What are cute and easy hairstyles for school?

I start school next week and I’m sick of the boring ponytail. What are some cute,easy hairstyles I can do quickly in the morning? I have medium length, straight, brown hair with really long side bangs. Any ideas??

Answer #1

I have been searching everywhere but the wasiest way to find nw hairstyles is took look at people in your school and try it on yourself the next day and add your own little spice to it :p well if you want one for tommorow curling it would be cute too. You could curl your whole head and pin it up into a messy bun with little curls falling out everywhere. It looks great on a variety of people. good luck… byebye

Answer #2

Pin your sidebangs up to make a little poof on top, or pin them back and to the side. You could also scruch your hair a little after your shower and let air dry wavy. You could wash your hair at night and then pull it into a twisted bun high on your head, when you take it out in the morning just fluff a little and it will be wavy and cute. You could also buy a few cute headbands and just put one on too. Take care!

Answer #3

hey! well I have long hair butt this will work on any lenght but if you just side part your hair it doesn’t matter what side and you take about a 2 inch section it doesnt really matter and you brade it but not all the way you do it about 1/4 the way down and then you sort of losen it and quickly put a barrett in. it looks wicked cute trust me! I love it!

an other thing you can do is just pin back your side bangs and take like about a 2 inch section again spray hair spray in it and then brush it up and that adds a little bump to it and put barretts and it looks wicked cute too :)

Answer #4

What I would do is talk to one of your teachers and ask what kind of hairstyles are allowed and which aren’t and go on from there. But I go to school with at least a hairstyle for everyday, a ponytail, a bun, pig tails, a ponytail clipped up and my har loose.

Answer #5

wow…u ll seem to like having curly hair..haha..thats my problem..my hairs curly the minute I get out of the shower…lol. I either just leave it that way down or I straighten it after putting some product in. I like pony tails pig tails braids…headbands…clips…anything..experimenting is FUN. ^_^

Answer #6

I would leave part down and do half a ponytail… ponytails are always the best but since you are tired of them why not style them up get some ribbons and make your self cute bows the color of the outfit you are wearing this will make you not look the same everyday but cute and stylish

Answer #7

take a shower the night before you want your hair awsome and then take a wad of hair ( should only be about 10 wads) and twist it up raelly tightly and secure on the top of you head so it looks like you have a whole bunch of little bobbles on yur head . sleep in and make sure they dont come out then unwrap them in the morning and you head will look geourgus!!! ps towel dry your ahir somewhat before. too wet hair doesnt work very well (expiernrce)

Answer #8

You can put it in braids like my pic you can youse a curling mouse and just wear it down try two skinny headbands try putting it in soft rollers at night try a loose braid in the back of yur head but with only 1 elastic

Answer #9


Answer #10

you could put your hair in twistyies

Answer #11

cool that sounds like my hair. I would try, pulling it up in the front, you know how people make it go up, make it flat. then put the rest of your hair into loose pig tails. hope you like my advice! > <

Answer #12

when I started I used to straighten it , have a side fringe , some layers and maybe a quiff sometimes ;)

Answer #13

I love a cute bob with fringe, I think it really looks sweet on a school girl!

Answer #14

Buns? You could do pig tails. Braids? Or you could just braid your hair really quickly and during the school day just take the braids out and leave your hair all curly.

Answer #15

get a lolita hair style ^.^

Answer #16

strightin it pin bangs back

Answer #17

I have just discovered hats!!! They look adorable on me and my b/f loves them. My favorite one is called a newsboy hat. It’s sooo cute. seperate your hair into 2 ponies and put on the hat! way cute

Answer #18

well your hair sunds a lot like mine! so a simple easy and a quick idea is to part your hair at the sidevery far to the side and pull it over one ear and tie it back so theres a cute peice of hair across your forehead [[if it keeps slipping back over your face you can either straighten it a little so it stays of pin it back wiv kirby clips]] then you can add a cute clip or a cute hair band. gud luk at school hun ^^,

Answer #19

if you are a guy just cut it :)

Answer #20

french plaits wil luk nys wiv bangs…pop a nys blak, wyt or silva hehband on dependin on your skl color…gud luk wiv it den

Answer #21

your hair is like mine…I always do pigtail braids.It is a cute style and it got me a boyfriend…he talks about my braids all the time.So I hope you take my advice because you will have cute,easy hair and all the boys at school will be flirting with you.Thanks for reading!bye!

Answer #22

Try to get a great straightner that will be make your hair as straight as you can get it and you could also try to scrunch your hair with aussie hair styleing products. Or you could even braid your hair or try a nice cite bun will do just fine, too. Put the bun nice and hi on your head with your log bangs hanging down the side of your face. Try these hair styles and if you still dont like there then go to www.elle.com

Answer #23

I have the exact same hair as you said ! medium length, brown, with long side bangs! when I go to school I take my “long” bangs and put them up in a poof. or I will put a poof with a ponytail. or just blow dry your hair out and straighten it. I am addicted to straightening my hair. another hairstly is a sloppy joeee. the quickest harstyles aboove wud be the poof and sloppy joee. HOPE THIS HELPS =)

Answer #24

ok stay with the ponytail, but spruse it up abit.

