When do you add liquid fabric softener to your laundry, eg, at the beginning of the load or later on?

Answer #1

When i used to use it, i put it in before in the fabric softner spot in the middle of the washer. I use dryer sheets now though, because when i go out if you use liquid fabric softer or liquid detergent you can see the lines on your clothes under the blacklights where it was poured.

Answer #2

Same here, I use dryer sheets. When I used liquid, I’d put it before, in the actual washer to let it mix in with the water. I never thought to use a black light, though. :)

Answer #3

Not sure if they have dryer sheets anywhere in this country, but, I’m going to look for some tomorrow.

Answer #4

The bottle of fabric softener should say on it.

Answer #5

We put ours in on the rinse cycle.

Answer #6

Doing some laundry aren’t we? Yea, it goes on the rinse cycle. I use drier sheets because sometimes I forget and have to get another rinse on so I can put softener.

Here is a tip. Never use fabric softener for towels and dry them on the low heat setting. They will still feel soft because of the low heat but they will be so absorbent now!! When you use softeners with towels it removes some of the absorbent qualities.

Answer #7

Didn’t know that about the towels … good tip.

Answer #8

I haven’t seen any… that’s why we have the liquid stuff :(

Answer #9

What country are you in Jeremy? I thought you were in California.

Answer #10

Try the new Bounce dryer bar! It’s awesome! :)

Answer #11

@imunderurbed - I moved to Maldives in August…been here for nearly a year. Before that, California for almost 7 years. Miss it, sometimes :)

Answer #12

in my washing machine you add it at the beginning of the wash cycle. It has this special thing to put it in and it just does everything for you! Its genius. It sings a rather annoying song when its finished too…

Answer #13

Maldives? I have to look at a map.

Answer #14

OMG!!!!!!!! That tiny island!??? Or is there another Maldives?

Where’s Wal-Mart? lol! Look’s like you can jog around the island in a few hours! I would go crazy! Talk about getting away from it all.

Answer #15

Wait….I just looked it up again and it looks like tiny islands and water in between them.. How do you get around one islet to the other? Is there ever a Tsunami, I don’t think there will be no more land left. Sorry for the images…)

Answer #16

Hey Jeremy, Is this where you live?? That’s beautiful!

Answer #17

wow you sure know alot about doing londry ;)

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