How can some one act cool by not acting cool??

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Umm They Beeh Der Self ini ! Das Wat Dem People Do . . .

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If your trying to not act cool - then that would just be a person who has natural charisma and people skills and doesnt try. Other than that - your acting and being fake.

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Can you say that in English?(o_O)

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OMG I totally just said that in my mind...i guess we just thought alike...funny!:P

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i think she said beating a chicken?? :-\

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It's an interesting question, human behavior is interesting and I have always wondered what quality certain people possess that simply draws others to them. A part of it is self confidence, they believe it so you believe it.

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most people try not act cool by not trying and some will try and just be seen as not cool for trying to hard ,they don't act cool but will just be acstead or assumed cool becuase there not trying to hard therefore acting cool by not acting cool

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I think she meant they just act themselves...that is what they do!

I think it has nothing to do with chickens but i did get a good laugh from that Blair! /clap :P

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I actually think that cool people are those who do not care whether or not they're popular, or wearing the latest fashion, etc. i find 'happy to be alone' loners cool.

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What does "ini" mean?

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i have no idea angel...good question! :P

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Ahh Were you get chickens from i do not no ! Lol sorry for umm confusing you. But thats the way i write! And yes the 'popular' people just act themselves they probably havent a care in the world if there popular
Was that understood?

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check out 2:20 lol

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heres what you do... you act mysterious.
but it usally can only work in a new school on the firswt day...dawg lol

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naw not starting a NEW school but the mysterious im good at :-]]

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Many -a- years we try to be cool.First think it therefore u r. Next apply it to yur everyday routine? We need to chase our own dreams following someone else doesnt leave much room for an audience! Be yourself walk the line and have fun and if u do that then u r the coolest kid I know

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This is a strange one as "cool" is an opinion of one person, not a fact.
I could think a band is cool but you may hate them, and so who is right, the view of this hypothetical band is reflective of that one person and not of the masses.
Therefore in answer to your question "How can someone act cool by not acting cool" is just a reflection of your view of the person and that you in your mind think that they are cool.
It's all a matter of realising that everyone will view you in a different way, you can't please everyone sort of thing, and instead of trying to please the masses (act cool) to just not care, be yourself and it is in fact this lack of wanting to be "cool" that can make you "cool", as your not trying to hard, in fact your not trying at all your just happy being you and have worked out the key to life, each to their own.
People have opinions and say them like fact, what you have to realise is that they are not fact they are just opinion and therefore what they think is not true to the rest of the public.

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