How am I going to afford cheer when my parents are out of work?

i have 2 months to make 2,000 dollars so i can do cheer this upcoming season. my dads out of work and my moms a stay at home mom so money from them is out of the option. i dont know what to do for money and babysitting is out too cause there arent any little kids in my neighborhood. ive been on the squad 2 years and dont want to lose my promised place as captain this upcoming season! please help me!

Answer #1

If ur in US try title 20

Answer #2

whats that?

Answer #3

Try to get a job yourself? :) it depends on how old you are. <3

and remember to support your parents , i’m sure they’re doing the best they can.

Answer #4

ask ur parents about unemployment checks until they find a job or ask your grandparents if they can pay it until your parents get back to work :)

Answer #5

Its something through the government that shud b able to help pay for ur uniform and cheer camp, ur parents or cheer instructor has to apply for it, u can get an app at ur local Job and Family Services, my friend gets them for her kids every year

Answer #6

I’m sorry your parents are out of work right now, sadly maybe people are having employment problems. I’m sure your parents are doing the best they can and honestly affording Cheer is probably not high on their priority list (Things like rent, hydro, heat, food etc, have got to come first). I would suggest trying to find a job yourself so you can pay for it yourself. Heck, trying writing some how to and tips here on Funadvice, you can actually make some descent money doing it. Good luck, I hope everything works out.

Answer #7

Good advice

Answer #8

thanks for your advice! (: but i cant really get a job though cause im only 15

Answer #9

your 15, at your age your just old enough to get a job and canstart working yourself now, get a job either at a fast food resteraunt or soemthing else you might have some qualifications or knowlege about and save EVERYTHING. you can also do chores for extra money (even neighbours) and sell things you own and dont need anymore at a garage sale or pawn shop. you could also make soemthing…like coloufull braceletes to help you with your goal and tell people all the money goes towards you being able to stay on the team

Answer #10

You can try and talk to the coach and see if you can pay it little by little, and find a job or something, or babysit and walk dogs if you can’t work yet to make some money.

Answer #11

Well, If things don’t work out then you really have to take things into consideration that you can’t be on the cheerleading squad. mainly you have to give up things you love if you can’t have them or afford them. try to get a job yourself if you really want it that bad. but really 2,000 dollars in 2 months will maybe be impossible. i mean you probably have to give up on this one and try out the year after if your parents have money. but how are you spending for everything else if your parents aren’t making money?

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