What's a good acoustic guitar for beginners?

Okay I was thinking about learning how to play the acoustic guitar, but first I have to start off with a good guitar, whats a good guitar for beginers? and what about the prices?

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maybe try a cheap gibson or wasburn, those was my first acoustic guitars

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I would say steel stringed acoustic don’t even look at nylon because that will just make your fingers lousy because once you get calusses it dosent matter but try a fender with a cutaway they have great tones and try to find acoustic electric with a tuner

Answer #4

Get the Squier acoustic guitar. Its $100 and sounds pretty decent

Answer #5

the best guitar must be… WASBURN D10SB … trust me its my first guitar its cheap and high quality

Answer #6

Get a spanish style guitar. They’re pretty cheap, and the neck is very wide. The wide neck makes you stretch your fingers a little further to reach the chords, so it’s a good exercise. Also, this means the strings are further apart, so it’s ideal for learning to finger pick or pluck specific strings rather than strumming whole chords. If all you want is to strum chords, go ahead and start with a Ibanez starter set. If you stick with it and really like it, I would get an Alvarez.

Answer #7

Hit up the local pawn shop and try out the selection til you find one that feels comfortable to you. Pawn shops are a great place for beginners and long-time players alike to find good deals.

Answer #8

first of all do nylon strings or you might rip your fingers apart…ouch

and epiphone (not sure if they have a line of acoustics) is a great beginner guitar…low priced and not too complex

oh and if you arent sure about playing guitar you should go to a pawn shop or something to get a cheap used one

Answer #9

@ shadows2weaves20 -

well since I guess it makes a difference to you, I’ve been playing guitar for over 15 years, and a good pawn shop IS a great place to start. That way a beginner gets to test out the selection, and get something that feels comfortable to them instead of just ordering a stock model that they have never touched before. I still go to shops all the time and find some fantastic deals on high quality guitars. Start cheap, then move up to something better when you are ready.

We have a really good local pawn shop that is rather well-known because of the amount of famous musicians that have come through to buy or browse. If it’s good enough for the pros, it’s good enough for me.

Answer #10

In steel strung, there are several not-too expensive ones: Johnson makes a full sized steel strung acoustic, competitively priced at aroun 95 to 100 dollars in music stores Yamaha, makes several good ones, not too expensive. Ibanes makes a few electric acoustics, and for a little more money a very good guitar is Takamine (pronounced Tak-A-MEENIE) Top notch guitars can run you thousands, and if you get accomplished enough to want a great guitar…check out Taylor Guitars. I played Martins for many years, and once I heard my friend’s Taylor…It blew my D-28 away! For classical guitars, again Yamaha makes decent ones, as does Goya. Top quality you will want a Ramirez.

Answer #11

ok dont listen to noone of these people, I play piano and guitar for about 8 years… you dont want to start out with no jr or crappy guitar because youll always crave better,so id suggjest going to the worldwide guitarcenter or musciansfriend.com and order the fender acoustic pack they only make one and its 199.99 thats the best youll get or the epiphone starter which is cheaper by now im sure, just get an acoustic starter kit there the way to go good guitar good gear like gig bag,picks,tuner,lessons book,strings and like a whole lot more stuff well goodluck with it

Answer #12

Well… sorry for lack of information I just wanted to say that you should buy a cheap acoustic guitar to begin with because if you don’t like it, its not like you wasted money. And if you really like it a lot you should work on buying a good one. Good luck, keep your mind to it and ull do great!

Answer #13

Martins are great!

Answer #14

Well I am not a beginner, but the first guitar I ever got was this Saga one:


And with all honesty, it wasn’t a bad guitar!! AND it’s under $1,000

I mean now I have a Gibson, but that firrst one I had lasted me a while and wasn’t very expensive

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