What are some things I could add to chocolate cake to kick it up a notch?

Answer #1

Coffee. :-)

Answer #2

LOTS OF CHOCOLATE CHIPS! i broke the law instead of adding only 2 cups i added about 4 and its tasted amazing!

Answer #4

Yes I remember, I was looking for some ideas other than like traditional things and make it a little differant, u know wat I mean? I’m a little risky when it comes to cookin, I like to try differant things :-) so just lookin for differant ideas is all

Answer #5

Use sour cream.

Answer #6

Snds interesting and differant, I will put that on my list, thx :-)

Answer #7

U must go to jail now!!!! Lol

Answer #8

No problem.

Answer #9

chocolate chip is love shape…;-)

Answer #10


Answer #11

Mmmmm more chocolatey that’s always good

Answer #12

That’s differant, it doesn’t make the cake gooey?

Answer #13

Chips snd good though :-)

Answer #14


Answer #15

You could use a spice like nutmeg or cinnamon.

Answer #16

Mmmmm on the list it goes :-)

Answer #17

you could put walnuts and rum extract. Alcohol evaporates when you cook or bake but leaves the taste.

Answer #18

On to the list

Answer #19

chocolate chips, snickers peices. m&ms, milkyway, any candy really and Peanut butter.

Answer #20

Ok will make a note of that thx

Answer #21

Mmmmmm snickers :-)

Answer #22
  1. I say baileys for the win…:P That will give it a zing.
  2. Can always turn a plain traditional chocolate cake into a yummy black forest cake but you might need some cherries & whip cream :P
Answer #23

peanut butter….its amazing

Answer #24

I love Baileys, on the list it goes thx :-)

Answer #25

Everyone is sayin peanut butter so gotta try it

Answer #26

if you are a big chocolate fan, top it off with fresh chocolate shavings, mix white, dark and milk chocolate shavings, the color array will give it an artistic and elegant look, and the slight mix of taste will give it a real stand out.

Answer #27

its really good =)

Answer #28

Thank you everyone for all the great ideas, I appreciate it :-)

Answer #29

no prob sweetie..glad to help! :)

Answer #30

My mom makes amazing chocolate cupcakes it involves putting a scoop of cream cheese blended with sugar and chocolate chips in the middle of the cupcake, like you scoop some cake batter in put a scoop of the cream cheese mixture into the middle then pour some more cake mixture and when it comes out of the oven the chocolate chips are melted and cream cheese is warm and mmmmmm haha so good.

Answer #31

That does snd good mmmmmm

Answer #32

Yep I do looooove chocolate

Answer #33

Your lists getting pretty big eh lol

Answer #34

Yep my list is gettin big and yummy

Answer #35

Peanut butter

Answer #36

Maybe you could use cream cheese icing instead of normal icing?

Answer #37

Make chocolate mousse and use it as the filling. Also, chocolate collars are nice. Get some baking paper the same height and length of the cake, spread melted chocolate over it and wrap it around the cake. Let it set then peel off the paper.

Answer #38

That’s interesting and snds good

Answer #39

What you could add to the dough…

  • Nests of Nutella
  • White Chocolate (grab a bar and break it into small pieces)
  • Soft fruits (banana or pear is great with chocolate)

You could use as decoration…

  • Hazelnut brittle
  • Nutella
  • colored sugar crumble
Answer #40

Some say light alcohol…

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