what age should i get pregnat?

Answer #1

you are 13 fu*king years old according to your profile. Go back to playing with barbies, and get your mind off being pregnant. Its nonsense to be thinking about it at that age. Especially since IF you do get pregnant, the extra load will be on your parents and not you -_-

Answer #2

Definately not at thirteen. You should when you are financially stable, able to provide for yourself as well as your child, you should be of an age where you are fully matured. Raising a child is not an easy task, you would have to give up so mcuh of your free time to take care of them, not to mention the costs. When you are fully ready and when you are able to provide for the both of you, then, only then should you consider having a child. I would say when you are out of university or college, or get a good enough job and a place to stay.

Answer #3

Ik that. dont get so mad….I just have dreams about it…Gosh i was just asking i was thinking 20-24 i guess? I am gonna start babysitting to learn more then a real job…..but college first. then buy a home……Apartments wont do. I want the best possible life for my baby :)

Answer #4

wooooow. no no no, ther is a 14 year old girl in my school who has a baby and can barley take care of it. her mom has to do everything for her and she has such bad grades. dont get pregnat your life will be a living h*ll

Answer #5

sorry wrong person…..That girl up there has anger probs lol

Answer #6

:} I have dreams of that too! one day having a little baby… a girl i think :D that I could dress up, watch grow up. One day, one day.

Answer #7

Yes i bet but i want the best possible life thanks for the tips guys!

Answer #8

Do not get so mad i was ASKING so i know the life will be great for my baby :)

Answer #9

Yepp i want a daughter……I am watching baby storys so…..

Answer #10

i want 2 daughters

Answer #11

I dont have anger problems, but YOU have mental problems, even thinking about having a child at 13 :]

Answer #12

When your an ADULT, in love, married, financially stable, in your own own, have a good education, and have fullfilled your goals in life, because once that babies here, your life is never your own and the chances of you following your goals goes through the window.

Answer #13

Yes i love children :) I cant explain and im not having a petty fight with you just because i love children and is thinking about having one it is reallly quite normal :)

Answer #14

omg please tell me you dont mean anytime soon? babies are cute and fun, but find someone who has a baby and let them have you take that baby over night. im 19 years old and i have always loved kids and wanted to be a young mom but when my sister had my niece and i fell in love w.her, id take her over night and its the most exhausting thing in the world. that really made me realize i do not want to be a young mom. there will be so much you will miss out on if you have a baby before you reach 23. and you dont want to be a single mother so wait until you are married and have been w.a guy for a good amount of time. please!

Answer #15

i totally agree with Irene, what the hell are u thinking about getting pregnant for!?!?!?!?!?!

Answer #16

Um…just don’t worry about these types of things. You’re time we come when its time for you to get pregnant but that wont be until over 8-something years maybe even more

Answer #17

heyy…i’m not going to harp to you about this subject but i had sex when i was 14…never would i have thought about having a baby then and it is a lot different when you take care of them 24 7 i am almost 19 now and i have a 6 month old and i thought it would be fun to have a baby but i live on my own with my boyfriend and its really a finacial problem right now and i never get to go out ever with my friends and certainly don’t get to buy new clothes but kenedie is stylin and i wouldn’t change it for the world just wish i couldve waited a while to get to enjoy the clubs and friends and marriage…i hope this changes your veiws on early motherhood

Answer #18

heyy…i’m not going to harp to you about this subject but i had sex when i was 14…never would i have thought about having a baby then and it is a lot different when you take care of them 24 7 i am almost 19 now and i have a 6 month old and i thought it would be fun to have a baby but i live on my own with my boyfriend and its really a finacial problem right now and i never get to go out ever with my friends and certainly don’t get to buy new clothes but kenedie is stylin and i wouldn’t change it for the world just wish i couldve waited a while to get to enjoy the clubs and friends and marriage…i hope this changes your veiws on early motherhood. Sorry i wrote it in the wrong place at first

Answer #19

well if you have a baby now i honestly dont think your life will be all that great.

Answer #20

why worry about that now?? after your married..there’s an answer for ya

Answer #21

naw no time soon :) jw

Answer #22

first learn how to spell pregnant… and you need a good job to provide for that child AND people your age who get pregnant just dump the child on their parents and carry on as normal.

