How to get into the adult industry.

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Turning up for an audition with a Partner will in no way get you in the door... All eyes will be on her and her performance and she might get a job. Men have to be able to prove themselfs in many different ways like, fluff them selves up when out in the cold and in front of a production crew... Can a man come on demand or will the director have to endure excuses as to why the cost of the movie has doubled because Mr. New to the game cant get a boner...

Try they will put you straight if you are no good. Ladies always welcome!

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I've been told if you're a male you audition with a female, they are more in demand. Find a woman and you got your in.

Females, be open to a lot. Make a list of what you're willing to do.

How to get into the adult industry?

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There are always open auditions man!
Remember Seymour Butts' rule...
New dicks equals new

Mandy, how can I make it big in the movie industry?
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are you talking about porn??

How many films must you make daily in the adult film industry?

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you got a female yet because I'm willing

Government adult group homes
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best website for info

Adult Group Home

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you need to study the industry or get in the industry as a worker

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Send pictures or videos of yourself in sexual acts to Adult producing entertainment establishments.

What do you think about people going into the porn industry?

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