Should I go to Africa someday?

I’ve always wanted to go to Africa. It’s been a dream of mine. When I went to go see The Lion King I was fascinated.

I know it’s a dangerous place, that’s why I’m cautious of going. I would want to go with a church group or my school. I know there is a lot of racism there and I am white. My dad said that I would be a target because I’m white, I’m a girl, I’m a BLONDE girl, and I’m petite.

(The reason I would want to go to Africa is for volunteering.)

Answer #1

Omg, don’t get all those stereotypes in your head and stop you from doing what you want to do. Not EVERYOE is racist in Africa and that goes for anywhere else in the world. Plenty of white people, including girls with blond hair, have gone to Africa and had no problems. I think you should look into the culture and the place in general more because there’s a lot more to it than the lion king. I say go for it of course! You’ll open your world to new perspectives and experiences.

Answer #2

One of my friends just came back from her trip to Africa. She said that it was very hot. Very impoverished. Most of the time there was no cold drinking water. No modern style bathrooms,etc. and despite all that the people where super nice. So, in her opinion it was an eye opening, worthwhile experience.

Answer #3

First of all ANY PLACE IN THE WORLD is DANGEROUS, just to get that straight. Second, don’t like stereotypes and movies and commercials you’ve seen about Africa discouraged you. Not all of Africa is the same, go there and explore the CONTINENT you’ll learn that many of the countries have cities just like in the states, and cars and paved roads. Yes there are countries dirt poor, but that’s not the fate of every country in Africa.

Answer #4

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I think that world travel is a very important experience in life. It helps you to see how other people live and it opens your eyes to what exists outside your life.

I went on a trip to Ecuador when I was 16 years old with my school. I was hesitant at first, but I got such a better appreciation for the little things in my life afterwards. The things I took for granted every day were considered luxuries in Ecuador, like a hot shower for example. I did a community service project for a week there and now I have the satisfaction of saying I helped repair a school for children living in poverty and gave them English classes. I also saw the Amazon. The bugs and snakes were scary to think about at first, but when I was actually in the Amazon, they didn’t seem so scary anymore.

My point is, that you shouldn’t let fear stop you from having an amazing experience that will change your life! Don’t travel alone. If you could find a group to go with (like a school group or a group of friends), that would be your best option. Safety in numbers!

Good luck!

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