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I recently was private messaged by someone wanting to know about condoms, so I decided to post it here so people can learn, and or post what I have left out, this way we can give 100% complete advice and so other people who want to know can understand them better.

NOTE: this had to be posted in two posts because it was to long.

Okay so about condoms, they are made of latex and some are made from synthetic latex, because some females or males are allergic to latex, but very few, I dated a girl once who was allergic. They come in many different colors, flavors, different textures, different sizes etc… I will go into more detail about that now. They flavor condoms because sometimes women give blow jobs with them on, and it tastes better for them then plain latex. Also, if the guy were to take it off and then she were to give a blow job she could probably still taste the latex… so the flavor helps I guess. The sizes I have only heard of two sizes regular, which fits most penises, and magnums which are for bigger penises, however there could be more sizes at a adult shop, because there are tons of manufactures of condoms. Some of the top brands are Trojan, Durex and well thats all I can think of off the top of my head for brands. But in honesty spend the extra money and get Trojan, they aren’t very much more expensive. I have never had any problems with Trojans in my life, and they have also been around for 80 years. Condoms also come with spermicides which is basically a clear liquid they put on the outside and the inside of the condom, that helps kill off sperm, its not 100% necessary, however it can help as added backup protection. Condoms also come in different textures, there is tinner and thicker ones… The thin ones are usually called �pleasure condom� or �her pleasure� because its thinner so you feel more, and it can also make the guy finish quicker because it feels better, almost like no condom at all. The ticker ones are basic regular, and they aren’t much thicker, but you can defiantly notice a difference. They also have condoms that are called extended pleasure, which basically they add a clear liquid that makes the dick get numbed a little bit, and allows the guy to go much longer, because it doesn’t feel as pleasurable. Condoms are very effective if used correctly. The failure rate of condom, ie the chick getting pregnant is approx 2% per year, and of course this depends on what population the study is done, but like I said before they are very effective in my experience when used correctly. As far as STDS go I have read that condoms reduce the risk of getting HIV/Aids by 85% and reduces the risk of gonorrhea approx 71%.

Continued below…

Answer #1

Yes sometimes I when I feel that may finish quicker than normal, like its a super hot chick or something, then ill go with the climax control, but warned that it does numb the penis, and you may want to take it of after about approx 5-10 minutes, after you take it off, put on regular one and then you can continue for as long as you want… for some reason it gives you much more control, but it doesnt feel as good because you kind of get numbed, but if you are after pleasing your girl which is a major turn on for me, then i say try it a couple of times… Another thing, when guys start jerkin off, they get in the “mode” of finishing as quick as possible, either because they don’t want to get caught, or they are after an orgasm, this is why alot of guys climax to soon, because their body or whatever it is, tells them to do it quicker, and its habit. Try doing kegel exersices, which is basicly squeezing the muscle that stops the flow of urine, and do this for 2 seconds and do 20 reps a day for 2 weeks, then move up to doing a longer sqeeze like say 8 seconds, just becareful and dont jump into crazy sqeezes because you can strain this muscle. You will start noticing a major difference in climax, and then also when jerk off, and you are about to climax, stop and wait for a few seconds like 10-30 seconds, releax the muscle that stops the flow of urine, then continue… keep doing this for as long as you can, and then you can eventually have multiple orgasms, and also you will learn to control it better and not have to use the climax control condoms.


ps. Take it easy everyone, i ship to basic training friday, but i have to stay in a hotel until this… so no computer access for approx 15 weeks!

Answer #2

I am a big advocate for Trojans “Twisted Pleasure” Its about as large as a Magnum & is designed 2 twist slightly at the top of the head of the condom. Its my condom of choice. I also use Magnums but as for Lifestyles I’ve had three+ times where they have broke, therefore I don’t trust them anymore. I do experience a delay of climax with a condom but its not major. I have learned (after many many years) to control my entire sexual experience from size to length of time before climax. I’ve have gone for 8 to 10 hours without a climax before with a condom & 5 without (not the same condom obviously). I’ve tried the climax control & personal I DONT LIKE THEM. I do enjoy pleasing a woman but the Numb feeling is too wierd its like putting oral-gel on your penis. To me it just feels like theres something wrong & it draws my mind away from handling my business. I don’t really like the flavored ones either unless I’m just using it 2 get oral, for intercourse though I don’t really trust them. Slightly off topic but females dont understand that oral sex would be much more pleasurable for them if they shave, it makes it easier for us guys (or girls) to navigate the area & its easier on the tongue but anyways I always suggest that If you find condoms 2 be 2 expensive then try buying them from Wal-Mart or Meyers they usually run about 6 dollars for a 12 pack as opposed 2 $12 to $13 dollars at a drug store. Again Personal I never buy singles or three packs its kinda a waste of money. “Lube” never used it, I feel if U know what you’re doing (foreplay, good technique, & great oral) then its easy 2 keep her stimulated & you don’t need it unless its more of a medical issue

Answer #3

Great info but a few paragraphs would make it far easier to read.

