What if my friend's mom doesn't like me?

Well I guess my Best Friends Mom thinks I take advantage of her. Her Mom has NO clue what are friendship is like if she thinks I take advantage of her. If I am such a bad friend why does my friend want to hangout with me all the time? I know Im a good friend. Also I do everythnig for her.
*I borrow money to her
*I commfort her when she's sad
*I tell her my deepest secrets because I know I can trust her
*We hangout constanly
*I always tell her she's my Best friend
***There is so much other stuff that I do for her. You dont even realize. And obviously her mother doesnt. It seems whenever her Mother gets upset, she blames it on me?! I dont understand. I AM A GOOD FRIEND. I think her mom has problems. What should we do?

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I know exactly how you feel. Honestly, just ignore her. I mean, ignore the mean things she's doing. If you and your friend know you're a good person, that's all that matters.

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Get to know her mother better. I was in a similar situation before--a close friend's mother hated me because I practice Witchcraft. Well, we didn't let it stop us being friends, and I was always as polite as possible to this woman, and now I'm fairly certain she likes me.

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Her Mom blames me for everything. And Im a good person. I come from a good family, I dont smoke, I dont drink, I dont do drugs. I dont do anything Im not suppose to. And we have a lot of fun when were together. Her Mom always thinks she knows everything about everything and its causing problems. I dont know what to do. I honestly think our friendship might be over. :'(

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Also I am always nice to evyone I meet. I am known for being nice to everyone at school and everyone. Teachers always compliment me on how kind and sweet I am. I try, but I dont know what Im doing wrong. ???

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Yes but, she has even taken it to the level where she has forbidden us to hangout anymore. I dont know what made her so upset all of a sudden.

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Its okay now. I got other friends anyways. Their Moms always thought I was a good influence and really nice, so I guess thats better.

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