Who knows if there is a way to access a Playstation 1 memory card and delete only a fraction of a game save file up to a certain percentage level?

If anyone knows please tell me if it’s possible.

Answer #1

Not positive, but I’m pretty sure that’s not possible. You can’t really tear a save file apart, can you? Not with any systems I’ve played.

Answer #2

Theoretically its probably possible, but you would have to teer the file apart with probably a hexadecimal editor, and then figure out with variables you need to change to what values to set you character back to a certain point. In reality, it would be neigh impossible.

Answer #3

Yeah that sounds about right lol. Idk just a random question I guess, but it would definitely help if there was a way other than just restarting a whole new game to and working through all the same stuff just to reach one point near the end.

Answer #4

do you know what a save game looks like? here is just the top line from a save from teh original call of duty:

 rocket4511 Mar 2 2004 00:03:16&vºy  * british save/save.jpgîÆ JROCKET GAME_LEVELTIME: 0:10:40 GAME_DIFFICULTY_FU GAME_HEALTH: 50 1    n    A¹ xì½ |UÅÕ>|öÙIN€ oˆ¢¢"¢äF*r’=$ä@"¹5ˆJ5·¢ D‹ ÁKĵ QQ±U — ­ØR«oÑZÖöµVm¬¶ÅÍ÷¬ÙûÙgŸ®ñûþßïø±3gÍšYóÌš53kfï=»ôA—ëþsÝ®x—Ë•Wî/‰šWZTéñ—Ì/ôåÇ,Ì-Ÿ˜¾p ø*J ËüåÑEU üåñÅ R“}y…e¥ù¾ŠÊÜ’üAÅ “òÊ + + æ—ç.ˆ*.KM”?©ý䏯Â_\UQé/‰¯¨„èäXPž[’[é~…#"ajqqiÂŒ2ÉÉáYÞ¢Ò ~ÿKüù Óü¹E•.×Wuqi¾¿h\ž?ß—WU²ðTFT,.¬œWà+Í»Ñ?¯²p‘ßWX2¯´¸¬ÈéÿÓä¢@Ô“WÒ±d¨B|ÅþüªâÑŒW[ž;¯Ò_î3«íó–£^¥¾Å…%ˆ· SBqHá[œ;¾¿äŠ+|W!”WùËoòÍ/Ê]¸¨Ð^TX²à,æ¯.C¥¿,wÞ°•Ĥ‹’U{ %]\Xâ/IBã•.¶´´(¹¼tÞBåqLTQœ[T4/w¿¨pAA¥…ªÕÉË]Pá›WU¾šuT UÎó-òÎ+òûÌÚU–WÍ[8„’‹ ç•—–”–ø-„Ðg~…¿òD&1ó)“ó•çæ–OVAUyåI>rT–ûý ŒÂDã›_X^ Ôy0§y’‡KQQPZ^Y=œ†+¢’N”ãÀu±lÞÒPXÓI¶ª–—[^î/òå¡Ù’¥ nr² øƒe¡3s¡[©f»iÑ™ ä¹ÉàX6ä@š¥ü  «‚ª}è _yUEy¾Ò’‘”o0-;ð-.(¬ô#eL‹ý¹e¥%°x‰U´'GêxË¢ÌXs$9†%˜Ñ §b±TÁHm*æ•–ùóéÕ˜sŠCû1˜øKróƒRV^ª:<Ì2Ó•~ÌHá¬Ê%3Sq2b9ãdìá PâÏãPÙ•~K¶Ò¨º¼³ð¼Ü ¿t_b’UUÆ%û“

the rest and i had to turn on all 3 monitors to get it and even then it didnt. http://funadvice.com/r/3ks99mrfqk yes its possible but as ive never in my life herd of anyone doing it youll prob only find that the people that know how are the developers.

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