I am only 17 and had unpretected sex,

I have been on the pill for a little over a month. when I took the pill with out the hormone, I got my period as expected.
I just started today and im not supossed to start for three more weeks. I missed the pill a few times and my boyfriend has came in me twice in one day recently. is this my period or could I be pregnant??? im only seventeen. and im freaking out. please. help

can the pill mess up my cycle though??? or is the bleeding because I could be pregnant? cause its not like my regular periods. it looks different and I didnt have my usual backpain and cramps like ususal you know?? I know I shouldnt have let him do that but I thought I would be ok since I was on the pill

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The pill is hormonal therapy and it can take months for your body to become regulated to it. So there may be times when the period is irregular in timing and flow. What the pill does is to stop you from ovulating. That is why it is so important to take it regularly. If you are not going to be serious about using it responsibily, then you should not be having sex. And remember that the pill only protects you from pregnancy, not STDs. So you are putting yourself in danger by having unprotected sex. Yes, I know you believe your boyfriend when he tells you that you are the only one. I don't. Good luck and be responsible for your long and healthy life.

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If you have been on the pill for a cycle and now you are taking the non-hormonal pills, you are protected. If you miss taking a NON-HORMONAL pill it does NOT matter, they are just sugar pills that are included to KEEP you in the habit of taking a pill every day.
After the seven days of the sugar pills you have to immediately start a new pack of pills. To be clear, if you miss a day of the sugar pill, throw it away. There should only be a gap of 7 days between your last HORMONAL pill of your old pack, and the first HORMONAL pill of your new pack.
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Good Luck!!

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