I just think you should wait untill your married or in a commited relationship before you think about that…

Answer #23

OMG…Your just a little kid asking questions like this. Are you freaking crazy!!! Im 18 and almost 6 months pregnant. Im also married to a wonderful man. Girl you cant even spell pregnant. Grow up a lot more then ask this question. Even asking this question at such a young age is unhealthy. Everyone is looking at you like ur insane…and I have to agree. Your only freaking 13. Just barely a teenager. Come on now. Its common sense babe. Dont ask these questions anymore…especially at your age. Get about 18 if not older. You still have many years ahead of you. If you were to get pregnant right now, ur life will be ruined. No more going out with friends, sleep overs, fairs, rollercoasters, etc. Hah…ur would be miserable!

Answer #24

Well, there is no specific age at which you should get pregnant. It’s whenever you feel ready and preferably have a good job, husband, stable income,etc. Oh, and not being a teen would probably help.

Answer #25

The only person who has any kind of problems is you hun. You need to grow up. We older girls know a lot more about life then some little kid like you. Instead of saying that girl has anger problem you need to realize ur problems and get help.

Answer #26

You’re kidding rite?

Answer #27

okay first of all…. IT NOT WRONG TO THINK ABOUT IT! second of all….. I dont do SLEEPOVERS FAIRS AND ROLLERCOASTERS. i take care of my family school and family are all i do ALL day. AND I LOVEEE IT! when i finish highschool im going to college im gonna be a O.B. AND I DONT WANT ANY MAN TO TOUCH MY BABY.

Answer #28

um no!

Answer #29

I dont want a man to TOUCH my baby

Answer #30

If you got pregnant now… Your life would probably be ruined. Just so you know. Kids are a huuuuuuge responsability.

Answer #31

pahaha how pathetic you dont want the man who has made your baby to touch it ? the baby isnt some kind of toy ¬_¬

Answer #32

It dont matter what you do. It was a dumb question. Ur getting mad because you dont like what others are telling you. Oh…and BTW!!!…I was setting examples of what all you would lose by getting pregnant. You say you love taking care of your family and all that what not. Well guess what hun all that would be gone too! All your attention goes to the baby. And a coupe months after the baby you will be like “OMG…I should have just shut up and listened to all those people” But instead ur get an anger problem cause we tell you the truth. Little girl, first grow up and get outta diapers before asking this. Ur barely outta diapers and wanting to put diapers on something that would only be 13 or so yrs younger. You have problems and need help ASAP!

Answer #33

See there you go again with the anger issues. Hah…if your like this with us I can only imagine how you would be when that poor child got older. Get over ur anger issues and grow up. Be atleast 18 or older to have a baby. You have ur whole life ahead of you. Ur only 13 friggin years old. When you get about 16 ur gonna want freedom away from home, but if you have a baby…well ur SOL!!! Sorry hun, life isnt fair. Having a baby at this age could do bad damage to ur body, u could have a miscarriage. I love kids as well. Me and my husband were planning our marriage before I got pregnant, but when we found out I was pregnant we had to get married sooner than we were expecting to. Dont ruin ur life with something you can prevent from happening until ur absolutely ready and u have a good enviroment for the baby as well. And have a man in your life that will stay there.

Answer #34

OMG…what are you going to do. try to get pregnant by a girl. HAHAHAHAH You have ALOT of growing up to do. You dont want a MAN to touch ur baby…girl…idk what even say to something that stupid. GROW UP!!!

Answer #35

I lost my verginity at 12…. yaeh i said 12. It was the worst thing i could ever do to myself!!! as I grew up ive realized that life is not about sex or babies But its about enjoying the SOOOOOO many things u cando i8n jife…. thats what im trying to do…. just enjoy life!!!

Answer #36


Answer #37

i dont HAVE an anger problem i understand what you guys are saying

Answer #38

thanks for sharing tht story with me i appreciate it :)

Answer #39

First of all : I am not getting mad at people. I respect them for their answers. Second of all:YOU DONT KNOW MY LIFE. thirdly:I AM PAYING ATTENTION, I DONT HAVE AN ANGER PROBLEM, i AM NOT IN DIAPERS, I WAS OUT OF DIAPERS WHEN I WAS 4, and i DONT need help there is nothing wrong with asking questions. I wanted to know what was RIGHT for my baby! I didnt say i was getting preg anytime soon!

