Is the aida tour over?

So whats up with the tour of Elton John's and Tim Rice's Aida. I hear its done, but then I hear its doing shows once in a while. Anyway, could someone tell me if it's over, and if it is, when. if ever, is the next tour starting? ( Couldn't these people just post it on the official tour website??? The main page was updated today, October 23rd, but some of the other pages haven't been touched in MONTHS.) Thanks!

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I checked out Ticketmaster, and it doesn't have any dates listed. It looks like this round is over, but you know how these things are. They'll probably kick off a whole new tour soon.

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The NATIONAL Aida tour closed April 29th of this year.

But maybe there is a local or state tour near you.

Calming nerves???

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