How can I find cute stuff for my AIM profile?

Does anyone no where to get really good cute sayings for aim profiles and fun stuff to put in it like little hearts and stuff? please let me no thanks!

Answer #1

be fun!If you want to find awsome stuff for a way messages gop to it will help also for profiles be cool & creative!like make stories or post pics or copy&paste pics from it will help I swear ummm my aim is:helloblueh urs?

Answer #2 is like the best one seriously

Answer #3

go to

has AIM stuff, stories, photography and such.

Answer #4

you could go on and search aim profiles. love you babbyy

Answer #5

well I prefer to make up my own things. other people do have some good ideas and here is another for quotes … [], but here is my word of advice, be yourself, let yourself shine, and the rest will just come to you. :D

Answer #6

THEkeytolife*.·´¯© Be weird. Take random pictures. Start dancing in the middle of the mall. Do something and o o and e else would expect you to do. Talk to someone you never would. Be someone people think you aren't. Show who you really are. Dont hide under your smile, live it && remember life is too short not to h a v e f you n . [<3] -or- Ever notice that cupid rhymes with stupid? -or- :¨·.·¨:·.Friends

Answer #7

Here’s my fav’s great.

Answer #8

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.

In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed.

It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone and a day to love someone but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

I couldn’t fix your brakes, so I made your horn LOUDER!

I’m in shape … round’s a shape isn’t it?

We had gay burglars the other night. They broke in and rearranged the furniture.

Answer #9

If you go to then click on bloggrings or something like that then in the search thing, type in aim profiles, it will give you a list of bloggrings click on one and click on a user in that bloggring this will bring you to their xanga site, which is kinda like a myspace and they’ll have aim profile stuff there

My friend and I make things for AIM profiles. Our xanga is come check it out! =]

Answer #10

if u aim at nothing ur always sure to hit it.

i journey of a thousand miles must begin with one step.

Smile it makes people wonder what ur up to

Answer #11

go 2 college

Answer #12

Answer #13

be creative and think of some things your self. Here’s a starter:

&& without these blonde moments

                 life would be so dull...

Use that quote…. cahnge it into cute fonts and stuff…you can do it!!

Answer #14

Answer #15

You can make hearts by setting your font to symbol and type a capital y : Y

Answer #16


    —-»don't you dare remember me«—- AND ALL U HAVE TO DO IS MAKE IT COLORFUL OR THEY DO IT FOR YOU
Answer #17

alt and 3 makes a heart –> ♥ then just put cute sayings like: A boy gave a girl 12 roses, 11 were real and 1 was fake. He told her, “I’ll love you till the last one dies.” she says “Wait, one is fake,” “Exactly, because I’ll luv you FOREVER!”

♥♥♥ not cute enough???

Answer #18

for cute saying and stuff go to and search cute sayings theres some really cute one that where i get most of mine from!!

Answer #19

if you want to have hearts, try making the copyright symbol in the font symbol. that makes a really cute heart. && webdings has some cute symbols like lightening bolts & etc. just play around with the webdings & wingdings fonts typing in the alphabet so you can learn what each key makes. =]

Answer #20

you can always go to google for pictures of hearts but u can make ur own too see..♥… to make tht its shift alt and three on the far right on ur keyboard.. if u want cool icons u can go to sites like… o yeah!.. i remember tht there is one other heart tht u can ake easily also if you wanted to use it…<3.. personally i like the first one but some places dont let u use it idk why tho…………

Answer #21

to find cute stuff i go to Google and type in xanga. The website will come up as the first one listed. Click on that and you will get to the main page. On the main page you will seea tab for blobrings. Click on that and then type in profiles or quotes in the search engine. then click on one of the sites listed. They have wickedddd cute stuff. I get all my profiles there!!

good luck : )

Answer #22

yeah I use its a really good website people always copy my info cause they think its ad0rable

Answer #23

Answer #24 you go to away messages and they give you like millions of good ones

Answer #25

When life rains on you, Bring out the slip and slide

Answer #26

My friends and me are tighter than a fat guy in a speedo

Answer #27

I don’t know either I need ideas send me stuff please by commenting this 2!!! need ideas help

Answer #28

yea..hottiewithabody is right is really gewd I always go on ther for AIM


Answer #29 is like the best one seriously

Answer #30 is like the best one seriously

Answer #31 is like the best one seriously

Answer #32

Go to They have so many things to choose from i use it ALL the time.

Answer #33

go to yahoo, and type in “cute quotez”…there is some really cute things on there…i love it…

Answer #34

This website has some cool AIM stuff:

Answer #35 is a good website to go to to get quotes and away messages!


Answer #37

Answer #38 should help. I use it all the time. im looking for stuff too.

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