About Music, Clothing Style And Stereotypes!!

Hmm how can I put this?? Well I like all these kinds of music: Hardcore, Alternative, Rock, Emo, Punk, Pop Punk, Screamo, Death Metal, Metal, Thrash Metal, Indie and j-rock!!! wow I love black and gray, but I also like normal colors like pink blue purple etc.!! wow I like to shop at hot topic and I like band shirts. wow I like dying my hair different colors the color now is pink. wow I wear a 3 pyramid belt sometimes with a 3 pyramid wrist band. I like skinny jeans and I wear them sometimes. I don’t like labels and people go around talking about me all the time asking me am I emo, scene, Goth, punk, and all these other stereotypes. I say no because I don’t label myself as any of them then they so oh so you must be a poser and I’m like no, just because of the clothes I wear and the music I listen to don’t make me emo, Goth, or scene. And it doesn’t make me a poser either. I like the style and the music, I also add my own style to it sometimes. I don’t have anything against the people who are emo, Goth, or scene. After me saying all of this do you think it makes me a poser to say no I thought a poser was a person who tries really hard being like that to become popular or fit in and goes around saying oh I’M emo or oh I’m Goth. I think I am far away from this. I hate this. I also hate it when people at my school ask me and then when I say no there like OMG she is, I just don’t get it. There like if you say yes your a poser and if you say no then you are one. I hate that so much. Maybe its because of the school I go to all there is there is a bunch of ghetto kids who don’t even know the difference between Goth, emo, punk or scene. Oh and I hate it when they wear three pyramid belts and have there jeans sagging and make it look all ghetto with the skulls and stuff, there the want to be’s. Is there anybody else who hate this?? Lol wow I just had to let that out and now I feel a lot better!!

Answer #1

Oh and I hate it when they wear three pyramid belts and have there jeans sagging and make it look all ghetto with the skulls and stuff, there the want to be’s. Is there anybody else who hate this??

Uhh… weren’t you just complaining about how YOU were being stereotyped?

It kinda defeats the purpose of writing a paragraph, complaining about stereotypes, when you turn around and stereotype somebody else in the SAME paragraph.

Oh and by the way, it doesn’t matter WHY you dress the way you do, if it looks emo to people, they’ll call you emo. Unless you were dressing that way long before the emo-craze was born… which is unlikely…

Answer #2

look, in this day and age, your going to get that a lot almost everyone who tries to look origional is wearing something mass-produced and that isnt now days, every one whos stupid goes around calling everyone wearing black emo and everyone emo a cutter hardly anyone knows the difference between all these stereotypes. theres nothing wrong with considereing yoursef part of one, and nothing wrong with doing the opposite almost everyone labels, but you should never take something someone else that you dont know says to heart…never because all those people will move on once they’ve found a new fad to complain about

Answer #3

Ok People are like that to me they called me emo because I listien to scearmo, hardcore and other music. AND this is what I say when they ask me if I am emo that I am human and look your human too so I guess we are under the label. And then walk off and put the finger up for them as I walk. Let’s just say it pisses them off because I react them.

Answer #4

What about people who listen to Trance or Jazz? Us minority seem to get labeled Trance as ‘Ravers’ for some reason actually I love Oceanlab it’s real melodic…And Jazz people tent to think I’m an ‘Old man’ Lol that ain’t true :D Jazz can be for anyone, I love it because the rythem is just so complex…That’s what makes me appreciate the stuff…Plus it’s just so catchy :D

Answer #5

God, get over it. People are ALWAYS going to stereotype & judge, it’s a part of human nature.

Just dress the way you want & don’t worry about being “stereotyped”

Answer #6

WOW. You are really into labels and stereotypes. Your life might be easier if you tried to find ways you are similar to others, not different.

Answer #7

its okay to admit you are trying to fit into that emo stereotype, amigo. chillax, admit who you are.

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