When do you think the al buj will start construction?

When do you think the Al Buj will start construction?
They were supposed to start in 2007?
They keep degrading their building from 1600 meters to 1200 meters to 1050 meters to 800 meters to 700 meters.
What's up with that?
How about that 1001 meter building too?

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If built the AL Burj should be taller than the Burj Dubai the Murbarak tower and the Murjan Supertall Tower. The Burj Dubai will be between 818-950 meters. The Mubarak tower will be 1001 meters, just over one kilometer, and the Murjan Supertall Tower will be 1,022 meters. The Al Burj will either be about 700-800 meters, 1,050 meters or 1,200 meters.

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To put things in perspective look at this picture.

when I start up my computer...

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hahah but the biggest Burj it's Al Burj Dubai, it's bulding now :)

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