Answer #4

Woah I never do this much about condoms thankx for all that you prob typed up it helped me alot! I never have had sex or used a condom but I have thought about a time r 2 i was about to have sex without one then stopped myself. Never again will I have a second though about if I should have sex or not if the guy dont have a condom.

Answer #5

Dunno if this is what you mean but:

I have trouble keeping myself in check from orgasm while continuing sex until my girlfriend climaxes, the added layer of material the condom provides makes alot of difference with this, the few times we have pentrated without it i have nearly gone instantly. Also the ribbed ones are better for delay then the “natural” and im sure the ultra thin ones.

Anyone had anyexperience with the ones with a delaying chemical in them?

Answer #6

my fave brand is lifestyles…its hella up there with trojan….exept its not as advertised as it should be…..shame really…theyre all so good.oh and speakin of the devil i just bought flavored condoms…..bannana,vanilla(of coarse),and mint….mints supposed to give you added pleasure because of the tingle it gives…well see

Answer #7

This was extremely helpful i have been very shy and scared to even engage in conversation with a girl for fear that it would turn into somthing more and i would end up in a situation i wouldnt know how to approach. Thank you i now am less scared and much more knowledgable when it comes to sex and condoms.

Be carefull, tho i dont have experience in this fieldi know that somthing i didnt see needs to be addressed, IF the condom breaks and you know ( as the male or female) STOP and get another condom, You may be “In the moment” but you better stop bcuz if you dont you may not be in the moment for another couple of years (The woman may become preganant therefore preventing sex for the duration of her pregnancy and the time it takes for the baby to sleep alone) So dont be unsafe just to please your partner USE PROTECTION

Answer #8

why do people tie condoms after sex?

Answer #9

what sizes of condom fit each length of pens!s?

Answer #11

They Tie Them So the C*m Doesnt come out of them…

Answer #12

I also read I don’t know if you know this but there are legal brothels in Nevada, where men pay women to have sex at this “Ranch” and yes its 100% legal, its been around forever… you probably have seen brothels in cowboy movies too… But anyways, since the one that I am talking about opened in like 1970 they have never had an incident of AIDS. Which is pretty remarkable considering how many customers go into this place… lets just put it this way it costs $100,000 a year for the permit to own a brothel, and they charge $2000 an hour for a women there and the brothel gets half of what the women makes, and they have approx 40 women at any one time… so you do the math on how many customers they have come in there… and they must wear condoms its a law. So just reading that the other day has given me twice as much faith in condoms then before I knew it… But just remember that it is possible for a condom to break, and you should be careful if you are thinking about doing anything. Its a good idea to have the chick on birth control too, as a backup plan and always wear a condom every time! You can also get free condoms, lube, birth control(the chick has to go into there to get bc) at Plan parenthood if you live in the USA. There should be a plan parenthood in your area, just check out www.planparenthood.org Now condoms are most effective when used correctly, so let me go over the basic steps of applying a condom. You must make sure the penis is erect first, and then tear the wrapper with the “pad” of your finger tip, be careful that you don’t have any hang nails or anything that can hurt the condom inside. This is important because you do not want to puncture it or give it any abrasions that may cause it to break. Do not use your teeth. Now look at the condom and you will see the rim of it and you will see that the center is coming up through the rim, this is the way the condom should be placed on the head of the penis. Then you basically make your hand into a circle and slide the rim down the shaft till it reaches as far as it can go. With your finger tips you should pinch the tip of the condom which is called the reservoir (watch out for the nails when you do this!) this is where the sperm goes when it comes out of the penis. You want to make sure the air is out of the top of it. If its the girls first time then you will want to use lube apply a good size amount, about the size of a half dollar coin on the outside of the condom you can also put some on the inside if you would like but you would have to do that step before you put on the condom. As far as lube goes there is many different types, flavors, textures, some the heat up on contact, some that don’t work as good as others, and some that can’t be used with condoms. You will only want a water based lube, or silicone based, when you use it on a condom, because oil based lubes will eat the condom. In all honesty though oil based lubes are kind of messy. The silicone based lubes which are very slippery and work with condoms, they don’t dry up as easily as water based lubes will, and they require soap & water to wash it away from your outer parts, but these types of lubes are much more expensive than water based. I would highly recommend WET lube its in a blue bottle and it can be found at Walgreen’s for about 6 dollars, it is a water based lube. One last thing, condoms and lube can be purchased by anyone of any age and you should not be ashamed to buy it either… its a very smart thing to buy protection rather than being one of the 15 people that I have seen come to funadvice and say that they are pregnant at 13-15, this really will put a damper on your future, when you could have “sucked it up” in at the beginning and went in there and bought them or get them for free at plan parenthood. Now don’t get me wrong I didn’t want to do this when I was younger, but finally I got over it… and well people don’t really care, because I guarantee they have purchased them at one time or another also. So I hope all this explains your question about condoms and lube, and I am sure other people can post some other things that I may have missed.

Here is a photo of a condom that is not rolled out… http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/46/Condoms_by_Morrhigan.jpg

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