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I’m 16 years old. I want to be pregnant. I dont want to hear ‘your to young’. I love babies, and I want a belly so bad, I love those things:). Um , I don’t know if I want to be now, but I’d like some advice on everything . The whole being pregnant, body changes and giving birth thing like everything I need to know. Just so I know for when I am (might be years from now, god knows). Thanks guys :) muahh Ps: I dont want you guys to think I want to just go out and get pregnant with any random guy. I’ve been with one guy for 1 year and 9 months :)

Answer #1

I can understand how adorable babies can be, and the process of becoming a mother can be completely admirable. I too want to have a baby when I am older, but with someone I love and know will never leave me, that I have financial stability for that child so that I can raise, take care, and provide it with whatever it needs and wants, and also that the familial background is healthy for the child. If I’m going to have a baby, I want that baby to be happy. Don’t just get pregnant because the idea of having a baby seems great, have a baby as a symbol of your love, your effort, and your desire to raise someone else as a good individual through love and care, ensuring that child’s happiness. Also the responsibility of a mother is much more than meets the eye. An actual mother has more responsibility than any other person in that baby’s life. You have to fully comprehend that, as well as your partner. Also let me tell you this, having a baby is not always as easy as it seems, the chances of actually getting pregnant for most healthy women is actually only slightly over 50%, for having a healthy baby. That means there’s a chance for abnormality, especially when you have a child too young or too old. Before going for that baby, take these things into serious consideration, this is another life we are talking about, not just you wanting to become a mother, but an actual life that will need to learn how to live in this world, and preferably in a safe environment. A mother’s true responsibility and duty to her child is to protect, nourish, and devote her life to that child. You need to understand this before actually thinking about having a baby. And from your post, it doesn’t seem as if you have fully considered these things.

Answer #2

Now that I have posted what I thought of your post, I will also answer your question. You normally won’t know you’re pregnant until after being late right? Well usually when you realize that you are already 4 weeks pregnant. It has to do with your hormones taking a downshift and usually prevents the period from occurring. Get ready for a lot of moodswings, also. Hmm you won’t see a belly until development of the limbs is over and it’s time for just growth of the baby in the womb which usually occurs around week 9 until the end of the nine months. Alcohol is a big no no as it will risk the development of the baby’s brain throughout the entire pregnancy, the same goes for therapeutic drugs and other illegal drugs. Yes therapeutic drugs can have devastating results on the baby. Of course you should know that during the pregnancy there will be no more periods. Only after the birth will you bleed for about 3 weeks if I remember correctly from my conception and birth class. There are of course weird cravings, swelling, difficulty in bending, danger in excessive movement or lifting, NO CAFFEINE, and of course at the time to give birth there will be the water sac breaking and you will feel a rush of water run uncontrollably down your legs, quite a few hours of labor to get your dilation to about 10 inches to start into the push phase, and finally the pushing which of course will hurt like hell and make you wish you were dying instead (as I have heard from my mother) if you wish to go without pain relievers. There are a lot of things that go into pregnancy, I suggest you look up more things about it online as I can not type it all out for you.

Answer #3

you know, I think that EVERY teenage girl feels like this, at some point or another (I being one myself) however, whenever I start to feel like all I want to do is fastforward and see of what it’s like to be a mom, I go to my aunt’s. she has two little boys who are 2 and 3. usually about one day there with it mostly being MY responsibility to watch them…I’m done with the idea of being a mom for a LOOONG time. I dont think that stephanie was being rude, but I also dont think that you’re completely in the wrong. I mean, it’s something that YOU want to do with YOUR life, but that still doesnt necessarily make it right. just remember, whatever you do, nothing can be undone. we’re not all going to make mistakes, wake up one morning and it all be gone…it’ll ALWAYS be there. I wish you the best, and I hope that you make the right decision for not only you, but your “not so much alive” baby too. :)

Answer #4

Having a baby can be really scary for the guy. Have you talked to your boyfriend about being a father? Some guys can’t handle it when they are adults. I would encourage you to get a job as a live in nanny before you take the plunge into motherhood. It’s a tough gig. Maybe you and your boyfriend could get a pet, to see how you will work together as parents, and try to figure out if your values as parents mesh. As far as the body changes. Picture growing an alien in jello in your stomach, and then pushing that alien out of your vagina. It hurts. Your hoo will never be the same. Prego bellies are cute in the second trimester. The first three months you just look fat, and the last three… well just look at them. Your hips change position, so those hip hugger pants don’t fit the same. Then for the next year after the alien is born, you will hopefully be sharing your breasts with him/her. So I hope your boyfriend doesnt get jealous.

Answer #5

Stephanie god be a little nicer I agree with kaylann.

sweets my advice to yooh is sit down and see how yoor going to afford nappies formula etc and were yooh will be living k sweets and what job yoor boyfriend will have at the time etc

Answer #6

Your too cool… haha.. yeah um no… Think about it, do you even have any money? and so what if you are with ONE guy for ONE year? If your going to have a child, at least be with someone longer than that…and also.. go ahead, and do us all a damn favor…stay in school dumbass. :D

xxx. superfresh.

Answer #7

I agree with superfresh. think about it, a lot before you do it. im sure it would be a lot harder than you think. I mean its pretty hard for some adults. and your just a kid. you should wait until you can give your baby EVERYTHING..

Answer #8

How is that encouraging them? I was simply saying we cant stop them and hating on someone who is already pregnant is pointless. Find something better to waste your time on and stop lerking my advice its sort of creepy.

Answer #9

Just because you love babies gives you no rite to have one. Get a puppy or something. Education >> Career >> Stable relationship >> Marriage >> Financially stable >> THEN baby.

Answer #10

lol, if that was rude you dont want to know what I was thinking. If you were a little older, maybe you’d realize it isnt about what you want, but what is best for the baby. Having a mother who is a little more mature and financially stable is what is best for any kid. Why the hurry? You’ll find out what it’s like to have a baby when you’re older and ready for one…

Answer #11

Hello Hon. Your In High School. That’s hard enough without having to care for a baby. Plus how are you going to get the money to buy your baby’s food clothes and diapers. I mean half of the adults in the world can’t even care for a baby. And Not to be mean or nothing but we don’t need anymore uneducated mothers in the world who think they know everything about raising a kid but guess what you don’t.

Answer #12

um stephanie. I seen some of your advice. saying ‘we should support the people who want to be pregnant’ .. but it dont seem like your supporting her to much. IF YOU GUYS DIDNT READ SHE SAID ‘’ might be years from now, god knows” .. Personally. I think its a great thing. I never had a kid, haha but my mom just had one and she was so happy throughout her pregnancy, it made me so happy. just talk to your boyfriend about it. and see where it goes from there. and dont worry about what everyones saying.. there are kids way younger than you with a child. hope everything works out for the best <3 PEACEEE.

Answer #13

she talks about supporting people who are pregnant, not encouraging those who want to be..

Answer #14

Lets see this advice I apparently posted, link please? And how was my advice on the rude side?

Answer #15

stephanie you wanted the link ? here you go ..

Answer #16

your one to talk. your the one who comments on everyones questions. anyways .. whatever

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