Would you become less addicted to FunAdvice if you didn't get points?

Answer #1

Nope not me

Answer #2

how abt if u couldn’t have followers or follow people?? Just curious like a cat lol…

Answer #3

Don’t think it wud matter to me as long as I was helpin someone

Answer #4

Interesting Thanks for helping we need people like u however; I would be less addicted for sure.

Answer #5

Welcome and thx, and I understand

Answer #6

I dont even notice my points!! I could care less…

Answer #7


Answer #8

When I first joined FunAdvice, there were no points. There wasn’t even the status update board … just the question board. I do miss the groups feature, but that’s supposed to come back in a modified manner.

Answer #9

Nope. The points have no impact on why I’m here. I’m here because I enjoy helping people and sharing my opinions. Much like for Colleen, there were no points, leader boards, or status updates when I first joined.

Answer #10

No, I just like answering questions when I’m bored.

Answer #11

completely agree i just like answering peoples questions and helping them out, and its always nice getting other peoples feed back on things i ask.

Answer #12

Yep! Cmon…Its fun advice right? Not points advice!!

Answer #13

thank you thats why i get upset when people give one word answers. yes its ok to disagree but explain why you disagree or why you gave that anwer ya know

Answer #14

Points are a secondary thing.

I like to see which posts other ppl like. But I really don’t care whether I get 1 point or 7 points for a “like”.

Answer #15

No because I dont notice them and there is nothing to do with them

Answer #16

Yea,bt sometimes peopl jus wana say or judge watevr n nt explain themselves cz they kno they re wrong..shrugs

Answer #17

I used to be addicted when FA didn’t have points because now people try really hard because there are points. When points first started we had alot of spamming because people wanted points so badly. It’s not about the points to me, it’s about trying to help people out with their questions and have good banter along the way! lol :)

Answer #18

right, its like if you don’t have an answer then just don’t answer the question, when people say things like doubt it, to me thats not even a legit answer and also has a since of sarcasm in it,

Answer #19

Nope :) I don’t really care about points much :P Its fun and I like giving advice, thats all :D

Answer #20

u said sinse instead of sense!!lol n that makes up for the mistake i made with ur name!!:)

Answer #21

haha i do that all the time and realized after i already posted it so i was like ah….maybe nobody will notice but you mr. did in fact notice haha

Answer #22

No. I hardly answer anything anyway lol I’m only here to keep in touch with my friends. If it weren’t for them, I would have been gone a longggg time ago.

Answer #23

No… It is the people that I come here for… (: I don’t care about the points so much… (:

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