How can I lose more weight?

It was about the end of december when I saw my christmas pictures and I noticed this HUGE wide load thing hanging over my pants! My brother and cousen called me fat and other things and it made me truly notice that I was huger than ever! I then ate less and exercised a lot! I would eat something small and run to my bike and take 2 hours of bike riding nearly everyday soom I went from eating alittle to barley eating and now not eating complelty! I still ride my bike a lot and at times I feel fantastic! recently I have noticed that I am exausted at school and seem to be fine when I ride my bike It wasnt till about 2 weeks ago when my mom finnaly wanted me to try her new recipie which was this soup thing that was blended with soukini. She had asked me to try it and I refused! I kept telling her I wasnt hungry and that it seemed gross my mom was like no try it and she like shoved a huge spoonful of soup into my mouth she was like douse it taste good? she wasnt doing it in the intention to get me to eat only to get me to try it I was like I dont want any of it I ran up stairs and felt like I was going to throw up in my mind I was thinking eww I just ate some high carb soup I was also thinking how I was going to get rid of it I ran out side to ride my bike some more and right when I went to my bike I like threw up I completly threw up my moms soup without even knowing that was going to happen I tried not to think of it and started riding my bike the only thing that was ony my mind was “lose this fat, lose all this nasty fatness that has been with me ever since I could remember!” I rode my bike for nearly 4 hours that day and came home exauhsted the next day I didnt go to school becuase I felt very tired I weight 210 ibs in january and im about 6ft tall now I way nearly 155-160 and im a size 7 in jeans I still feel overweight and I try to lose it by exercising. this past saturday I spent the night at my friends house because my friends were worried about me the said I have been acting strange and they want to see whats wrong I told them I was fine and we stoped talking it about at that moment later we ordered pizza I decided to have a piece trying to convence myself theres nothing wrong with me when I finished my slice I felt fool I said to myself I was fine and quickly joind others watching movies I suddenly got a weird sick feeling that I began to run to the bathroom I felt light headed and dizzy and a few friends asked if I was ok I said yes I am and that I think it was from the pizza or something they soon left and I don’t know what happend later but before I cought up with what was happening I was outside running from my friends I heard them behind asking whats going on I then suddenly threw up the pizza unintentinal I told them I was heading home trying to make it seem as if I ate to much pizza I dont know what yo do now I feel like a whale when I eat and that I have to ride my bike if I eat something or just get a feeling that people are looking at me thinking of how fat I am so I get on my bike and ride for hours I dont know what to do now I feel overweight and at times look it just today a teacher looked at me and said Wow you lost weight and I think im a whale even other kids say im a fat whale! I don’t know what to do! I feel fine at at times I feel bad I want to lose more weight and I want it now! what can I do to lose more weight? I want to be skleton skinny! I want to be that kind of skinny everyone wants to be IM WHILING TO TRY ANYTHING! and I MEAN ANYTHING!

Answer #1

Dear Echo, If you are “willing to try anything” try this. Call some of your local bike dealers. They have to be bike dealers, not the bike section at a wall-mart, Target, etc. Actual bike shops that repair and service bikes etc.. Some of these shops may also sell snowboards, skis, workout equipment etc…. Call some of these different shops and find out where and when some bike races are coming up. I want YOU to enter one of these races. What may happen is ( in preparing for the race) you will eat right, you will make sure you get rest, etc.. (if you want to win). It will also get your mind to go in different areas that are really alot of fun. WHEN you enter this race it will give you something to get ready for. The thing with obsessing over your physical body CAN be controlled by your thought. If you choose to obsess over it you will….if you choose not to obsess over it you can and will. Everytime you think of obsessing over it “catch” yourself and think about something else..maybe your up-coming race. Try it and let me know. Good-luck!! Familycoach

Answer #2

damn, be yourself

you’re a guy

why the hell do you wanna be a toothpick? so people can call you screech or scarecrow?

be happy you are alot healther than most people, be happy with who you are

Answer #3

the kids who called you a “fat whale” are idiots… and your weight is normal for a person who is 6ft tall…

Answer #4

One, your weight ain’t bad!!! And jeezums! Go see a doctor! Did you know that when your anorexic (like you are) you doe eventually and when you finally eat your body automatically turns it into fat because its desperate for some body mass!!! YOU ARE KILLING YOURSELF! Start just drinking something, like a protein shake… and slowly begin building up the solid amount of food and stuff you eat… Once you get to that point, start your bike riding back up, just not obsessively. If you want to lose more weight just eat 5-6 SMALL meals a day, with breakfast as your biggest meal and NOT dinner! Eat lean meats, chicken, and of course tons and tons of fruits and veggies… What your doing is like a slow suicide!

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