what you all had to say. First of all, weed IS not addicting. I can tell you that from experience… Second of all, smoking a dozen times does NOT make you a pothead. I can also tell you that from experience. I smoked pot every single day for a long while. I still do these days but… I do not consider myself a pothead. I’m just a human being that likes to smoke weed. Weed’s better than any harder drugs, trust me on that :)

Answer #7

yea dude your a pothead and theres noting you can do about it,except roll up a couple of joints

Answer #8

yea dude and theres nothing you can do about it,except roll up a couple of joints!!!

Answer #9

No you’re not a pothead. A think of a pot head as someone who follows the sub-culture. You know the people who by hemp shirts with marijuana leaves on it or decorates their room with marijuana posters. Obviously what you meant is someone who smokes a lot of weed and you are obviously not one of them.

A couple dozen times in nothing. Smoking weed a couple dozen times (I’m counting individual sessions here) a month wouldn’t make you an ‘addict’. Go ahead and smoke as much as you want. If you’re worried about the real and lasting health affects then buy a vaporizer. You can buy them for a little over $100 and they get the job done just fine (although more expensive ones aremore than worth it imo, just go with whatever you have money for).

About marijuana addiction, what ever you hear is a lie. Marijuana can form a physical addiction but you’d have to smoke for decades consistently without breaks. It can get you mentally addicted. This is kind of addiction is the same that gambliholics and chocoholics get. If you avoid weed for this reason alone then there are many other activities you might want to avoid too. What I mean by this is that weed is completely nonaddictive and is a wonderful plant that I hope you have many more memorable times with (seriously I’m more addicted to video games than I’ll ever be to weed and I play maybe 15-20 hours a week at the absolute maximum).

Some people have mentioned marijuana mixed with other drugs. This is done by some (very shady, dirty and evil) people to attempt to get people who would not normally try a drug to use it and potentially get addicted. Since this would get the dealer a long term customer who isn’t likely to decide to quit one day. Also these harder drugs are tough to obtain whereas marijuana is easy, this means that you’re more likely to come back to the same guy.

Answer #10

yeah you are probably already addicted

Answer #11

okay so as a chronic chronic smoker I KNOW that marijuana is NOT addictting therefore I am not addicted to it I just love p0t it makes me happy but when I dont have the money for it I dont freak out and im not sratchin at my skin or anything crazy like that oh and to answer the intial question you are only a pothead when its a everyday occurance more than 4x a day although its fun you just have to remember that its easy to burn out by smoking so much you build up a resistant that causes you to smoke more to have the happy effect

Answer #12

substances being placed in weed is a myth. Why would a drug dealer put other drugs(most likely more expensive than weed) into weed??? it would just cost more money for them and cut into the profit they would make from selling weed.

They don’t do that anymore?? They did in the past…In the 70’s we got pot laced with PCP, MDA, Kat…I can’t remember them all…

And yes…if there is any history in your family of addiction, then you could very well be headed to being a pothead…or maybe that’s just a “first step”??


Answer #13

At least you are concerned enough to ask so maybe you are concerned enough to stop.

I live in the mid-west where it grows in the ditches (ditch weed?) and I asked a cop why the county does not spray it or cut it and he said that they know that the drug dealers come out to harvest it to mix with their good stuff and then they can catch some big time dealers. At the end of he season they get the papers out there to film them cutting and burning for effect.

Answer #14

Even short-term marijuana use carries a lot of risks, especially involving the way your brain works. When you use a mind-altering substance such as marijuana, you are much more likely to make bad decisions. These bad decisions can involve driving a car while under the influence of the drug, making sexual choices that are unsafe or out of character for you, or saying things that you regret to other people.

Marijuana can also affect your judgment about other drugs. You may drink too much or try drugs you never had any intention of using while you’re under the influence of marijuana - not a good road to take in Life…Take care !!

Answer #15

well.. I think that all depends on whether or not your addicted. do you need it when your unhappy, or depressed? because if you do, you probably are.

dont so it. its not worth becoming addicted.

Answer #16

well I only smoke 2 times a day and it isnt soaked in anything I grow mine

Answer #17

I think the term “pothead” is a stereotype. you dont get addicted to thc. look it up. and theres also a thing called medical marijuana. do some research.

Answer #18

well I smoke weed and I’m the son of a multi-millionaire and I guess I would be considered a pothead but of course I don’t have the “image” that goes along with it. I don’t hide it from my friends and a lot of them don’t do it but I honestly do it to just relieve stress.

I am an honor student in college and get great grades… I have been accepted into grad school and will be attending in the spring!

basically if your wanna smoke pot… smoke it! just make good decisions and don’t be stupid with it, and also no your limits!!!

Answer #19

dude… no your not a pothead… I myself have smoked everyday good whether or bad and im tellin you weed is not an addictive drug( not even a drug its an herb), its all in your head or whoever is tellin you this… sooo get high and stay high :)

Answer #20

eventually you will. I think (IN MY OPINION) that anyone who does it without stopping, is a pothead. it’s bad for you, but you do it anyway? it doesn’t make sense to me, so my feelings are you don’t care enough about you… ect… it’s pretty self explanitory.

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