Age of Conan system requirements

OK so if anyone plays WoW and likes that kind of game, the new Age of Conan just came out a couple of weeks ago, and it looks AMAZING.

I got it installed and it runs on my desktop but it’s really slow and laggy. I know it calls for some pretty serious system requirements, so I was wondering if you guys could help me identify the problem.

My processor is Intel 4 3.2 ghz 1G RAM 256MB Nvidia GeForce 6800 video card

The minimum specs are 3.0gHz processor, 1G ram, and 128MB video card, recommended NVIDIA GeForce 5800 or ATI 9800.

Now, it seems to me that I have those minimum requirements. I’ve already ordered another Gig of RAM to upgrade to see if that will help. Anyone have other suggestions on how to make it run better? It’s already on the lowest video setting possible and it’s almost impossible to play. I can’t figure out why. Is it because I don’t have dualcore processor? Do I need a better video card? Help?

Answer #1

Yeah its not because of the dualcore that should make it better, it would be your video card and ram, usually if the game says 128 still go for atleast a 512 card. Something good like an ATI or nVidia Geforce card nothing low quality. The low quality ones wil over heat, and how is it? Is it a world game like WoW? I love WoW and I can’t wait for D3 haha :) let me know the game is :)

Oh also dont get the new video card unless the extra ram doesnt work properlly because RAM is the most important thing, another thing is what are you running for an Operatin system? and check you graphics accelerator.

Answer #2

The RAM most likely will not boost the framerate of the game much at all. Although, I would be wrong.

There are different versions of the 6800. The 6800GT is nowhere near as fast as the 6800 ultra.

I have seen a similar setup in an old DELL xps PC. If you have PCI-express, maybe you should upgrade the videocard to a geforce 8600, or radeon 3850.

Answer #3

Awesome, thanks djwager

I was able to run the game enough to create a character and finish the first quest. It seems a lot darker than WoW, and definitely more advanced of a game. If you like WoW and your computer can handle AoC, I’d try it out. I really want to get my system working to play it :) Hopefully the RAM comes soon.

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