What does an I.P. address tell you?

I’ve been banned from 4chan T_T But the thing is.. I don’t recall the post it’s talking about. It’s telling me my I.P. address. But can more than one PC have the same I.P. address? Like , sharing a wireless connection - could that give you an identical I.P. address ‘cause I seriously doubt it was me that posted.. Any explanation? :/

Answer #1

All computers have a unique I.P. address. However, if you have multiple computers on ONE connection, (like using a wireless router or something), the I.P. address will be the same on all of the computers on that connection.

Answer #2

Must’ve been my step-brother >< it’s a two week ban as well!

Answer #3

Aw, that sucks. :/

Answer #4

an i p address is a Internet Protocol address which is its long name. It help connect you with other computer with an i p adress. The only thing a i p adress will tell you is binary code which is so other computers can read the adress. Your ip adress changes every couple of seconds.:) Hope this helped.

Answer #5

How can it change every couple of seconds yet the website still recognises mine from days ago as the same thing? And could it then be the same for two different computers hooked up to the same wireless router?

Answer #6

Your IP address does not change every few seconds. If you go to this website http://funadvice.com/r/berssg0e7pk it will show you your IP address. Check back in 1 minute, 5 minutes, or even 2 days…and it will be the same, unless you change connections by going to a different network on wi-fi or something. My IP address has been the same for a while now, so I know for a fact it doesn’t change every few seconds.

Answer #7

The IP Address belongs to the person providing internet access. Its different for every provider of internet access. You just use it temporarily to access the internet.

Here’s the thing. Every computer needs an ID to identify itself on the internet. The IP address assigned to you is this ID. Typically, your IP address can change every time you start up your computer. In practice if you remain with the same provider, it may not change that frequently. :)

Answer #8

Well, my IP address stays the same. It’s been the same ever since I got it. It doesn’t change every time I restart. I don’t know what you are talking about.

Answer #9

Have you checked?

Answer #10

…I forgot to quote one of my paragraphys :). sorry

Answer #11

Yes, otherwise I would not be disagreeing with you. I actually check my IP address often, just to see if it changes, as I have been told it changes before as well. I’ve checked it every couple of days for the past couple of months. It’s always the same.

Answer #12

How often your WAN IP address (wide area network aka the IP the world sees) changes depends on your ISP. Some ISP’s have static IP address so it never changes. Others that have dynamic, and then it depends on how long their lease time is. But most ISP with dynamic IP address have a lease time of several days for your IP address. Mine has a lease time of 5 days I believe, but as long as there is no conflict with renewing you to the same IP address you usually keep the same IP address. For the most part mine only changes every other month or so. Now if you have several computers on one internet connection, their LAN IP (local area network) is determined by your router, and that can change very often.

Answer #13

Yes ! I agree with you Angelee27 . I would like to share something about ip address here : An IP address is an Internet Protocol address. It is used to identify all the websites on the internet. Each IP address is unique and it is separated by periods. For example : . It ranges from 0 to 255. Each and every website have an IP address. For example, an IP address for Google.com is and that is how the internet identifies it. Generally, ip address is very difficult to remember by the visitors. So, they type domain name ( google.com/yahoo.com etc ) in the browser and it is converted to the destination address . This conversion process is done by DNS ( Domain name system / Domain Name Server ). There are two types of ip addresses:

  1. Private Ip address
  2. Public Ip address Private ip address is also known as internal ip of your computer. To get the ip address of a computer use the following steps: start->run->cmd-> ipconfig or start->run->cmd->ipconfig/all It shows your internal ip address. Public or external ip address is used to access the internet. To determine your public ip address visit the site http://www.ip-details.com/ .
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