Who do you think is the better actor between Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio?

Also list your personal favorite actor and actress. Mine I have two actors - Johnny Depp & Kevin Bacon. Actress um…err Kristie Alley, Fran Drescher, Roseanne Bar, and Sandra Bullock

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Answer #2

JOHNNY D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #3

Johnny Depp!!!

Answer #4

I also like brad Pitt and George clooney, both great actors and cool in person. Especially george… I like how hes like 45 and still a playboy kind of haha

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Answer #6

Well I think they both have done a wonderful job with the roles they chose. Favorites: Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood as well as Jodie Foster and Jennifer Aniston.

Answer #7

Well u couldnt have got anyone better then leonardo dicaprio to play jack in titanic

Answer #8

True! It’s sad that’s like the basic highlight of his entire career. When people think DiCaprio they don’t think Inception or What’s eating Gilbert Grape…they go straight to that. Unlike with Depp people refer to many of his movies - The Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland…

Answer #9

Leonardo DiCaprio. My favorite actor is probably Jake Gyllenhaal. (I definitely recommend seeing the movie “Brothers”, if you haven’t already. So good.) I like Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, too. Most of the movies that those two are in aren’t disappointing! Hmm. I also like Zac Efron haha, I have the biggest crush on him. I feel really lame for saying that, but whaaatever. I saw “The Lucky One” a few weeks ago, and I thought he played his role really good. A lot of reviews disagree, but oh well. haha.

Answer #10

OMG how could I forget about Tom friggin Hanks I love him! I love Polar Express (i have no idea what other movies he has done) Clint Eastwood haven’t seen ANY of his work but people say “do you feel lucky punk? well do ya?”

Answer #11

Leo. I tend to avoid Depp movies, I never like them…at all. Especially all the Tim Burton bullsh1t.

Answer #12

Johnny Depp, hands down. He can change his face so you can’t recognize. His accents are spot on. He was a born actor (no i don’t have a crush on him lol)

Answer #13

Out of the two, Johnny Depp.

Answer #14

Leonardo DiCaprio

Answer #15

Johnny Depp!

Answer #16

Honestly, I adore both, but Pirates of the Carribean totally won me over :L so, sorry Leo.

Answer #17

i think it depends on the role they are playing …johnny for funny and leo for more serious roles

Answer #18

Actually when I here DiCaprio I think of Inception and Revolutionary road.

Answer #19

Well I do have to say, that Johnny Depp portrays the perfect character for pirates of the Carribean, Willy Wonka, and some of those Tim Burton movies (Edward Scissorhands). But that is just because he is funny and witty.

. I still pick Leonardo DiCaprio as a better actor. He is perfect for action movies, romance, drama, and he is just so amazing. One of my favorite actors of all time. His movies are better than the ones that Johnny Depp is in. Plus he can act emotional scenes better than Johnny.

Answer #20

for Tom Hanks think Forrest Gump, Sleepless in Seattle, Philadelphia, Splash and the movie (Castaway) where he was on a deserted island with the basketball named Wilson.

For Eastwood think Dirty Harry, A FistFul of Dollars, Hang ‘Em High, Witness, and dozens of others

Answer #21

They’re both superb actors. The Oscar goes to Johnny for comedy and Leo for Drama

Answer #22

Def Johnny Depp. Because he can play any role any genre and make it amazing. He can play funny comedy like Pirates of the caribbean, which I can laugh non-stop. & also play serious drama parts like Edward Scissorhands, Where I cried so hard it was so sad.

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Answer #24

@Yvonne - On the contrary I can name atleast 20 of Leonardo’s best movies, while I can only name like 2 or 3 good ones from Depp. I never actually think of Titanic when I think of Leonardo. I think Depp recieves that glory when everyone thinks of him as Jack Sparrow, and almost nothing else.

Answer #25

I mean like seriously, Catch me if you can + inception + the aviator + the departed + blood diamond + man in the iron mask - Titanic… all better than any and all of johnny depp’s movies

Answer #26

I agree.

Answer #27

Who could replace DiCaprio in Catch me if you can? what about Romeo and Juliet? NOT Johnny Depp, because he doesn’t really have the character to be in any good romance/drama movies.

Answer #28

watch “Whats Eating Gilbert Grape” and DiCaprio clearly outshines and OWNS Depp in acting skills

the basketball diaries this boys life

are other awesome performances by Leo

Answer #29

Omg duh First Johnny then Kevin there my all time favs!!!! =DDD

Answer #30

I’ll give you that. (Based off watching What’s Eating Gilbert Grape)

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Answer #32

come on now y’all. lets not hate on Depp. he is magnificent as Jack Sparrow. no one else could have done it like that. true…he sucked in The Tourist but i suck at math so we all have something we’re not good at. I’d do a movie with Johnny or Leo anytime. they’re not just a couple of pretty faces (like a certain mr jolie that we know)

Answer #33

They’re both great, but I just love Jonny Depp:)

Answer #34

Depp definitely!

Answer #35

i love leo but johnny. hearing both their names together makes me think of what is eating gilbert grape ]; wah

Answer #36

It was a volleyball, hah I’m pretty sure of it.

Answer #37

Johnny by a long shot; Leo has never impressed me much in any role.

My favorites: Sean Penn; Meryl Streep and Natalie Portman.

Answer #38

No no no, he did not suck at the tourist, that is a magnificent movie! Were not hating on him.

Answer #39

you’re probably right. it was a long time ago and my grey matter fades sometimes

Answer #40

Oops, I almost forgot - Ben Kingsley!

Answer #41


Answer #42

The actors are both very different, so it’s hard to compare the two, however both are superb at what they do. I will say that Johnny Depp seems to always take the role of his characters very seriously. He is very dedicated to his work and it shows in his movies. Leonardo Dicaprio is an excellent actor as well. I thought he was outstanding in Titanic, Inception, and Shutter Island. Both are great actors, it would be hard for me to say which is better.

Answer #43

I am sure every body knows here that Lionardo is better actor you dont believe me ? check out the range of flicks he has acted !! Blood diamonds, the departed, edger hoover, inception !!

Well I like Depp also but i cant lie as he has got style give him gothic type scenes and he will marvel at it !!

Answer #44

Johnny Depp

Answer #45

Both brillant actors but i feel Johnny can act out any genre and do it perfectly.

Answer #46

DiCaprio, but both are really good.

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