-put it in a bun -put cute clips in your hair

also try

-putting it in a side ponytail (high or low) -leave it down -run a pair of hair strightner though it -or the night before school curl your hair. (you might have to use a bit of hair spray to keep it in) -put a qwif in your hair. (make a triangle with the front, top section of your hair, twist it and put it against your head. push forward and hold inplace with a clip. I find that two clips work)

be dareing and go for crazy hair styles! im still in school and I always do different hair styles EVERY day, sometimes I’ll stay with the same style.

hope I helped out a bit

Answer #25

Well try getting some layers not ro long and put your hair down and add cute bow or hair clip or head band in it . Try putting it in a side briaded ponytial? or go to you tube and loook up sexy mess hair bun and they show you how to do it and you finishe it with a flower clip on the side of it nothing to tacky. have you tried putting your bags in a front or side pumo with your hair down? wear loose ponytails occasionally

Answer #26

wavy hair- usually to make my hair wavy, I wash it at night, towel dry it, but not to a point it’s dry, grab mousse and scrunch it, then I spray it down with hair spray, & put it up in a messy bun. It makes it really wavy, pretty, and shiny. :D everyone loves it! & pinning your bangs back with a little bump makes it extra hot.

straight hair- I would suggest straightening your hair & pinning your bangs back with a little bump. or just pinning some hair back on the sides.

messy bun- I just take my hair like im going to put it in a pony tail, & pull it trough like im making a bun, but I leave little pieces of hair sticking out the top. it’s really cute, & makes it stylish.

–bobbie jo(:

Answer #27

Why dont you curl it. gives your hair volume and looks hot. only takes 15 - 20 minutes. just get a strand of hair wrap it around your straightner leave for 10 - 20 seconds do that for all of your hair and yoy will look amazeing. But leave your hair straight, looks well good (: x x x

Answer #28

what I do a lot that lookes wicked cute is:

either straighten my hair or srunch it with a srunching gel

Then I get a either a lot of bobby pins, or a wide clip and pull the front pieces back.

It takes only a few seconds!

If you are planning on straightening your hair, I suggest showering like 2 hours beofr eyou go to bed, and let your hair dry. then do a quick job at straightening your hair. then in the morning you can just run throught it for like 3 minutes.

Answer #29

If you have medium length long hair I would suggest you straighting it then putting up a little piece in a bump. IT will look so cute!

Answer #30

okay this is a cute hairstyle I out mine as thise like everyday I love it okay so all you got to do is put your hair in half up half down and, it is actually better for it to be straight first okay then you tie up the rest of the hair that was left down and you tie it up so its two ponytails in one… sorry if not well explained but it is a cute hair style for school. it keeps your hair back or you can wear a fringe out if you have one good luck xx

Answer #31

U could…go to your regular hairdresser and get a haircut with long layers. Then let them wash it and have them style it by straightening it w/a hot iron. Get some highlights too. It will enhance the look no matter what you do w/it. Get an iron from a salon cause they have the best ones. It will take you no more than 5-10min to do every morning. Will look sleek and sexy and nice even when the wind is blowing lol

Answer #32

To the person up there ^ saying “DON’T straight your hair! it will ruen it by time!” it doesn’t if you remember to use a heat protection spray after you’ve washed your hair the same day you’ve dryed it. I straighten my hair and it stays soft, silky and smooth every time. And dont worry, im sure your hair is lovely..

Answer #33

pin your bangs back into a poof, then take a hand full of moose and rub it around your hands and then put your hands through your hair and scrunch it, just pick up your hair and move your fingers around in it!

Answer #34

It depends on whether you’re a guy, as you say, or a girl. It also depends on the shape of your face and your facial features. I could tell you all kinds of cute styles but it won’t matter unless I know thst. .BTW, with you using the word ‘cute’, sounds like a girl but why would you say you’re a guy?You can’t get a good answer like ythat.

Answer #35

straighten it and put it up it to a messy pony tail you cant go wrong cute and stylish but also it stays out of the way so you can see your work..

Answer #36

Hey, Some really awsome hair styles that I like for school are these, super easy and really stylish! GIRLS:

  • If you don’t have time to straighten your hair put it in a pony and do a fishbone plat
  • Put it in a pony that is pretty high and to one side of your head and put in a ribbon that matches your uniform/outfit (Super cute!)
  • Section off a small section of hair on the side (just above the ear) and plat it. Once its in a braid pull it back and put it in your pony or bun
  • If you curl your hair (once it is wet, towel dry and put into a loose bun overnight) and leave it down section off the same amount and place as the braid and twist it around and put a bobby pin in (from he movie August rush) looks super good especially with orange hair! BOYS:
  • Once you get out of shower, towel dry hair and rub some product into it scuffing it up to make it look wild! the girls love it!
  • DO NOT SLICK YOUR HAIR BACK WITH GEL! YUCK! no offence if you like it. [When your hair looks wild it is more appealing, also the older you get the more often you should wash it. Eg. 13yrs = Every 4 days and so on] HOPE MY TIPS HELPED! Go show your style!
Answer #37

Hey every1 I have got some good advice for you get a fringe then get small frech plats just about 3 queters on ya head then put and alastik bands in them then where they alastic bands have been get that piece of hair and curl them you will be looking good in now time I will try and get piks and for them people who are gobby on this dont listen to them because thy are ugly and jelous lol bye and thankyou for eading my advice xxx

Answer #38

you can take a shower then roll up your hair! and go to sleep! wake up, then it will become wavy and a bit like curly! and you’ll find out some new things for your hair by mixing up some new hairstyles!! (thats what I do) people think it’s nice! sometimes it doesnt work out with me, I know, but I keep on trying!! and it started working out with me!! it’s SO COOL! try wearing a hat! (like the one in my picture) try it out!! when you do your own hairstyles. and they looked nice on you, with some addings you added, EVERYONE WILL LOOK AT YOU!!! it happens to me!!! it’s so funny though! hope I helped! let your hair be your hair, never straight it! do hairstyles that are made for YOUR kinda hair!! good luck!

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