Answer #40

Okay guys i asked you what AGE i didnt say i was getting preg anytime soon okay?! I dont have an anger prob yeah, I get angry sometimes when you guys assume i am getting preg soon i didnt even say that all i wanted is to know about babies and know what age!

Answer #41

I dont have anger issues :) I dont abuse thats just WRONG. Look i forced my self to grow up. I need to take care of my family, Look you just dont understand :) I am almost 14. I dont want freedom when im 16 im not like other teenagers. I dont even have interest in boys. I dont like a man in my life my mother is a single mother and she dosent want a man in her life as well.

Answer #42

No. I will get preg by a man but not my bf i wont have one. I am grown up and I am not gonna take a risk. You will never understand.

Answer #43

no prob.

Answer #44

So you’re going to deprive your child of a father? And lol, how do you expect to have a kid without a man?

Answer #45

Haha you were 4 I was 2

Answer #46

No i got out of dippers when i was two not I got out of dippers too

Answer #47

Well if it’s a boy you should have a father cuz i girl can never be a dad and guys need there dads to grow up with girls not as much but they still do

Answer #48

quit saying “My baby” You dont have one yet. Look im 23 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Today I had to go to doc cause of how bad I was hurting. Come to find out im having contractions. Im like 4 days away from 6 months. I suppose to have 3 months to go. Being pregnant is NOT fun. So just chill out.

Answer #49

Look no matter what happened to you in ur past will not effect ur baby. For the baby to have a stable enviroment to live in he or she needs to have a father. Getting pregnant by a man then leaving him once you find out ur pregnant is irresponcible and stupid. No we dont know what has happened in ur past. But from what I can gather something involving you with an older male has happened. And im truley sorry if something did happen. But you have to think about what will be good for your baby and not just for you. I been thro a lot of bad stuff myself. Dont ever say ur the only one out there that something like that has happened to. I promise ur not. Just chill out. Its ok.

Answer #50

Thats good you understand hun. We do NOT mean to be harsh or rudetowards you in any way. But if you dont want these types of responses make sure ur question is posted clearly enough for us to understand. You cant just ask “What age should I get pregnant?” without us thinking WTH is she thinking. You understand?

And the whole man thing seems a little too far fetched hun. Something must have happened to you in your past. And I want to say that im very sorry about whatever has happened. Just think that whatever did happen has made you into the person you are today. I and many of ppl around us have made the huge mistake multiple times to keep a grudge on our past. If you do that you will ruin your childs life. Your child needs a stable home with a mother and father. You dont want your child growing up knowing you got pregnant by some man then left him cause you got what you wanted and then left the child with no father b/c you were drowned in your own twisted way of life. Just b/c something bad happened to you in your child hood does not mean it will happen to your child. For him or her to have a good life they need a mother and father. Please take what I have said into consideration if you want the best for your child when your ready to have one. I hope I have helped. Sorry for all I have said outta line before this.

Answer #51

Look I am talking about babies NOT DIAPERS.

Answer #52

I believe it….

Answer #53

I never had a dad. I am JUST fine.

Answer #54

My dad left my mom when she told him that shes keepiing the baby. And no it is not. Think about what can happen if you have a father even if you know him for years. They can put on an act my best friend got molested by her big sisses husband and her big sis didnt even believe her.Nope never had sex. And yes i am i dont want anyone to hurt my baby and i asked i didnt say I am gonna get pregnant at age 13 no I WONT. one of my friends got preg at 14 so i know having a mom to take care of your baby is HORRIBLE..

Answer #55

Look, Dont talk to me like im some 8 yr old i am mature i cook, clean for my family and more. my moms dad i have to live with him okay? HE IS HORRIBLE A LAZY ASS WHO LAYS ON HIS BUTT ALL DAY! hes like 233 pounds. I want the best life for my baby. if he/she gets a lil older and wantes a dad i will give him/her one… nothing has happened to me. having to take care of my fmaily constantly i barely even get any computer time. They say go there do this do that. And really i love taking care of my family. And i want more. I didnt say at this age. Look she will understand i didnt want anything to happen to her. I just wont take a chance.

Answer #56

my life isnt great now.

Answer #57

Yaa well are you sure about that? Boys expeclly need toooo

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