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Hey so I would say I have moderate acne all over my face, in the past I have just covered it up with makeup but I would love not to wear that because it makes it worse I think. So I have used many products: biore, clean&clear, netrugena..etc. And I ahve had some result but not many. And my acne is more under the skin. I wash my face with anti-bacterial soap twice a day, and use rubbing alcohol to remove the oil. Please let me know if you have any sugestions to help with my acne problem. Thank you so muchh (:

Answer #1

don’t use rubbing alcohol, it just dries out your skin and makes it irritated.

Answer #2

etopical is an all-natural solution for acne that works wonders..not harsh on your face like ProActive is.

Answer #3

okay im a trainee beautician and I also had the same prolem as you so follow my advice and you should be okay:

your skin naturally produces oil as it helps to protect your skin by keeping moisture in -using antibacterial products don’t help (clean & clear, clearasil, etc) because they strip away too much oil, and so your skin immediately recognises this and produces more. This means that at first your spots could go away but then like a week later they’ll come back. -You should use products like ‘simple’, which arent too harsh on your skin. They have different products for different skin types and the ‘purifying’ ones are made specifically for oily skin.

-Secondally, eating junk food does not give you spots, so dont deprive yourself of chocolate and things (obviously im not telling you to eat it constantly, you should eat good foods to stay healthy, but this is a myth)

  • make-up: okay, mineral make-ups are good for skin as they dont contain harsh ingredients, however they are naturally creamy once on the skin so your face will still go shiny (especially in hot weather), so your best bet is to go for a water-based liquid foundation- obviously from the name you can see that they are oil free. Avon sell these as part of their ‘colortrend’ brand of makeup.

-and also make sure you moisturise your skin, a lot of people think that they shouldnt moisturise if they have oily skin but it helps to protect it, particularly under make-up (again use the ‘simple’ product) as it will help to create a barrier and stop your make-up from absorbing into your pores. but PLEASE, apply your moisturiser atleast twenty minutes before applying your make-up as it will make it all slippery. it would also be good to gently blot your face with tissue before applying the make-up in case there is any excess moisturiser or if you cant wait the full 20 minutes.

-DO NOT squeeze your pimples, even if there is a whitehead on them, do not squeeze them, I used to do that and I got scars on my face. aswell as leaving scars, you can get more spots as parts of the bacteria (even miniscule parts that you cant see) will get into other pores and create more spots.

  • if you do have scarring, using products such as bio-oil will help if used on a regular basis- a good time would be at night before bed

  • finally if you really cannot stand it any longer and none of the above help, go to your doctor, and they may prescribe you a course of tablets and/or cream, however as you are quite young they may not, as your problem would really be due to puberty and may not be severe enough If you do manage to get prescriptions, be patient. They will not work straight away, these things take time to work, and you should still follow all the advice from above. If you are still in education your prescription from the doctor may be free. and make sure you read any leaflets and instructions with them very carefully.

I know I have written a lot(sorry lol), I certainly hope that it will help you. if you have any questions on the above such as where do get any of the above products of any other skin worries dont hesitate to ask, I would be glad to help.

Answer #4

Washing your face to much will make it worse, try oxy and a spot treatment twice a day. I know you dont want to hear this but, stop wearing makeup 4 a while and let your face breathe. If you feel you have to wear it, try the cover girl clean makeup or a mineral powder that won’t clog your pores.

Answer #5

Ok I had the same problem I’ve tried Pro Activ, Clearacil, and this really expensive laser treatment called tanda. None of them worked but my mom orders from this company called Melaleuka and I tried their product called Melagel and it worked amazing I used it once a day right before I went to bed. After the first night every pimple shrunk, Second night all the small ones went away, after the third night they were almost un-noticable. The stuff also works well if you burn yourself on a sove or something I highly suggest it. No joke

Answer #6

I used to have terrible acne, I found that toothpaste helped, if you dab a little on your spots at night before you go to sleep, in the morning they will have pretty much gone. also, drink a lot of water and… quinoderm cream is seriously a miricale cream. try it, I think you have to get it from the doctor… I hope this helped!

Answer #7

Well I have a tiny bit of Acne on my forhead, and I use Teatree face scrub. It has healthy mineral bits in it which massages the skin and opens pores and gets rid of spots. This is what you have to do:

  1. Wet your face with warm water.
  2. Squeeze the stuff onto your hand and rub it into your face gently
  3. Then wait for a couple of seconds and wash it off. (Note: you can wash it off with your hands and a flannel but you can’t rub it off because it can cause a rash.
  4. Check if your face is clean and hasn’t got bits of minerals of it. If it has, clean it off. (Note: You can get a rash if you don’t clean it off properly) Hope it helps! ~Naomi aged 11
Answer #8

If you have tried everything to treat your skin on the outside, you may need to try treat it from the inside. I take silicea tablets every day and they cleared up my skin. I’m not sure how widely available they are but I bought them from a chemist. I also use Clearasil face scrub with sea salt when my skin starts to break out and it works well. Hormones can also play a part in bad skin and you cant control that. But if you see a doctor they can treat you by giving you tablets for your skin. But be careful with these as they can be very strong and dry out your skin a lot. Excersise and drink lots of water to flush toxins out of your system - this can help too.

Answer #9

You shouldn’t wash your face too much… then the natural oil will be hard to form and may cause other marks on your face… drink plenty of water, eat A LOT of fruits, take vitamins (B Complex, Spirulena, Alfalfa, etc.) and before you go out wear sunblock! If you use makeup, use non-oily makeup and DON’T EAT CHOCOLATE!! ESPECIALLY MILO!! If you do sports… be careful not to exercise when it is at it’s hottest… use sunblock on your face.

Good luck removing those acne!! I’m trying too!!! xoxo ~pree

Answer #10

Toothpaste can irritate acne skin, so be careful if you follow that advice.

Answer #11

I’d recommend ask a dermatologist, because eveyones skin is differnt. What may work some might not work for all. Best wishes

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